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  1. back when I made this there weren't any fancy glitch plugins or glitch fx hardware available, but I agree, this remix hasn't aged well (oh, and it's not a "glitch" but a gating-effect to gloss over the fact that the vocals and the remix don't run in sync)
  2. just couldn't resist, so I took my remix from 2003 and added filter effects with ableton and a second and third melody-track (using the super-amazing Rayblaster VST) (added an old video of a landscape I built in cryengine sandbox years ago) remix (well, 2 remixes actually) can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svPV9-hPFe0
  3. edit ... nothing to see
  4. Hi there,

    si it somehow possible to remove my messages from the

    following Remix rejections?

    They are ancient, but i was stupid enough to include my email

    and real name, so plz delete, thank you!

    *NO* Final Fantasy 11 'Memory Accurange'

    *NO* Xenosaga 'No Pain'

    *NO* Legend of Mana 'Morphland'

  5. as long as Nobuo Uematsu gets 50% of the funds raised (and another 15% to square enix for using the trademarked name Final Fantasy) I'm ok with this project
  6. hey do you still have the vocals version of bloody tears inspired? I'd like to hear it.

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