ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Shadow's Theme" 3:44

By K. Praslowicz

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-02-08, evaluated by djpretzel

Just one new ReMix for today, as I had an awful day (read: car accident) and can't really muster the effort to sound enthusiastic for too extended a period of time :) This is a great one, though, and really fits into a mold that I can't recall any other ReMixes quite resembling. It's guitar based, but relies heavily on some really choice processing and quality DSP, backed by a minimalist drum track and a nice thick upright bass. It's got actually kind of a quentin tarantino Pulp-Fiction esque sound to it, with the slowish, methodical 3/4 time signature. The particular scene I'm thinking about is where John Travolta leaves Eric Stolz's place and shoots up while driving - anyone with me on this one? So, if you mixed Final Fantasy and Tarantino, this might be something like the soundtrack. A cool and just very STYLISH first submission from Mr. Praslowicz



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on 2009-12-14 02:35:23

Cool intro here with the sitars (?) to start things off. A lot of the interesting parts from the beginning, however, are completely lost at :20, which makes it feel a bit empty. Lead guitar feels buried at the outset and at the 1:00 mark is out of tune to the point where some of the notes sound wrong :/. Really abrupt ending to the track as well. Some of the elements are clicking here, I think - the dark, droning feel of the distorted backing guitars does set some of the mood, but big issues with the lead kill this one for me.

on 2009-10-27 10:35:07

Interesting collection of sounds. The sitar mixed with the guitar is pretty cool. The drums get a little repetitive for me and feel a little thin, but that's my personal preference. The sound scape does get a bit muddy, but it's a cool vibe you have going. The production work on this is a little off what I might normally be drawn to, but it does have a certain garage band sound that is nice. I think OA said it best, it's an interesting idea just using this to drone through the track. THe abrupt ending was uncomfy, but I can get past it :). It's a very interesting idea that, with a little more polish, has great potential. I'm greatly looking forward to new work from KP!

on 2009-03-26 13:28:33

Some intonation issues, but a really interesting droning style. I loved the sitar-esque effect, and a lot of the guitar noise in the BG. A little too barren for me to really get into, and some of the production is sounding muddy, but it's very effective at conveying mood.

I'm pretty torn on this one, but I think that it ultimately is held back by the issues too much for me to recommend it.

Kittie Rose
on 2007-10-20 21:07:51

Why can't a distorted guitar be a part of the arrangement? I think i works. The guitar sounds "off" somehow, but it works with it. There's actually some really clever, subtle pitch bending going on there(I don't think the guy's guitar was actually slightly out of tone).

I'd love to know what gear he was using to get that tone...

Baruch - Vampire Lord
on 2006-06-23 15:00:48

Yeah, good point. Someone should make an arranged Shadow piece.

on 2006-06-21 13:28:43

The electric guitar kicking in ruined it for me.

I would absolutely love to hear an arranged version of Shadow's theme so I was buzzing when I came across this, and was getting ready to save this file up until about a minute in when the distorted, electric guitar kicked in.

I understand that the point of this site is not to copy, and the more remixs I've listened to, the more open my mind has become, but the distorted guitar sounded out of tune and out of place. I say distorted, but I really think the guitar could've used a lot of echo and been played a lot less staccato. The staccato notes sound almost like you're using only one string on the guitar and almost kills the long, brooding mood.

I don't want to be too harsh because the first minute or so is stellar stuff and the effort is there. Plus, I like the idea of using guitars for Shadow's theme, but this missed the mark for me.

on 2006-01-17 11:23:04

Great bass writing; it has the mood in its hands, and it shapes it well.

Distortion is good here except, perhaps, where it detunes some notes (chiefly the last in the main sequence--it sticks out like a sore thumb). Now, considering that it's Shadow, he has a lot more broken about him than his thumbs, so it bolsters the mood of the song. It just doesn't sound appealing--hopefully you were working toward this.

Anyway, great interpretation as has been mentioned. Brooding.

on 2005-10-27 17:42:36

This is the song that got me into OC remix a while ago and its still one of my favourites. Perfectly captures the darker side of Shadow.

on 2005-10-09 14:44:18

No nice Shadow anymore. This remix actually speaks for itself, can´t really say much else that this was a great solid effort by Praslowicz, cool guitar that drew out the more lonewolf side of Shadow.

on 2005-09-04 03:14:42

I am an FF Fiend. I love the music and the majority of the games. When you heard Shadow's theme over the SNES you knew he was badass then....This only made it better...darker...more real than the tune they used orginally! I LOVE IT! WELL DONE!

Baruch - Vampire Lord
on 2005-09-04 01:55:42

"The dog eats strangers."

A mysterious remix for a mysterious man. I think it would have been better if the song had stayed the way it was before the guitar joined in, but it was still an excellent piece. To bad interceptor didn't have a theme. That dog was awesome.

This remix would slit its creators throat for a nickel.

DJ Skratch 'n' Sniff
on 2005-02-21 03:01:48

I actually really enjoyed this mix. I enjoy it when not

everything is made into 4/4 time(then again, this is

a remix site, so I shouldn't expect anything too crazy).

Anywho, maybe it's just me, but because this mix wasn't

done 16 bit/midi style, it felt like it had a lot more

depth. It actually felt more like Shadow's theme.

It repeats a little too much though. But, that's fine,

cause it rocks.

on 2005-02-20 23:16:47

Have to say,

Really not feeling the mix so much. It is just a little too slow for my liking. The guitar was also just a little too heavy. 5/10 (I still like the original song, so I enjoyed listening to it a bit)

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-08-12 12:58:58

Pink Floyd meets Alaistar Crowley...extremely dark and creepy. The guitars are perfect in this piece, everything a dead-on homage not merely to Shadow's theme but also to the dark, tortured soul of Shadow himself. God!

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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Time > 3/4 Time Signature
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