ReMix:Lemmings "DABOMB" 1:44

By alk

Arranging the music of one song...

"Tim 2"

Primary Game: Lemmings (Psygnosis , 1991, DOS), music by Brian Johnston, Tim Wright, Tony Williams

Posted 2000-08-28, evaluated by djpretzel

It's hard for me to describe the immense feeling of absolute joy I get from this ReMix . . . I was going to ReMix Lemmings, but now I don't feel like I even need to - this mix is fantastic, and floats by so nicely, using just the right sounds and just the right sequencing, so as to make almost any other mix of this theme, at least, pale in comparison. It's that good . . . . sure, it's short, but it really is quite perfect. Mucho Kudos to first-time contributor dabombinc. for a great showing!!



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on 2014-06-27 09:21:50

Happy, has a nice beat from the old school hip-hop percussion that comes and goes. Generally, I like it, but man, way too short and not enough of an arrangement for me. Still, love the old-school beat.

dANGER boy
on 2011-12-13 16:50:26

I'm usually not one for "happy, go-get-'em" arrangements but I like this one. Great beat and drums. Bass feels a little Tron-esque and corny but it's within tolerable means.

on 2011-01-31 12:38:34

To echo others' comments, sometimes you didn't want nothing fancy from your game music- not so much remixed, as (slightly) enhanced, and maybe in a format you could loop without leaving your console on : P This satisfies than yen nicely and is like a shot of HAPPY to your brain :D.

on 2009-12-04 16:44:09

haha, old school OCR where your remix title could be the same as your remixing handle, and no one thought anything of it. The bass is pretty cheesy, but the rest of the sounds are pretty nicely sculpted, and though the drums are a bit overbearing, the rest of the soundscape blends nicely.

I wish the arrangement traveled a bit more, but there was enough expansion and nice sounds for it to be a worthwhile listen, and the source melody is really pleasant. I can easily see this being a great treat for fans of the original, like Liz. :-)

ella guro
on 2009-12-01 02:16:27

Ok, this is one of those mixes that would be easily rejected these days. Barely anything is done to the source at all aside from adding a drumloop and maybe a few other minor things. The sounds are well chosen, but other than that this really is just a slightly updated version of the source tune.

But I will say that back when I first came to this site in 2002, I was so thrilled to hear this song. Lemmings is one of my favorite game soundtracks ever and this just happened to be my favorite tune from it. I nearly wet myself when I heard the first notes of this. That source tune makes me feel 300 kinds of good and this mix only enhanced that effect. It doesn't do anything creative with the source, sure, but it does manage to keep the spirit of the game 100% intact, which is admirable in its own way. Sometimes I feel like mixers these days (in an effort to be creative) kind of chop-up the source tunes to the point where it takes away some of its uniqueness and spirit that made it appealing in the first place. Obviously you shouldn't have to do next to no arrangement to keep the spirit of the original, I just think that there is merit in capturing the feeling of the game that you're mixing (which is the one thing this mix does well).

But anyway, this is a happy mix and I'm glad it's still on here even if it's not close to what the standards are these days.

on 2009-09-04 05:46:49

If this remix was mouth candy (it already qualifies as ear candy), it would be addictingly fruity, gummy, and chewy. It's a sugary treat that appeals to my ears and my taste buds.

on 2008-12-17 13:00:02

Ha, I just heard this all too familiar music playing when watching an Irate Gamer review on YouTube, at about 6:56:

That mellow sound... the lemmings... I searched OCR and rediscovered this fine track.

So cool.

on 2008-11-13 20:23:58
Hrmmm. I made the mistake of reading all the reviews before I listened to the song. That, of course, made me expect something extremely amazing here. Well, it's great that this guy is remixing a game with music as great as Lemmings - but I gotta say that I was a little disappointed in this version. It loops through the intro melody a little too much for me, and although it does hold some nice atmosphere; the dance/techno style wasn't how I remembered the original song, and it doesn't really build up... it just uses the same 1 beat throughout the whole song overtop of the old melody. It's ok, but doesn't really incorporate anything I haven't seen before; so I wouldn't say that it's great (the 'sonar' type instrument in the background was a cool addition though). If you want to hear the original version off the CD, here it is:

I actually like the songs on the disk version better than the CD's 23 tracks though, as you get to hear them keep repeating forever - and they seem to hold something a little deeper in their simpler format (certainly wonderful enough to make me want to cry sometimes! Ahhh, Lemmings music is so great!). Like I said, reading all these reviews was awesome; and it's an ok remix... but I think this guy could have gone alot farther with the variety in this one (which would, of course, give the composer alot more freedom to give the song a longer length too). Mazedude's Lemmings song is still by far my favorite on the site; but it's cool that there are other people who see the potential in these classic tunes. :)

could somebody else post the original song back up?

that one link isn't working for me.

edit: nevermind, found it on youtube.

on 2006-03-28 21:58:47

You bastard... this song is just getting under my skin. It's all cutesy and loveable and ergh... must.... delete....

Oh, I can't. I can't do it. I've been taken over by the love! -T

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-11-11 13:00:31
This mix is happy, fun, like if it would be taken right out of "Björnes Magasin". Now probably all non-swedes wouldn´t understand that, but mustn´t this remind you of a childprogram when you was little, this mix sure makes me think of it

I second that 8)

And that which must also be said is that Lemmings was my all-time favorite puzzle game back when i was a kid.

on 2005-11-04 13:32:29

This remix sure makes you happy, I actually has the game for my computor somewhere in this room, I´ll have too find it, but first I have too review this remix.

Very chill, even if the game is actually very dramatic considering that it often includes small dudes with green hair and blue robes falling against their fate, but I´m not gonna focus on that. This mix is happy, fun, like if it would be taken right out of "Björnes Magasin". Now probably all non-swedes wouldn´t understand that, but mustn´t this remind you of a childprogram when you was little, this mix sure makes me think of it.

But then maybe I also should be disappointed, we did also miss a potential remix from pretzel, but as long as we have this one, we sure can live with it. Dabombinc, we´re in your debt. Thanks alot dude.

on 2005-10-03 21:55:04

This remix really brings out the old Lemmings feeling in it. I guess this is why this remix is considered a good quality ocremix. In my opinion though, I thought the drums were slightly too sharp to fit the synth bassline. But, nevertheless, good job on bringing out the old tunes!

on 2005-10-03 18:17:55

Any former player of Lemmings will love this mix. It's always giving a positive feeling, while still sounding pretty cool. Although the only drawback is the fact that it is quite short, this is a mix that can be treasured by all. The original melody from the game prances throughout the mix with a slight dab of our modern world. excellent work, dabombinc.

Final Grade: 8 out of 10

on 2005-05-29 03:02:44

One of my fave mixes on the site. Not complex or fancy by any means, just really freaking happy! This is seriously the happiest little tune I've ever heard. Sweet stuff.

on 2005-02-22 11:51:42

Answer this truthfully: After playing Lemmings for a couple of minutes, who hasn't fallen in love with the game? This remix is a great version of the original, and it would be superb in a remade Lemmings game. I think that the dabombinc. should try and do a huge medly of Lemmings songs. If they all come out as good as this one did, and the transitions are well done, you could have an award-winning remix on your hands! ^_^

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Lemmings (Psygnosis , 1991, DOS)
Music by Brian Johnston,Tim Wright,Tony Williams
"Tim 2"

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EDM,Hip Hop
Electronic,Sound FX,Synth
Effects > Distortion
Time > Duration: Short
Time > Tempo: Fast
Time > Tempo: Slow

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