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Alright! A great first from DJ 3dn3r, this is a techno ReMix of a track from the legendary Dracula X, originally released for the TG16 CD-ROM, or PC DUO, depending on where you live. This was a truly great game, and is still sold on ebay for mucho bucks. DJ 3dn3r's submission is Rebirth-style techno, but done VERY well, with a lot of different parts interacting with one another instead of just one modulated and filtered synth line carrying everything, which one sometimes sees. Nice beat to it, good original track to begin with, and some well-done analog-style fiddling mean good tunes 4 ya ears, so I say grab it, especially if you love castlevania. And if you don't . . . well, there might be help for you . . . somewhere :)



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on 2010-09-24 20:39:06

The good side:

+ Plenty of effects on the synthwork, such as panning, modulation, crossing paths in weird ways, etc.

+ Danceability is there, to an extent. You can even sing the title as lyrics: "Daaance, dance Richter daaance, dance Richter daaance..."

The flip side:

- I can only take so many chewy alien mutation synths in one song, especially if they sound this insular and incestuous.

- It's a shame the closing third of the song (starting at 0:59) doesn't have the same notational emotion that helps the source come full circle refreshingly.

I guess this is how Dracula's zombies hear the original. Yeah, that explains it all.

on 2009-10-04 00:24:42

I'm not going to mince words here - this is a pretty crappy mix all around. It starts off with a blaring poor sample, and then continues in a fairly repetitive fashion throughout the whole song. The drums don't help it much either as have been mentioned earlier too.

on 2008-12-09 17:26:20

I suppose the point of reviewing this song would be somewhat moot given how old it is as I'm sure the artist has progressed since having made this. But! For mostly a cover of the original song (I really did play both Chi no Rondo and Dracula X), however, it's catchy, and if you jack up the volume it's not that bad of a listen.

on 2008-11-16 11:23:49

OA's got it right. Feels like it should really be energetic, but the drums are really lifeless, and it drags down the mix. Get some more power and variation on the set and it would probably add a little excitement back in.

on 2007-02-28 13:08:47

The electro feel in this nice, but the drums just seem really lifeless to me. The hihats need some variation, and the kick lacks punch. The beat also stays too consistant and is never changed up, it just runs on autopilot for the duration of the mix.

Cool synths, but the drums are too phoned in, imo.

on 2005-11-15 09:58:23

This remix sounds a little dull to me. Electronic depression would be the phrase I'd use. Dance usually has high energy samples and I just don't feel any energy from this one.

on 2005-09-25 21:31:43

In my opinion, the best songs are those that you could danceg to, and DJ 3dn3r definetly captured that vibe in this song. I think its interesting how most of the instruments sound similar to human voices, it feels almost like a hundred people trying to vent frustrations at the same time. Weird I know, but thats what I get from this remix.

on 2004-04-24 22:01:57

This theme was always my favorite Castlevania song - and probably the only one in the SNES "port" that was better than the original CD track. The remix of it has just the right beats, and it's not so far off that I have troulbe identifying the tune - which is always good! Great work, 3dn3r.

on 2003-06-14 02:21:09

LOL. I like the title. Dance Richer Dance. It gives me a mential image of Richter Belmont in his little blue tunic and 1980's "medeival" haircut dancing to techno in the middle of a stobe-light-lit nightclub. Anyway, catchy.

That's about all I can say about the mix. Not that it's bad, but there's nothing to make you listen to it a second or 3rd time. The main thing that makes it catchy is that the tune of the original song. The techno stuff makes it catchier, but it gets boring after a while. Maybe with a track of synthed strings to give it a light "orchestral feel" in some parts it would hold up better.

on 2002-09-16 16:50:26

I don't know why, but this remix always reminds me of the Jason Biggs stripping scene from "AmericanPie". :?

Aside from that, its pretty catchy.

on 2002-08-08 20:28:40


Very easy listening techno, not hard on the ears at all. Never played the game (shame on me I guess), but I still love this anyway. DJ 3dn3r has only made 2 remixes on this site (this and excitebike), both heavily electronic, and both aren't bad at all. The excitebike one is weird though =)

on 2002-06-09 14:55:57

Dracula x rondo of blood had a great soundtrack, and this shows it off quite well. would love to see more from that game.

on 2002-05-29 13:38:25

Akumajo Dracula X: Rondo of Blood 'Dance, Richter, Dance!'

Hi, i'm a 303. I like to dance. Would you dance with me? I would very

much like for you to have been being in my dance for me to have been

enjoyed with you. I am a 303.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Akumajo Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Konami , 1993, TGCD)
Music by akiropito,Jun Funahashi,Keizo Nakamura,Mikio Saito,Satoe Terashima,Tomoko Sano
"Blood Relations of Heaven and Earth (Stage 1 BGM)"

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Effects > Distortion
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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