ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Death on the Snowfield" 4:01

By AmIEviL

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2000-12-16, evaluated by djpretzel

Final Fantasy fans are spoiled today :) On the heels of ailsean's brilliant electric guitar mix of the snowstorm track at beginning of FF3 comes AmIEvil ACOUSTIC Guitar ReMix of the SAME track. I think this greatly shows how the same song can be ReMixed in different ways and result in two BRILLIANT, grade AAA five-star ReMixes. AmIEvil's attention to ambient effects - the snow underneath the sled - and the particular way in which the piano is muted, as well as the mixing of the acoustic guitar, is all first-rate and oh so sweet. What can I say . . . two of the BEST ReMixes on this site, possibly THE best FF ReMixes, are both of the same song, and both include actual guitars. Coincidence, or psychic phenomena? At any rate, download this or you'll perish in hell for eternity. It's that good.



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on 2019-09-06 02:10:31

I find the opening sfx to be one of the most defining elements to this gem. The quiet yet consistent cadence of snow under foot matches the titular theme, as if one's heart is being crushed with the gentle drone of the piano washing over tender emotions. Even with the intensity of the second movement of the piece, the gentle sorrow that slows one's breath endures. It's not everyday that you find a song that so evocatively tells the story it is named for, a progression from sorrow, to deep grief, only to flash a flicker of light before being consigned to the cold. I must thank AmIEvil for this mix and it's emotional clout, still felt today.

on 2019-05-24 16:38:55

A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist.

The beginning of this mix always gets me. It's nothing complicated, just simple piano with some ambient effects added in, but it's continued to send shivers down my spine after all these years. I don't know if this is the "saddest" version of Terra's theme on the site, but it elicits that feeling for me more than any other. The change at 2:24 makes the track a bit creepier, one that used to remind me of Batman Returns but now evokes the Bastion soundtrack, in my mind.

This track easily captures the death on snowfield atmosphere the title talks about and, for my money, is one of AmIEvil's most evocative tracks.

on 2016-11-06 01:08:50

Wow. This is a gem, that's for sure. Such a somber and solemn atmosphere, I can almost feel the cold wintery winds off this ReMix. It's beautiful and haunting, definitely one of AmIEvil's best rearrangements. Fantastic.

on 2016-04-12 15:44:25

WOW. I can't believe this track is so old! I would never think it was made 16 years ago. It's definitely one of my favorite ReMixes of Terra's Theme now. Very good stuff!

on 2015-12-08 18:10:12

Great sfx to compliment the piano in this mix. Where I am, there's remnants of fall and the weather is gray and gloomy. This mix feels like isolation. Don't really feel like talking about technicalities much, just gonna say this has a great atmosphere and is an awesome remix.

on 2012-11-03 23:37:14

Talk about a remix that has aged well. Still one of the best of the FFVI remixes, and probably one of my favorites on the site. Captures the snowfield and the atmosphere of that game perfectly. WTB a grown-up remake, with this track in it, please.


on 2012-01-16 06:16:50

Today it really snowed for the first time this winter, and the first thing I thought about this morning when I saw it, was to search this melody on my player and play it when I started to walk to work. If only my surroundings would have been more quiet, it would have been more fitting

on 2010-12-04 19:40:08

This mix is so haunting. Both beautiful and sorrowful. Definitely recommended.

on 2010-10-28 13:50:08

i actually sorta based the beginning of my Terra remix off this one. great stuff :)

on 2010-09-01 18:22:44

A really nice feel to this one, and though the track stays pretty close to the original as far as structure is concerned, there is a ton of personalization in the soundscape, and the guitar performance. The mix sounds really barren, but it works really well. Good stuff, and a classic source.

on 2010-05-20 17:13:13

the tune Terra's theme from FFVI has alway been my fav

i like this remix it stick to the Original tune but give it alil kick

this song make me remember first time playing FF6

it like felling in love with this song all over again

10/10 really great piece

on 2009-09-13 18:26:17

Still one of my favorites. It's one of the most ambient tunes I have ever heard. Terra's theme is powerful and this just makes it all even more amazing.

on 2009-09-05 07:22:02

It sounds like an old record player that starts things off. The way the piano plays two notes ad infinitum makes it feel lost and helpless, or perhaps waiting for something to happen. Occasional booms and choir swells contrast as the deadliest and gentlest players in the mix. 1:03 and 1:53 are the only moments the acoustic guitar adds flair to its playthrough of Terra's theme, while a new synth at 1:32 acts as an interpretive countermelody.

2:22+ employs a glittery lead synth and clappy percussion to empower Opening Theme part 3, and the piano sounds free to venture into new territory instead of feeling stuck. Some swirly effects and a quote of bells (2:56) are also thrown into the pot for flavor. In the end, as if to make up for its by-the-book iteration, the guitar wraps up with an off-tempo freestyle bit before handing the last note to the piano.

Technicalities aside, this is some poetic stuff.

on 2009-05-02 01:52:47

This is a pretty incredible song for me - I've never played Final Fantasy VI, and yet I get a nostalgic feel from this song all the same. I think that I've listened to this mix so many times (it was one of the first that I discovered on the site) that it's become nostalgic in its own respect. I can't say that for very many remixes here.

It's so simple, but the instrument samples are great and the arrangement is pure and heartfelt, it feels exactly like the remix title implies; sorrowful, somber, and cold - the pining song sung by a hero's heart as he witnesses a comrade fall in the midst of a wintry battlefield, pensive and mellow, yet transcendantly powerful at the same time.

I'm rambling here, but I think this is one of the most emotive remixes on the site, and to me, it conveys exactly what the title leads you to expect. I've never played the game this song is from, so I don't know the context it's used in, but this piece practically creates its own context simply through the music and title.

Beautiful stuff.

on 2008-10-14 13:33:08

AmIEvil's best remix IMO.

Simply stunning.

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Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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