ReMix:Space Harrier "Disco" 3:36

By djpretzel

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Space Harrier (Sega , 1986, SMS), music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Posted 1999-12-23, evaluated by djpretzel

So, what exactly would have happened if Diana Ross had decided to remake the music from the first stage of SEGA's spectacular Space Harrier? This might be something like the result, although it lacks vocals :) I was a big fan of da harrier, and wish he would find himself a dreamcast incarnation, but until then, dance to the groovy harrier beat. Dedicated to Zoop's SMS emu, MEKA.



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on 2015-04-09 10:16:39

I wish I felt more of the disco in this song! So the whichachaka thing is classic, and when the bassline shines through it's SO good. And yeah the arrangement is good overall, a good extrapolation of the original and doesn't get old.

But then you have the main source melody on some odd little sine synths that could probably be beefier, and the drums, I dunno maybe it's a filter of some kind, they seem to be in the wrong place. Yeah, like someone said I think primarily the samples just need updating.

(.... also the song needed an ending!)

on 2011-12-02 00:57:00

Ah, more DjP. That's... a really weird looking game. I can't let the one eye'd elephant distract me, though.

I'm liking the instruments and style of this one. It really catches the happy mood perfectly. The phasing, the funk bass, the disco vibe, it all works well for the track.

The soundscape is a bit lacking, overall. I'm wishing that there was more bass and lower mids - right now it sounds like there's no bottom of the track.

Those squares used for the harmonies... they're awesome. I don't know why they warrant a special mention, but they are indeed awesome. I'm just sayin'.

The playful mood is infectious. A song that makes me happy listening to it is indeed a song worth listening to. This gets seven one eye'd elephants out of ten.

on 2011-10-18 08:50:26

Wow, this is ridiculously catchy! Nice synth work and that soloing was top-notch! It shows its age a bit, and the middle is a bit off-par with the rest of the song, but it's still a great ReMix. Groovy!

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-19 18:50:59

0:15 very faithful representation of disco style, love the slap bass

0:40 one of the catchiest game sources

1:40 nice improv going on here

2:30 great solo

3:10 counter-melody is quite effective

3:22 too bad it's only a fadeout ending

on 2010-11-09 17:23:47

Well this is what it says on the tin. Sort of new wave electro disco. The bassline is typical of the style ;) Again lacking in the mid range which causes an empty soundscape. That said, the source is classic (Come on guys we need MOAR space harrier theme remixes :P)

This is probably my fav mix of the first wave of djp mixes before other people came along to share the spotlight.

As a solo fiend myself, I approve of the synth solo. Great stuff, a keeper for me.

on 2009-10-04 00:46:20

The high and low frequencies feel pretty empty, which is unfortunate because the synths could definitely benefit from a bit of a boost.

The soloing at the end was badass! :-D For such an early remix, this is pretty good, actually!

on 2009-09-10 00:30:06

So I guess I have similar comments as to what I mentioned for the Rolling Thunder mix, but samples could use some upgrading, and here I *think* it's the midrange that's kinda lacking? Arrangement is interesting though. I probably would've found a bunch of enjoyment if I heard it back then.

on 2008-12-12 13:18:26

This one sounds like it's crunched to the middle. It sounds practically mono, and frequency-wise it also seems sort of muffled.. But happily, it has a lot of groove and a good solo towards the end. The soloing was nice to hear after listening to a couple of more conservative takes on this theme.


on 2008-12-11 12:25:22

Groovy, Catchy, Funky, Nice, D. All of the above.

I especially like the intro.

It's fun, interesting, and one of those songs you'd think you'd get stuck in your head but don't.

A very nice track.

on 2008-12-11 10:24:24


this IS some old djp tunage. I recognize the hell out of this but I have never played space harrier.

seriously hearing sonic from 0:40-1:07 for some reason? I don't know

oh yeah that solo at 2:15 is rocking my world

good stuff :nicework:

on 2007-12-28 10:17:44

^Awful joke, really.

Don't know the source, so this is just coming at me disco-style. Whether or not that's a good thing, I'm not sure :)

Catchy tune, something to tap your foot too. Nothing really sticks out as being awesome, but for the age of this, I would have digged it when it originally came out.

on 2007-06-11 13:35:16

remix number 9? More like OLDverclocked remix. ;-D ;-D

Actually for being of such a vintage, this remix has some sweet stuff going for it. The solos are very very good, and the space harrier theme itself is great. I wouldn't really classify this as anything even close to disco, but the synth sounds do have a nice 70's retro feel to them.

Pretty nice stuff.

on 2005-04-02 22:02:45

Out of all the Space Harrier mixes I couldn't really find one that stuck out but I'ld have to say DJP's is the best one. Space Harrier has one of the best theme's, it's a shame the remixes aren't good.

It's great when djp layers the synths in this song and there are some great solos. One cool parts at 1:23 and then there's that crazy solo somewhere near the middle. My favourite part is near the end at 3:10 where that new synth is added

Overall this isn't a bad song. I'm still looking for that extremely kick ass Space Harrier mix

on 2005-02-25 09:51:35


on 2002-08-20 04:49:24

This is a pretty funky collection of synths. All the instruments are cool sounding electronic synths, and have a sort of wobbly sound to them. The tune itself is pretty good, giving a feeling of flying quickly over a blurring landscape. And the synths sound cool.

The track starts with some cool chords, opening into the main melody at 00:10. At 00:28, another instrument is mixed in, and funks it up. At 00:40 the track really begins to soar,, the effect increased by the truly wobbly instrument introduced eight seconds later.

At 1:08, the main melody changes, with more of an emphasis on the aforementioned wobbly instrument (Don't ask me what it is, I'm terrable at picking instruments.) at 1:48, we get a focus on the cool Bass work, opening into a funky piece of techno at 2:00, and getitng cool fifteen seconds later, mixing it up with some fast work.

The main melody begins again at 2:42, following with what could be considered the kind of chorus. At 3:25, the sound fades to end.

Overall, its a decent and funky track. I havn't heard the original, but suspect fans of the original would probably like it. However, with the great range of mixes at OC, this kind of ends up being slighly forgettable.

Subjective playing-synths-with-bad-motor-control-O-meter: 6/10

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Primary Game:
Space Harrier (Sega , 1986, SMS)
Music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

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