ReMix:Wizards & Warriors "CheDDer" 3:37

By CheDDer Nardz

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Start", "Title"

Primary Game: Wizards & Warriors (Acclaim , 1987, NES), music by David Wise

Posted 2000-08-04, evaluated by djpretzel

Wizards and Warriors just about drove me insane in my younger years, as it had a lot of those vertical platform levels where you can fall ALL the way DOWN and have to start over again. I believe it emotionallly traumatized me. "CheDDer Nardz" comes in with a beautiful FIRST submission that reeks of creativity. Using lots of vintage drum sounds, and jumping to different styles (especially at the end), this W&W ReMix is a fun ride, and features an excellent sound selection in addition to the creative arrangement. Bravo!



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on 2015-08-29 16:08:07


This is so odd, there's a lot of weird and interesting ideas, like this disproportionately heavy intro that we barely hear any hint of again after the first minute or so. Or the more hip-hop-y drums that start around 2:22, without warning, and without a lead that really makes sense for the part. There's nothing wrong with dramatic style changes, but these just don't seem to happen in a natural way and it's probably more disorienting than intended. It feels like every idea Chedder had during the making of this remix is on display here, and I wish they either stuck to a few ideas or spent more time making the weirdness mesh better. Right now it's like a very odd medley consisting mostly of the same song.

on 2014-06-09 09:54:03

Hmmm, well, I can at least support this much more than the Tetris mix, but again, enough with the claps, man. Lots of jumping around and special effects going on that just kinda go through the motions of this kind of arrangement. Not digging the piano so much either. Something sounds a little off to me. And the sudden ending is a no-no to me. Guess I could at least highlight the beat near the end of the mix, but other than that, I didn't care for this one, sorry.

on 2011-12-29 18:00:10

Seeing the words "vintage drums" in a writeup like this is making me think that this might end up being rather experimental in nature, though whether it could work or not may be a different thing altogether.

Hearing the familiar intro chiptune riff in the background was a firm touch, though it seemed to be bridged by this awkward detuned original section within the first minute and that kind of style was awkwardly maintained for most of it. But I felt the hip-hop segment at 2:30 managed to save it for me with some stronger writing based around the source; the piano may be awkwardly mechanical, but the amount of light echo on it at least managed to give it a fuller texture.

I can at least understand what he was trying to do in interpreting the theme in as many different styles of electronica as possible, but in the end it comes off as rather minimalist and rough and almost infringing the site's vision even back then within the opening moments, which is to be understood considering this was within the site's first 100 contributions.

But as a more experimental take on the source it's alright, but I have to be honest; of all the takes on this theme I heard over the holiday, I'm not really as keen on this as Israfel's and Grodan Grobi's entries, sorry to say :|

on 2009-12-02 07:24:46

Hm, I'm not too sure what to say about this one. I don't *hate* it, and it's certainly not the worst arrangement I've heard, but I can't say that I dug what was being attempted here. The song felt like it was jumping all over the place and didn't really flow in any sort of cohesive manner, imo.

While not my thing, I still recommend people who like NES-type sounds/music at least give it a chance.

on 2009-09-14 12:09:33

Excepting the creative stuff that happens before the 1 minute mark near the 2 minute mark, this song rubs off as a rip from the game with drums and a synth layered on top. I definitely would've favored more work with the source, as it seems like this is more of an original piece than a rearrangement until the last minute of the song kicks in, but that's way too long to wait until it takes hold.

on 2008-12-11 13:51:32

Dungeon -y and Medieval -y.

It sounds to me like every stereotypical Medieval song I've heard redone in techno.

I just wish the piano at 2:38 had been playing the entire song. :-(

I think that there's too much going on in this mix, but it keeps it interesting.

Not one of my personal favorites though.

on 2008-12-11 13:02:59

Very sinister first minute. A lot of the source tunes here (or is it just a synth line that sounds similar?). The bells parts have an ethereal quality to them. The piano part has this cool alternating intensity underneath it. First the bass drum hits and then a synth line comes in.

So much going on here, combining to form a quality ReMix.

on 2008-12-11 10:32:51

this is trippy. both of your remixes are called CheDDer...?

not familiar with the source. hearing some classical references at 1:08 that carry until the end.

percussion break at 1:50 is killing me, that clap has gotta go. the break at 2:20 was much more enjoyable for me.

I like the low-bit sounds a lot, but when that piano comes in... i wish you had used another chip sound or at least a more realistic sample.

the ending left me down.

some of the other reviews were a bit harsh. there is some good stuff in here, but not up to par with OCR's current standards imo

on 2007-12-11 21:55:10

"Sonic vertigo", as OA put it, describes this well at the beginning. I feel like I could be standing on a building looking down through 100 stories of sound. Actually, it's kinda cool, but not the most pleasing sounds.

The rest of the mix really isn't bad. The percussion is a bit cookie cutter, but it's alright.

The variations on the theme aren't bad, though I'm not crazy about all the sound choices. Oh, and where's the ending?

An alright mix, not as bad as I expected when reading the reviews. Worth a listen, at least.

on 2007-06-21 17:10:31

Very creative ideas, but it might suffer a bit from too many effects at once in some place. The intro section is the main culprit here, as I was getting some sonic vertigo. It got a lot nicer when it broke down to just beats and chiptunes. I love them chiptunes mmmmm.. except it's just the main melody and no real expansion. From here it goes onto a little theme and variation segment, where some cool ideas finally come out. The ending was way too abrupt as well.

Best remix ever? Not quite.

Best remixer name ever? Yeah, I think so.

on 2007-01-23 23:35:43

I could fart and make better music then this.

on 2005-10-22 21:49:03
... this is absolutely dreadful.

Yeah, I would recommend giving this one a pass.

on 2004-09-04 03:30:13

... this is absolutely dreadful.

... Perhaps only by todays standards... but yegh.

Deryck Khusial
on 2002-10-28 03:18:06

excellent job, CheDDer Nardz. this has the whole early 90s oldschool dance feel (Technotronic, Culture Beat, etc). starts off almost industrial-like, the lead melody enters (and man, the string-y/triple layer to it is g00d). then an awesome handclap solo steals the attention; very befitting of the genre

Joe Redifer
on 2002-06-02 13:13:40

Wizards Warriors 'CheDDer'

Pretty good stuff here, though not fantastic. I imagine if you enjoyed the game you will enjoy this tune more. I did not enjoy the game. Lots of NES sounds are used.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Wizards & Warriors (Acclaim , 1987, NES)
Music by David Wise

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