ReMix:Final Fantasy IV "Surface of the Moon" 3:17

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Another Moon"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-05-30, evaluated by djpretzel

Very floaty and mysterious ff2 / ff4j piece from mazedude. This really creates a very spooky, sci-fi mood that is unshakable - a perfect interpretation of the track in terms of creating a believable ambience. Razor thin synth strings, falling synth lines that sound like wolves howling almost, recurring tympani, some excellent 'electronic' sound effects, and a consistent bell pattern are the primary elements, along with a monotone hum drone. It's amazing how this ReMix creates an otherwordly effect - something like AmIEvil's FF3 snowfield ReMix in that regard. Transporting and very well done.



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on 2009-12-03 17:00:32

I think the glitchy chip intro could stand to be a bit longer, but past that this is basically a smorgasbord of wonderful textures and effects that, while it definitely stays true to the original, feels more like background music than anything else. It does gradually begin to pick up towards the end but doesn't really hit a satisfying climax, conclusion or anything else. Since I'm guessing that's what Mazedude was going for, I'd have to say "mission accomplished" :-)

on 2009-12-03 03:10:14

At first, I thought this was a Metroid track. While the soundscape is minimal, the mood that's been created really adds that feeling of isolation and can really be terrifying, the 'broken intercom' drills this home even further.

A wonderfully ambient track, and takes the original track and makes it even more amazing.

on 2009-11-11 11:23:00

I've always liked this track because of how it conveys the mood of the original. There isn't much arranging to the source melodies, but that isn't the point of the track. It sets out to really bring forth the emotion of the original, and it does that very well.

I'll chime in on the thought that this could fit into the Super Metroid abandoned ship with ease. The empty feeling this provides, especially supported by the 'intercom' coming up with static, really gives you a feel like theres nothing out there. At least you hope...

on 2007-12-10 10:54:55

I don't think i've yet to hear a mix that captures the mood as well as this one. Though I normally look for additional melodic lines and changes and additions to the song structure, something like this is equally amazing.

The soundscape is perfect and the effects added, as well as the synth choices are spot on. This takes the original and makes it completely perfect.

on 2006-12-16 23:12:02

WOW i was surprised seeing this one have so lil reviews. I have been listening to this for over a year. This is def my fav Mazedude piece, it's right up there with his zeal piece. He really captured the emotion and feeling of the original. I remember way back when playin this game, thinkin the moon and the big giant airship(blue whale i think?) were the coolest things in the world. This mix is not only a nostalgia trip it's a great piece of music. Minimalist yet highly emotive, right up my alley.

"To the moon Alice, to the moon!"

on 2006-12-16 19:59:28

I've always loved the source tune on this one. I started my own really funky arrangement of it. I still need to finish it, but it's hard to when this track already exists and it's so perfect. I think this is one of Mazedude's finest arrangements, and just one of the best FFIV arrangements period. The atmosphere captured here is uncanny. It always envokes feeling from me. I imagine a lot of people listen to it and it immediately takes them to another place. Another moon, even.

Great for Halloween and Horror CD mixes, too. If you don't have this, check out this fine piece of work.

on 2005-10-04 04:34:57

It´s the dude! And he has come to take me with his spaceship! With an excellent remix of the moon theme in the back that surely creeps me out but still has a calm and touching feel with soft strings and a synth that really gives that atmosphere of being in space at the moment! Great one!

Sorry, got a little caught in the spacey theme. Overall, this a good mix, maybe much similar to the original but still a mix worth a download. Nice job Mazedude.

And for those that liked this one should really check out 'SpaceStationoftheAncients', it´s a blast.

on 2005-03-04 14:52:06

Mr. Mazedude does it sci-fi in this piece. What's really cool about this piece is that even though I know it's from FF4, I could swear that Mazedude had invented it himself. He keeps exactingly true to the melody but mixes it up with effects and a cool interpretation on the instrumentation that delivers oh so nicely. The only thing I'm not big on is the static. It hurts my ears and doesn't add too much.

All said, though, I wouldn't listen to it overlong. Give ya nightmares. AND DO NOT LISTEN TO IT ON ACID! Bad bad bad shit will go down down down.


on 2005-02-10 15:00:58

hard to say anything without merely repeating what everyone else alreaedy said.

an excellent atmostpheric piece by an excelelnt remixer Mazedude. definetly very very eerie. beats every techno trance FF mix i have ever heard.

Vega Boralis
on 2004-10-03 22:40:52

Before listening to and downloading this remix, I had played the "Relics of the Chozo" a few times that day. Upon hearing this, I wondered if indeed this was a Metroid track. The subdued, otherwordly effect it creates is very similar to what the Metroid tracks can do. Very nicely done; I never thought I'd find myself comparing FF and Metroid. Great remix, too!

on 2004-09-05 19:14:06

I really like this mix... glad I didn't accidently miss it. Very ominous, very spooky, and such and such. Otherworldly, too, another good word. [[Edit]] Wow, I can't believe I left out the word "atmospheric." Atmospheric, in an otherworldly sense, anyway.

This mix really deserves a lot more praise than it's gotten. I suppose that's just cuz of when it was posted... Oh well. Very good, check it out (if you haven't already).

on 2003-04-17 02:19:19
This officially scares the shit out of my neice. Of course she's only 5, but still...

This officially scares the shit out of ME. It's like walking into that abandoned manor, only to find a host of bizarre experiments, or being transported to that alien ship and being awake the entire time. Or like exploring that sunken battlecruiser (actually, since it's entitled 'Surface of the Moon,' crashed star destroyer) and finding out that the crew all died strange, eerie deaths--and you're next if you don't do something about it. All in all, don't listen to on a dark night.

On second thought, ONLY listen to on dark nights for fullest creepitude.

on 2002-12-12 03:41:53

Wow... I'm speechless...

I got this back when I first started roaming OCR, and I still listen to it regularly. This song starts small, but gets ominous very quickly, which gives it that eerie feel. Great interpretation of the piece :)

Deryck Khusial
on 2002-12-12 03:23:23

i usually find FF tunes boring and avoid 'em. this one's just spacey atmosphere so the same should apply, right? not quite. there's a li'l bit around 1:25 that makes me feel all good inside. the Whole piece also has an element of suspense which works to its advantage

on 2002-05-21 23:36:17

Final Fantasy IV 'Surface of the Moon'

Ah, the great Mazedude always provides us with quality work, and he certainly doesn't fail here. If you remember the original base for this particular piece, it was meant to have an eerie feel to it as far as I was concerned. Mr. Getman succeeds in bringing the eerie feel over to his mix, with a distant sort of sound to it during parts, and creepy sounding strings in other parts. Not one of my favorite mixes ever, but it gets points just for being one of the spookiest mixes I've enjoyed.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Another Moon"

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