Posted 2001-06-05, evaluated by djpretzel

Before the bass comes in and you know the track is gonna take off into classic Peeples groovage, this is serioulsy freaky stuff, somewhat reminiscent of the very first few notes of Jurassic Park for setting an unshakable atmosphere. It's been awhile since we had some Peeples, so this DKC2 Lava stage ReMix is a welcome return, and has some very unlikely elements. The drum beats are hip and crunchy, the alternate left-right delayed melodies cool, and the shakuhachi thang works well, but all the sudden the track shifts into major key in a very odd turn. It's a bit jarring, there's such a contrast between the dark and spooky first half and some of the happy-go-lucky second bit - and then, things revert back to a darker tone, with some more complex jazz-type chords - very nice and creative work here: Peeples unfailingly gets the sonic elements down pat but this time really works the arrangement aspect to good measure, with some risks that pay off well.



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on 2011-06-22 13:33:11

Really could have sworn that I reviewed this already, but oh well. I really enjoyed the darker, spooky intro and Asian sounding outro. Those really caught my attention and the beat sounded great all the way through. It's a cool atmospheric ReMix that keeps things interesting. Love it.

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-20 23:00:59

This has always been one of my favorite DKC2 ReMixes. Very compelling groove going on. That bass is unstoppable. Nice use of distorted percussion.

on 2010-09-01 11:25:37

Never too late to say: This is Epic! Top Ten!

on 2009-12-24 23:33:10

As a person who likes atmosphere in their mix, this is a very solid song. It's not flawless though. It does loose some of its strength between the middle and the end. It switches from a murky sense of danger to a little more generic sense of atmosphere. The same atmospheric weight is there, but the actual flavor feels nullified by some of the instrumental and style choices.

Still, this is an interesting little mix and I like it.

Jack Polo
on 2009-12-23 03:13:23

Just like the original Hot-Head Bop, this piece is very heavily reliant on atmosphere. I agree with OA that this could benefit from a nice fleshing out in the middle sections, but as is, the sort of minimalist sound it has going works for it.

I especially like the atmospheric sections at the beginning and end, they really add a lot to this track (the ending especially :-)). Really nice and fleshy-sounding compared to the rest of the piece.

on 2008-12-06 21:51:40

Very interesting piece, the change of moods somehow isn't abrupt at all and pulled off nicely.

on 2008-02-20 12:27:23

Cool atmospheric beginning, very excellent set up and once things get going, it's pretty good. Texture-wise, I think it's a little on the sparse side, but still an enjoyable mix, and was well ahead of the pack when it was first released. Time has been decent to it, especially the intro, but I think nowadays the meat of the track would need to be kicked up a bit. A good way about that would be to layer some additional samples in to thicken some of the sounds. Additional parts wouldn't really be required, the arrangement is pretty nice as-is.

A good track that just needs a little bit of corn starch to thicken up the sounds.

on 2007-03-06 22:38:10

I like this remix, as well as the original.

I love the bass sounds =)

Well done!


on 2005-10-02 23:51:15

The lava stage... great beat, excellent melody, intense drumbeats. This is what happens to it once Scott Peeples has remixed it to some of its finest. The asian themes inserted to the "lost feeling" phrases were a great idea, and it almost sounded like a samurai stand-off. This is proof that Peeples has struck again with drums of masters, and yet still doesn't disclude the original themes that has started the whole thing. I really hope that you create another masterpiece soon, Scott Peeples. This is definetely one of my favorites.

Final Grade: 10 out of 10

on 2005-09-30 02:35:18

Hot-Head Bop, so we finally meet again.

A very nice remix. instead of a groovy synth, it´s a electric guitar with a bass. It´s not a SNES-piano, it´s a flute. It´s not a fire sea, it´s ocr. And it´s not Diddy, it´s St Helen sponsored by Peeples.

Quite a radical change if you see it that way. :roll:

Great stuff, dude. :D

on 2005-01-11 14:18:05

Good Job! Lava Stage? Oh...YES!!!

on 2004-11-20 12:51:20

It's seems as though I'm the only one so far to say this, but I didn't really enjoy it that much.

Don't get me wrong, the original was a great tune that eased you nicely into the second world, but at places the music goes a little out of tune, and the creepy notes at the begining and end of the remix don't work too well.

Sorry, but this is at maximum an average remix. If you really (and I repeat: really) loved the original, then you might find some enjoyment from this. For me though, it isn't much fun. 5/10

on 2004-11-20 12:29:15

Oh, yes!! The Lava Stage!!

When I heard this remix, I remembered original music.

This music was, for me, Dixie and Diddy in top of a flying balloon.

I heard this music in 1996 for the first time. Something was new. I had passed of the first boss who was a giant bird with pirate hat.After that I found a place with an uncommon melody.

THE LAVA´S STAGE MELODY! Good Work, Peeples!!!!

on 2004-11-02 14:05:55

You can't beat DKC music(or DKC2 music, they're one-n-the same). No sir, and this mix just adds to the awesome-nicity of the game. I adore the simplicity of this remix. It's like cottoncandy for the soul, baby! Absolutely scrumptious track *feels ashamed for corny review*

~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~

Ultimo Hedgehog
on 2003-05-12 22:31:56

Chilly. And being that, it makes this a cool remix! An awesome rendition of the Lava level, which happened to be my second favorite besides the Brambles level. Got a lot of relaxing themes, flutey stuff, bass things, etc. Not thinking too much right now, as it's nearly midnight here. Loved this one, and I think I'll listen to it tonight as I drift off.

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