Wiki: Zircon's ReMixing Tips Compendium

Here you will find links to each of my "ReMixing tips" tutorials. I hope these guides will be a resource to both inexperienced and skilled ReMixers alike, and I'm definitely open to suggestions on any of them.

Explains how to create and process catchy drum grooves and fills, even with low-quality samples.
Explains how to breathe some life into sampled instruments like piano and strings.
Covers the basics of subtractive synthesis, the important controls, and practical applications.
Covers reverb, delays, chorusing, distortion, overdrive, phasing, and flanging. Lots of audio examples.
Covers methodology to producing a song; choosing sounds, processing them, mixing, and even mastering.

I would like to emphasize that these are not be-all end-all resources. The synth and effects guides, for instance, are more like manuals than anything else. I know that it took me years to figure out what the controls on a synth did, and how to use most of the effects in FL. All the stuff I googled online was highly technical and not really helpful, when all I wanted to know were the practical applications. Above all things, while I may make recommendations of how to do certain things, and post audio examples, I am NOT TELLING YOU THE "BEST" WAY TO DO ANYTHING!!! I've only been writing and producing music for three years. I'm the first person to admit that there are lots of things I don't know about. All I'm trying to do here is summarize my knowledge on certain topics to give people a place to get started with mixing, refine their technique, and maybe learn a thing or two they didn't know before. That's all.

Feel free to ask questions or discuss any of these guides here. Enjoy!



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