Posted 2001-02-24, evaluated by djpretzel

This will no doubt go down as a classic on this site, not only among squaresoft fans, but anyone who appreciates instrumental arrangements, superlative sound choice, quality mixing and processing, and a lot of imagination. 'The Arab Painting' by first-time submitter 'The Pancake Chef' is just really timeless - I think all of you will like it quite a bit. It covers both the Relm and Strago themes from FF6, and towards the end mixes them creatively. But the key here is sheer brilliance in the usage of a great 'auuuhhhmm' vocal sample that sounds very eastern and mystical, and F**kin' GREAT woodwinds! Great woodwinds I say!! Very slow piece, very deliberate, doesn't try to 'rock' or jive, just takes a couple themes and makes them beautiful and fresh. No complaints at all from this listener - a great way to start things off, with a classic FF ReMix, from the pancake chef. Goofy name, big talent.



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on 2010-12-04 22:14:03

This feels very mushroom-esque. I'm not 100% sure what that means, but it just feels appropriate. .;

I don't know, it just feels like the theme of some mushroom village in a Zelda-esque game somewhere.

Anyway I agree the themes should have been blended together at the transition, but it just works. I especially like how the percussion carries over at the transition. I also especially like the vocal samples; they give the track this very wise sage/middle ages feel to it. My only critique of that is there is several instances before the transition where the vocal samples really bounce down in pitch which felt unnecessary. But otherwise this is a cute, mellow, and mushroomy mix that is well worth a listen to and is probably a new favorite of mine.

on 2009-04-24 08:35:32

I've always liked this one because of its nice instrumentation and layered melody approach. I'm a critic of the transition into the second theme; not because I don't think it should be there, but because I think the way it is introduced works against the mood of the piece. Most of the mix flows in a nice, natural way but is interrupted by the too deliberate effort to include another melody. Like I said, the melody ends up fitting, but it is dropped in quite awkwardly. Perhaps a more subtle push would have been suffice.

Other than that, everything sounds extremely pleasing. It's fleeting, mellow, FF6 desert folk. Which is a winning combo, and a really kickass genre I just made up.

on 2009-02-22 08:12:40

This is interesting. This works wonderfully as background music, music do something to. It's relaxing, and at the same time has that exotic sound and feel that keeps you listening. It's one of those great tracks from way back, laid-back and enjoyable. A little on the dry side, but no less enjoyable for it.

on 2008-12-06 20:40:18

I'm really digging the ethnic flavor, and even though the choir samples are a little too unrealistic, the rest of the piece makes up for it.

Although you could just pretend that it's a choir of aliens or something.

on 2008-06-03 10:33:59

The vocal pitch shifting is a bit silly, but the arrangement is pretty nice, and I am digging the piano arpeggios. The transition into Strago's theme was ok; nothing specifically wrong except maybe how abrupt it was. The ending where the 2 themes mesh gets kindof busy, but it's pretty cool how it works out.

Overall pretty enjoyable, especially considering the date on this one.

on 2006-12-25 11:58:08

This is a very interesting mix. The first time I heard it, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not (forgive me for not having played FF6 or being familiar with the source tunes). After I listened to it a few more times, it grew on me. I actually really like it now. The end, where I guess the 2 themes you used are mixed? Don't know about which part is what, but it's definitely the best part of the mix. Good job, please keep makin' pancakes.

on 2005-09-19 11:48:52

Very cool idea to give relms theme an arabish touch,

I think it´s the only one that is. I like it,

I adore piano remixes, so this one was an another

sample to my pianocollection. I like your job, Chefdude!

sadpickle the exalted
on 2005-02-21 19:00:02

Hmm... after listening to the "Love will Grow" vocal version of Relm's them, I'd have to say those solemn male "Ohms" were inspired by "God's Cradle". Am I right?

on 2004-10-16 23:50:08

Simplistic and beautiful. I only wonder where the arab comes in; all I can hear is a flute, a piano, and some dudes going "HOMM".

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-07-15 13:32:05

Dear god...this is superb. My misgivings about turning Relm's Highland-bagpipe overtones and turning them into Arab ones aside, the two themes put together and given a twisted Middle Eastern is pure genius. From the instrumentation to the inspired combining (you heard me right, kids)of the two themes -- wow!

One almost expects someone to scream out "I am the Mad Abdul Al-Hazred! IA, IA, CTHULHU FHTAGN! :twisted: "

Oh nevermind. 8O

Anyway, excellent stuff!

The Protricity
on 2003-10-08 19:44:07

Great job! I didn't really care for these themes in the game, but they sound very good in this awesome remix!

on 2003-08-21 15:34:54
Better than McVaffe's more popular "Relm Weppyloop".

That's something my friends and I debate a good deal: McVaffe's or Pancake Chef's? Personally, I prefer McVaffe's, but this one is still magnificent. Very soothing and relaxing, but puts you in the Mid. East mindset, like Dale North's Wild Wild West. Good flow, good rhythm, and well-orchestrated. One of my favs. I love all the layering he's done. Simply superb.

on 2003-08-20 01:19:52

Absolutely amazing remix, one of the best on OC.

I'm a sucker for anything with Relm's theme in it, and this is no exception. From 3:05 onward, where the two themes play together, the song is untouchable.

Keep 'em comin', Chef.

on 2003-06-30 13:24:49

Give me a break you guys, this was my first remix and my first try with sequencing software of any kind. I didn't use any fancy tricks and the whole thing was over with much more quickly than most of my songs. If I could change it, I would use slightly better samples, fix that vocal screw-up, and probably drastically change the structure around. It's done with, though, I'm glad you guys give it [more] praise [than it deserves]. My first song, and definitely not one of my favorites (I prefer my Chrono Cross mixes).

ffmusic dj
on 2003-06-30 01:23:50

this is a classic, I just wish I heard more mixes as creative as these form this artist, very nice.

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