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McVaffe continues to carve out a deep niche in OC ReMix history with a level of quality and creativity so consistent that we have to wonder what caffeinated beverages or other drugs he takes to enable him to do anything other than ReMix, given his prolific output. This is our first ReMix from the 'surprisingly overlooked' as McVaffe points out, Super Mario RPG. At first I thought it was gonna be a more instrumental / orchestral mix, but a drum track does indeed come in, and it's a PERFECT one at that. Main melody played on a really nice oboe sample that is very believable, especially when it stays away from the lower register. I could go on for paragraphs just about the stereo panning on individual drum sounds and the novelty of the mix itself, but I don't have the space. Get everything McVaffe submits until otherwise instructed :)



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on 2010-07-06 14:35:21

In point of clarification, a waltz and a tango have completely different time signatures that make it very difficult to dance one with the other. This is most definitely a tango, not a waltz.

As for the mix itself, I'm positively in love with it. Tango happens to be my favorite style of ballroom dance, and having more music to practice to (especially electrotango) makes me happier than I can say.

on 2010-02-10 18:03:43

Ah, a waltz leading into a techno drum set. Not bad. I'm not a fan of slow tango music, so I wasn't sure about this when I clicked on it, but I'm glad I did. Smooth and relaxing. Great for a mix from an overlooked game and soundtrack.

on 2009-08-05 16:08:27

The drums were fine, but the mix would have held its own with or without them.

Awesome mix. Keep up the great work.

on 2008-03-24 12:02:35

Nice mix here, but it seems like the drums are almost *too* punchy for the rest of it. Typical McVaffe niceness here, a bit on the conservative side for my tastes, but for the time period it came from, this is great stuff.

on 2005-03-29 16:04:58

Very, very smooth. The drums are rough, yet they seem to fit in quite nicely. Nice when your in a calm mood :)

on 2005-03-23 01:47:04

Ah I was sorta expecting the theme from Carmen to come in at the beginning but once the Booster's Tower theme comes in, its all good!

I loved the original theme and McV only makes it better

McVaffe always finds the mellow or classical songs and adds some funky techno beats to them which is what I love :)

on 2004-04-16 19:46:55

augh only if it woulda stayed with the tango and not of added techno beats. It is still good. I kinda wanted to practice my waltz.

on 2003-11-18 17:09:33

all hail Mcvaffe another masterpiece of a really nice piece. Classical mixed with some nice drums and i take it thats a cello and viola if im not mistaken (could be violin i suppose)

download now

on 2003-10-26 12:53:16

Amazing remix, as usual, by McVaffe. All of the instruments meld together perfectly.

Love the drum track too.

I give it a 9/10. :D

Corporal Eschebone
on 2003-09-09 16:14:20

I'm not a fan of classical music whatsoever, but oddly enough, I love this track. Could just be the nostalgia, though. :P

Has a few modern elements in it. That gives it a nice touch.


This mix just shows how easy it is to follow the open-mindedness policy DJP set forth.

on 2003-02-27 19:08:26

This one gets my stamp of approval for sure...

I'm as much a fan of pure classical mixes as anyone out there, so I was digging this just fine for the first 40 seconds... then the drums came in and I was REALLY digging it. One thing that's common among most McV covers is that he distributes the percussion sounds well between the high, mid, and low ranges. No exception here, as the groovin' hip-hop-eque rhythm and orchestral instruments blend with surprising wholeness.

The only other thing I could conceive of any differently is the ending; it seemed to fade out too suddenly, especially for the laid-back mood it gets you in as you listen.

All the samples were flawless (including the often-poorly-done choral thing... epecially liked the windchime effect, used in perfect moderation) except the cello/bass thing when it's exposed for a few seconds at the beginning. Horridly minor nitpick, though, as the line sounds perfect as soon as it has something over top of it (when the upper strings come in a few seconds later).

Super Miles Prower
on 2003-01-11 22:36:22

This is one of my fav Mario mixes, it just pure rocks. A part of it kinda sounds like the music in a part of Lotr:TT (when there at Thedoen's castle or something) After hear that part i thought it sound familiar.

Bass Clef Man
on 2003-01-09 17:56:58

This mix is awesome. For the first few seconds I heard the familliar tango tune, and wondered what was gonna happen that was going to make it at all SMRPG-like. Then we get the "Booster's Tower" theme, adn the first thing I thought was, "Kick Azz!", becasue I always liked that theme. Then the drum track kicks the ReMix up to the next level. This mix is awesome.

EDIT: lol - I said it was awesome at both the beginning and the end!

Jimmy the Lip
on 2002-11-17 10:30:22

McVaffe is (or at least was) one of the more prolific contributors here on OverClocked ReMix, and that is certainly not a bad thing. So saying, the piece Bukki's Tango is a very well-done piece by most standards. The string introduction was excellent, very befitting of the atmosphere that the original Booster's Tower imposed on the player. The drums that come in after about the 45' mark were not required though and took away from the classical effect that could have been achieved by our McVaffe. The strings and clarinet/oboe (I can't tell which off the top of my head; leaning towards the latter) compliment each other well, and the drums and other effects work, but if the drums had been left out the piece would have taken on a very nice and well-appreciated classical air. Oh well. When one has the occasion to get such an excellent piece, one must take the bad with the good, must one not? All in all, Bukki's Tango was a very nice piece assembled by one the best ReMixers on OCR, the highly-acclaimed McVaffe.

ella guro
on 2002-09-11 16:42:00
It's a great remix...but hasn't it been around for quite some time now? Aren't we a little late here?

You can post reviews any time you want to. After all, the remixes are all new to the people who are just discovering this site.

Anyway, McVaffe is an awesome contributor (as we all know), but some of his remixes are better than others. This, imo, is one of the better McVaffe remixes - it's pleasent to listen to, has a fair amount of variation, and the sound quality is very good.

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