ReMix:ActRaiser "Lord PROTEKTOR" 3:28

By djpretzel

Arranging the music of one song...

"Birth of Humans"

Primary Game: ActRaiser (Enix , 1991, SNES), music by Yuzo Koshiro

Posted 2000-08-11, evaluated by djpretzel

I've been waiting so long for this . . . I get a lot requests, but this one was just for ME. I loved this game, and consider it to be one of the best 1st generation titles for any system, ever. It also had a BRILLIANT, and I do mean brilliant, soundtrack. This is the nice little medieval sort of tune that plays as you're developing the first town. It's very simple, but also great, and reminds me of a million little etudes. I took it and made it into a hip-hop / rock ReMix that is very different from most other mixes on the site, and perhaps closest to the KOF98 ReMix in feel. This mix took an hour and a half, but is better than many mixes of mine that took several hours. I'd probably rank this among my own "personal bests" . . well, just see what YOU think.



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on 2015-08-29 22:53:10

This is a very odd little remix but I do think I'm a fan! There's something weirdly satisfying about those chopped up voice samples and turntable scratches backing up an otherwise standard funky synth tune. Also interesting how it starts sounding like electric guitar at points. I also appreciate that the hip-hop is distributed at key points throughout, usually in a song like this it would run acrosst the whole thing. But having it primarily be in choruses is a pretty good choice; it makes it even more special when it shows up.

on 2014-06-15 12:10:51

For an early hip-hop ReMix, this really has the feel of some early in-game hip-hop I've heard, so in a way, it really fits as a bit of an upgrade to the ActRaiser source. The voices working in and out of the mix were a nice touch.

on 2014-04-07 02:24:34

I'm not a fan of hip-hop at all, Mr. Pretzel, but I really love the bass and the kicks you've put in here as I feel they stand out the most.

I give this ReMix a 6/10.

on 2012-08-22 20:29:56

Sunny vibe + punchy beat = YES. Love this mood changeup to the delicately holy feel of the source. I can easily picture that angel avatar jammin' with his (its?) own kind, sayin', "screw your petty development hurdles, it's time to ROCK!"

The screechy synths at 0:19 and elsewhere (1st and 3rd bars, then 2nd bar) aren't my cup of tea, but their varied placements keep them from getting too irksome. Plus there's that goofy "dope puh-duh-dope" vocal quip, which I guess acts as a buffer/tradeoff to them.

The way the melody kinda "slurs" its way up the scale along its route of homage (0:48 - 0:55 and later) feels like it trades finesse for groove. I could go either way on that - sometimes I groove along, sometimes I think it's a bit lazy, but at the end of the day I view it as an integral section that you can't throw away (cuz it works).

On the whole, listening to this lifts my spirits. Can't go wrong there.

on 2010-10-27 12:47:55

is a pretzel that never gets stale, apparently, and neither do his mixes. Whether it's copious amounts of salt, or some secret ingredient, even the oldest of his works sound great to me. This makes nice work out music.

on 2009-09-28 10:11:03

ActRaiser given djpretzel's hip-hop treatment. Now there is a fine combo.

This has a lot in common with a pretzel mix released just a little earlier called Ghetto Recursive, and while I think the elements in that mix came through much stronger, the sound lends itself to this tune as well.

However, it is loud. And not in a hardcore complimentary sort of way. It's overwhelmingly loud and disrupts a few of the aspects that would have benefited from a clearer sound. Whereas the formulae had a little more equilibrium in Ghetto Recursive. But this isn't a contest between the two.

There was also a touch of repetition; a sense of the mix folding onto itself to extend its length, which I'm never a fan of.

But still, there's an impressive arrangement here that cuts through the gripes, and that's mainly what I'm interested in. It's an inspired blend of urban and folk music bound together with that unmistakable pretzel style, and for that it gets my highest regards. It's taught me to never let a few flaws get in the way of a great song.

on 2009-03-23 15:38:32

Nice rhythmic shift in the melody, and a ton of additional material turned into verses. A little crowded in some spots sonically. There's just so much going in in specific frequencies. It also repeats a bit much, but for an older mix it does show a pretty distinct separation of original and remix, rather than just midi + upgraded sounds and drums.

on 2008-06-22 14:51:00

Another good mix from djp! This one is a bit goofy, yet in a very good way. Been a while since I played ActRaiser though, so I can't say how close to the source it is, but quite enjoyable!

on 2007-04-30 23:46:24

Pure 80s hip hop. Real slick man.

on 2006-04-20 01:52:41

This keeps me occupied on drives. It's a pretty interesting listen. lvl up!

on 2006-04-12 16:53:37
Oh my god O_O

I actually thought that djpretzel was trying to make fun of Actraiser with this mix.

It's embarrassing to listen to, and sounds to me like a corny tune and dorky sounds were added to add insult to the game.

I didn't know he liked the game until I read his submission review, when he talked about the original music being genius.

Of course you're welcome to your opinion, but what you're doing there is not stating an opinion. It's making an assertion that the music is bad and that all the people who enjoy it have no taste in or ear for music.

You are wrong.

on 2005-09-19 04:03:01

When I first heard this the thoughts that crossed my mind were of bewilderment. What's happening? Did someone just smear some heavy grease all over my mp3 file? (Strange analogy I know.)

But after playing the game, I came back to this and suddenly it all clicked. What a whacked out version of the map screen.. but in a good way. Mythril Nazgul's review pretty much sums up my opinion on this song. Nice work.

on 2005-08-19 23:16:07

Oh my god O_O

I actually thought that djpretzel was trying to make fun of Actraiser with this mix.

It's embarrassing to listen to, and sounds to me like a corny tune and dorky sounds were added to add insult to the game.

I didn't know he liked the game until I read his submission review, when he talked about the original music being genius.

on 2005-07-29 18:22:06

Saw this come back up on the Reviews forum and I figured I'd review it.

I remember reading somewhere that lots of people consider djp's older (old school) mixes a tad "immature" in comparison to his newer stuff. [edit: it was in the review thread for AMEN Reflux] While I do agree that the older David Lloyd works are more cartoony and wild, to me that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the case of this one.

Whenever I make an OCR CD, this goes on it at some point. I'm not a huge fan of Actraiser or its music, but this is the funk, the freshness. The scratching, vocal samples, distorted synths all scream of old school hip hop goodness. When :18 hits, my head starts bobbing (I love that gated sample tons). This mix keeps the energy flowing and the beat funks up the place.

I can easily imagine a heavy breakin session taking place over this groove. Always has been one of my favorite OCRs.

on 2005-07-29 16:26:16

That voice thingy is better than sex and chocolate mixed together. I give it a 9.99/10.

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Primary Game:
ActRaiser (Enix , 1991, SNES)
Music by Yuzo Koshiro
"Birth of Humans"

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