ReMix: Xenogears "Broken Mirror Reflection" 3:46

By Alexander Prievert

Arranging the music of one song...

"SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~Broken Shards~"

Primary Game: Xenogears (Square, 1998, PS1), music by Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2000-11-28, evaluated by djpretzel

Wow. Damn. WowDamn. Shit. Just listen to it! Listen to it! Alexander has taken this already beautiful Xenogears vocal track and redone it, and it's just about as epic as epic can be. I dig the filtering, the gating, the background synthlines. I'll be listening to this one for years to come. I don't really have much else to say. Just get it, mmkay?



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on 2016-09-01 02:40:11

Wow, you know, I've heard this source before in other media, but I hadn't realized it was from Xenogears until now. Cool effects with the synthlines and the gating. All the distortion and effects on the vocals was an interesting experience to hear, and while there were points where I thought it could have been clearer or didn't sit right with me, overall I enjoyed the experimentation and variation in it. Not bad at all.

on 2010-05-05 12:35:47

I'm glad this track made it through the lockdowns despite the heavy sampling of the original. The gating effect really makes it sonically unique and interesting, and there is a ton of expansion of the theme on it's own. The gating makes the tempo change possible too, without ruining the original waveform. Great source and a nice mix of it. :-)

on 2009-02-02 15:21:40


To each his own I guess...

The distorted vocals make some sense, as if it were filtered through broken glass, but well, this isn't quite my cup of tea.

The best I can say is to try it out for yourself.

on 2009-01-08 19:56:56

Yeah, this really is one of the best ones out here. How come he hasn't produced anything on here in awhile?

on 2008-12-14 00:15:21

damn, i can't believe i haven't listened to this before.

amazing work of art.

on 2008-12-06 14:37:06

Mr. Prievert is shaping up to be one of my favorite ReMixers on this site, and this piece is one of the reasons, if not the reason, why. I've never heard the original song, but somehow I think listening to it after having heard this piece would be almost a disappointment, as I feel he captures the essence of it so well. This is one ReMix that won't be leaving my playlist for a long, long time.

Actually, it'll probably be there for the rest of eternity.

Wild Armor
on 2008-10-19 00:12:33

The vocal track was a great addition to an already amazing song. The Synthesizer (ensemble?) was nice, but just felt a little too much on the volume.

I would have liked to hear some more direction with that Synth. Great track.

on 2008-10-14 13:29:57

This one has a strong following, and its not hard to see why.

I love this, its awesome :D

on 2007-08-17 10:14:05

When I listen to this song I get the mental image of a soft, dark path with a shower of glass shards (nevermind, let's say gems since they're less sharp and cut-y) raining down, catching the light of some unseen light source and refracting it into the colors of the rainbow.

I did not take LSD while listening to the song. It just rocks.

Sadly I've never played Xenogears all the way through.

on 2007-05-03 15:42:22

How can this song be gripping, emotional, and epic all at the same time? This really is a perfect piece to me. I love everything about the way it sounds, the way it's sang...I've played Xenogears through before twice, and now I feel the need to buy the OST just to hear more of this, though none of it will match such greatness. I especially love the buildup at 1:32 until 2:05, as well as the lyrical part that follows. Ugh, how can I pick a part that I like best?

on 2006-12-10 19:44:38

My friend introduced me to this song since it is his favorite song from the site. I agree that this song with vocals is a win. Great job

your the man now dog
on 2006-11-02 21:47:06

****. ****. ****. This song makes me so happy. What a great remix. Remixes with vocals almost always win.

on 2006-01-14 08:30:17

This remix has to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard. So good in fact, that this remix made me go and BUY a ps1 and the game, just to hear the original as well, which I'm glad I did. This remix is, as I sai, the most beautiful thing to ever grace my ears. Download it immediately, you will not be dissapointed. Wow. Alexander Prievert outdid himself this time, nothing more to say about this masterpiece, but if I one complaint about it, it's the fact that it only has the first verse and the chorus. Other than that, musical perfection.

lady zelda
on 2006-01-04 01:02:51

I completely agree ^. Small Two of Pieces is a truly beautiful song, my favorite (drastic understatement), and I can't stop singing it myself either. So this remix is awesome cuz it adds a different touch of that same beauty to the song. What else can I say? You've made a masterpiece, Alexander.

on 2005-03-29 08:08:14

I'd just like to say that I love the way this song is executed. My late best friend loved the original song, and she sung it all of the time, so Small Two Of Pieces is a rather emotional and important piece for me - And I think you remixed it wonderfully.

Well done :)

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Xenogears (Square, 1998, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~Broken Shards~"

Tags (11)

EDM, Industrial
Dark, Epic, Sad
Piano, Synth, Vocals: Female
Effects > Distortion
Effects > Glitching
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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