ReMix:Chrono Trigger "Blue-Minded God" 3:34

By Zeratul

Arranging the music of one song...

"Magus Confronted"

Primary Game: Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2000-12-31, evaluated by djpretzel

Another creative Chrono Trigger ReMix from Zeratul. Very heavy on the bass here - in fact I would say the whole track revolves around the absolutely MASSIVE bassline, which pulses and throbs and abducts small children throughout the track. This is great villain music, complete with a sampled evil-old-man cackling laugh. I think it's the conspicuous lack of prominent high-end percussion, with a rim shot guiding the way over a super-powered bass kick, that gives it a very evil, ominous, dwelling sound to it. Might sound strange, but I especially like the way this mix ends, with the bass getting lonelier and lonelier and some cool scratching effects. Again, this is a more soundtrackish piece, so if you're looking for a compelling main melody, you won't find it, but the motion and arrangement of this BGM is fantastic and you should definitely give it a listen.



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on 2010-10-01 15:30:20

This one is...almost too minimalistic for me. It has some elements I like, for example: overall mood impression, and a few of the chiptuney details too. But I also agree with Bahamut, except for the comment made on the arrangement approach; I don't think the direction taken was a bad idea. But yeah, I think it could have been executed better.

on 2010-01-16 01:19:02

I've always disliked this one, due to the production and just the approach the arrangement takes in reinterpreting a frantic orchestrated boss song as a slow rambling song.

Production really hurts this though and makes it hard to even get to potentially appreciate the arrangement, since the samples and poor relative volume levels kills a desire to delve further. The arrangement actually isn't too bad, although it could be expanded somewhat. There's some creativity there, but it's hard to tell again because of the production issues.

on 2009-11-15 22:16:19

Minimalistic, a little bit of almost jazz going on, and Magus. It's not my favorite mix of the theme, but it has it's own charms in the right light. The organ sound doesn't really hold up these days, but the rest of the sounds aren't too bad. I like the piano line throughout the mix, it's a nice touch.

Give it a try, you might like it.

on 2007-04-09 13:00:23

If you've got earphones or speakers that really capture the bassline then this mix is great in my opinion. Very few things going on but the bass is so great it doesn't matter. Without the bass however... it would be as bad as most of you are saying it is.

on 2007-03-21 14:47:48

Way too minimalist to keep my interest, and it sounds like the file might be corrupted as well. It sounds like a skipping record in a few parts, and i'm pretty certain that it isn't intentional.

on 2005-11-19 22:46:01

Had this for years. I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognised the laugh sound as being from the original. That's a strange touch on the part of Mitsuda, though, putting a vocal laugh into an SNES chiptune in the first place...

Very nice, understated remix. It pulses, it prowls, it growls, it scratches! It's as moody as my (imaginary) cat.

on 2005-11-03 03:40:19

Wicked nice

on 2005-09-25 08:12:35

If this music was as magus´ castle theme, I wouldn´t have the guts to enter it. Seriously. Brrrr... 8O:cry:

on 2004-09-22 17:02:25

Im going to put some scary remixes out for trick or treaters on halloween, and this will definatley be on it. (though its not as scary as Mustin's Mario 64 remix, haunted hell 8O )

Angelus Laminarum
on 2004-09-22 15:15:02

I like what you've done with his theme, very innovatively spooky and ominous, but I don't like the lack of the action-packed... umm... ass-kicking part of the original song... I think it should be around 0'41" ish? just after the big buildup? That is what makes Magus's song incredibly awesome in my book, is the very intense, epic, battle music. This is, however, like...

Play it outside to scare trick-or-treaters on Holloween.

Definitely that sort of atmosphere... I've played freaky remixes on Halloween... it freaked ME out!

~Falcis Umbrae~

on 2004-05-01 14:54:42
This mix has nothing to it except the bass. It's too empty.

Not true. While it's not a scintillating Quad-Layered Classical piano vs. dueling rock guitars Magnum Opus, but it is still a great song. anyone who's played and loved Chrono Trigger will instantly recognize and respect what Zeratul has done with Magus' theme. Sometimes less is more, and if you still hate it, Play it outside to scare trick-or-treaters on Holloween.

on 2004-03-24 05:49:58

Bored Bored Bored.

This mix has nothing to it except the bass. It's too empty.


on 2002-10-07 01:47:14

I have the utmost respect for Zeratul (and Starcraft... and Crono Trigger) but I'm bored out of my mind right now. It just doesn't have much of an edge to it. bass bass bass.... bass... click click.... booom BOOOOM. Ok... enough. The weird little laughing sample is a nice addition though and actually adds quite a bit to it. 6 out of 10.

on 2002-07-28 01:00:39

One of many renditions of the Magus theme. This one has a melody that is clearly evident (unlike a certain CotMM/Injury mix of the same tune - which you should also grab anway) and slowed down quite a bit. Very heavy on the bassline, and BTW, the sound samples of the old man laughing are actually straight out of the game (extra credit if you can find them in the original SPC files). Deep, moody, and deadly. Not the best, but still pretty good.

on 2002-05-16 13:56:13

OCR00228 - Chrono Trigger 'Blue-Minded God'

everything's blue in this world. i put the gun up to his head. bang. so much

blood for such a tiny little hole. the deepest shade of mushroom blue.

deep dark and throbbing, waiting to get free and destroy the world. death

by magus. death by lavos. death by failure to download this remix.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Magus Confronted"

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Clavinet,Electric Piano,In-game FX,Piano,Strings,Synth,Turntable
Arrangement > Minimalist
Time > Tempo: Slow

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