ReMix:Blaster Master "Japanese Swamp" 4:23

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Area 4"

Primary Game: Blaster Master (Sunsoft , 1988, NES), music by Naoki Kodaka

Posted 2001-03-03, evaluated by djpretzel

So, we went for a year without ANY blaster master ReMixes and now we get three great ones from two different ReMixersin the course of three months? Fine by me :) VERY cinematic stuff from Mazedude, whom we already know got da skillz from his CT 'Island of Zeal' submission. This is very much a soundtrack piece, evoking a little bit of Danny Elfman or some of the Twilight Zone music (anyone watch that show? the OLD version, I'm talking, with Rod Serling? GENIUS!) - pay specific attention to the ritards (gradual decrease in tempo) and the dynamics, as well as the quite unusual sound choices: a blend of very authentic sounding acoustic with obviously ethereal and alien synth textures. This is quite a departure from Prozax's guitar-driven Blaster Master tracks, but every bit as worthy. Very distinct, very ominous, very creative - the synth line at the very end, with the doubling octave!! - I think you should grab it, my friends . . .



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on 2019-07-18 12:09:57

this is a grown up mix. it's perfect i think. gotta respect mazedude. defying time

on 2013-10-29 22:40:29

Malevolent mire! :D Bit creepy but bit playful as well. The end (from 3:40) builds up quite nicely.

I had to turn the volume up. It comes across as rather quiet. :] I like from 1:23-1:38. It gets louder! XD And there are more bubbles too, maybe. :)

Coming out of the pause at 2:17 makes it sound like a climax was hit, game-wise. Like something terrible happened at 2:00. Huh... the more I listen, the more I think this could fit into Uninvited. Yeh, maybe contains more horror than playfulness, eh? ;)

on 2010-10-26 05:29:37

What a great variety of sounds used here. This is a delightfully strange track. Mixing is kind of dry or quiet.. it sounds a bit weird, but I'm not even sure if it's a bad kind of weird (well, it's an oold mix so bad kind of weird is excusable). Creepy goodness.


on 2009-12-02 22:58:52

This isn't exactly Japanese to me, more like a freakish carnival cemetery entire inhabited by carnival and clown zombies...... *Shivers*

And yet, it sounds completely awesome. It has this blend of weirdness and creepiness that works really well. The bubbling effect is used rather well. All in all, this is a another quirky mix by the Mazedude and the images now conjured up from the song now scare the crap out of me...

on 2009-10-11 01:33:55

This is a pretty strange mix - not what I expect after hearing other Blaster Master mixes like by Disco Dan, but I guess this is vintage Mazedude with quirky tracks.

I find this strangely appealing though - it sounds like a mix of strangeness and creepiness melded together. I do wish it ended in a more fitting fashion that would emphasize that aspect more, but otherwise this is a really solid mix from the early days.

on 2009-02-08 23:56:42

It sounds like an evil circus drowning in a wetland...

Trust Mazedude to conjure something so wicked and bizarre. He is a great experimentor with sounds and signature remixing.

The mix itself isn't soaring in favourite lists I'd bet, but it is so odd and so zany that it would be a shame to overlook it.

If someone asked me "What's 'Japanese Swamp' like?", I'd reply "It's not very Japanese, but it is VERY Mazedude." And that should be more than enough reason to listen.

on 2009-01-10 13:50:50

I like the bubbling sound effects in the background, gives the first part of the song a very swamp-like feeling, but when it changes tone around 1:50 or so and moves into the second part of the song the bubbling noises kind of make it sound like a mad scientist's lab. It goes back to sounding like a swamp around 3:10 or so, but for that bit from 1:50 to 3:10 it just sounds different for some reason. Maybe some frogs croaking or something would also suggest swampy-ness?

on 2008-10-23 21:56:25

The beginning is pretty odd, that's for sure. It took me a while to get into this one, as a result. I'm a little thrown off by the title, because as OA mentions, a few of the instruments are japanese, but they aren't used in a japanese fashion.

The overall mood is set nicely, and certainly there's a lot going for it overall, but in general it's a bit too quirky for my tastes. Still a good job by Mazedude.

on 2006-12-26 14:08:19

This song really has a lot of mood to it. Lots of ambient noise, accented notes, crecendos, and multiple ritardandos really add a spooky and real feeling to this originally 8 bit track.

I am assuming the Japanese reference from the title relates to the koto and flute, though they are used in a decidedly western fashion. Though this sort of mood setting music isn't really my style, I am floored by the level of craftsmanship on this one. A must listen for anyone.

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-08-12 13:28:40

Well this mix is Yes. That's the word. DROLL. And by droll I mean so outlandishly out there you almost have to like it. *scratches head* Although I don't understand why Mazedude made it like something out of "Ringu"...

on 2004-06-09 11:05:54

Reminiscent of MazeDude's old work "Wood Imps" - see here :

Nice and creepy. Thumbs up!

on 2003-04-29 03:44:17

This is an incredible mix. God...that section at 2 minutes sounds so Harry Partch-ish- incredible. Mazedude is very quickly becoming my favorite mixer, and this actually may be my new favorite mix.

Once again...incredible. :P

on 2003-01-15 04:52:33

This has to be the start of my loving of Mazedude's ReMixes and...holy shizzle, another Mazedude song just happened to randomly start playing on my playlist as I type this (Tripping on Rainbows), how weird. Anyway, yeah this song has excellent sounds, an awesome feel to it, and plenty of variety. What else can I say? If you haven't listened to this, do so now. :D Highly reccomended.

on 2003-01-13 21:01:28

WTF is a good round up for this mix. Unlike anything I've heard before, and somehow I never picked this mix up until now (I have 99% OC songs). The first half I wasn't so sure I'd like it, but suddenly it clicked and I was insanely enjoying it for some reason. Definitely listen the whole way through, and keep reviewing this so it stays at the top gogogoggoo!!! Though I do admit it's best to not overlisten.

This is definitely one for showing friends *runs away maniacally*

on 2002-06-22 21:15:41

Here is another one to get you into a Sinister mood... Like The Amphibian mix of the same level, It has that swampy feeling, except this time it's full of no hope. Great for those with EQ who are in the Swamps of No hope. :twisted:

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Primary Game:
Blaster Master (Sunsoft , 1988, NES)
Music by Naoki Kodaka
"Area 4"

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