Posted 2001-07-04, evaluated by djpretzel

An unlikely pairing that turns out very well (reminds me of the old Reese's commercials where the dudes go "you got YOUR peanut butter in MY chocolate!" - anyone old enough to remember those?). Dark, distorted industrial, with evil voice samples, changing towards the end into a *little* lighter, more open sound. Cotmm's characteristic 'wall of sound' is in effect, so if you did or did not like his previous works that were thick and distortion-laden, chances are this specific ReMix won't change your mind. You can hear Starla's (Injury's) input, from what I can tell, on the mentioned ending section and some of the rhythms, which are a little more ornate than Cotmm's usual stuff. Like I said, interesting matchup. This sounds a lot more like Cotmm's work than Starla's, so it may have been lopsided, but still, good output. Moody.



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on 2020-12-27 05:21:48

Needles to say i wasn't expecting any Riddick lines lol

on 2015-12-08 23:02:01

Don't like how much wider the vocals are in the mix than everything else, but very nice industrialism. 2:23's minimalism really brings the title to mind, good job on the atmosphere. The ringy synth that reappears at 3:30 is my favorite part of the mix. 4:44 embrace of source sounds sweet, especially with the percussion. A wall of noise worth hearing.

on 2014-03-07 08:57:12

Okay, first off, those movie lines fit so damn well in context of this dark, creepy ReMix. The heavy distortion and how receptive you are when it comes to SFX and dialog definitely makes a difference on whether you love or hate this. Seems like a perfect ReMix to use in finding out what spectrum you're on. Personally, I like SFX when used right (like here), and I don't know enough about Magus' theme to comment on that, but the distortion creates a great dark atmosphere to me. Not my favorite thing from the artists, but it's still pretty good.

on 2009-12-02 18:23:31

woah, interesting collab duo right here.

Has the distinct CotMM texture that I usually associate with him, and a little bit of melody mixed in there.

Movie quotes i'm not feeling, but do I ever like movie quotes in music? :

on 2009-05-11 01:34:16

At any given moment, synth/texture modulation is subtle but purposeful, turning the sounds into menacing creatures of the night. A boogeyman guitar, howling strings, snickering rat percussion (love the way it sounds like a closing mouth at 1:41-1:45 and elsewhere), and ambience like cutting wind and ogre breaths are a few pieces that embellish everything alluring about Halloween. Even the beat never drops its lightly danceable groove. By 4:41, the arrangement's had enough of the source being blown around almost inaudibly, so a new electronic synth takes the lead and plays the final part of Magus's theme, accompanied by clapping, popcorn-like percussion. At 5:19, the mix is slowly swallowed by the same poisonous mist that obscures the moon.

Looks like it's gonna be one loooooooooong night.

on 2009-03-10 02:15:10

I was surprised when I saw that injury contributed to this, because this is VERY CotMM. The stuff at 4:45 is much more injury style, but who cares about semantics. It's a collab piece and it wouldn't be the same without either's input.

The music itself needs no explaining. It's layered expertly, drenched in distortion, grimy leads and greasy synths. It's got a real dark style that I really enjoy. I suppose that's a given with industrial.

I'm not a fan of movie quotes in remixes, however. I know they really don't add anything, so they shouldn't really be able to detract anything. Technically, if used sparingly, they are totally harmless. BUT I have personal issues with their context and what it means for the mix. Having a mix forever associated with Pitch Black is a bit of a shame for me, seeings as I see this mix as a lot better than that movie and the imagery of Vin Diesel as Magus makes me weep while facepalming.

But obviously quotes aren't going to ruin the crux of this mix, which is all that really matters to me. I mean, I'm not going to put this on at parties any time soon, but there is still an allure with CotMM for me. It's real solitary listening. Good shit.

Platinum Azure
on 2008-03-17 12:47:01

One of my favorite remixes on this site. Very well-done collaboration between CotMM and Injury.

Usually, I'm not a fan of dark industrial stuff like this, but for Magus it was perfect, no question.

on 2007-03-01 16:30:18

I like this one much more than the Temporal Rehab mix. It seems more complete. The voice clips are used very well, and it creates a very dark ambience for the song.

on 2007-01-31 21:41:50

I LOVE this song. It sounds like something you could play at a techno rave (not that I've ever been to one). And to answer the "voices in my head"; yes, I am afraid of the dark. I'm so afraid I cause myself to have hallucinations. :P

on 2006-12-19 11:55:21

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Pretty chaotic but still in control of it. Nice work.

on 2006-03-27 23:18:24

If you don't like this song you aren't listening to it loud enough. A couple of volume tweaks up by the user at 1:26, 3:05, 3:56, 4:11, and 4:31 totally make this song. By 4:31 you should be blowing your ears out (nearly). A good sound system is a must as it always is with Cotmm's stuff. He really needs more praise.

Very intense listen if you can get into it.

on 2006-02-27 16:58:43

WICKED SICK!! (i hope you'll forgive the lame UT plug...) but, this mix is freakin amazing, and i LOVE those voice clips from P.B.

These are the words and their start times...

0:15 - "All you people are so scary..."

0:42 - "You beta (?) need a word about that..."

1:21 - "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"

1:35 - "Are you?"

0:15 - "All you people are so scared of me..."

0:42 - "It ain't me you better worry about now..."

you got the other 2 right, but yeah, this mix is awesome

S rank :D

on 2005-09-26 15:32:02

Really good stuff. You can't imagine how much I like this mix. And these ... lines from pitch black fit perfectly to the dark and rusty atmosphere.


on 2005-09-26 09:44:47

Another magus remix from CotMM eh?

I didn´t imagine Magus like this, sounds way to creepy and old, like if he have put both funnygas and a chickenbone in his throat at the same time.

This remix is filled with many different kinds of synths and beats, included Magus himself, but all those sounds was to much for me I guess, but could hear that it was the magusbattle, and if your still not convinced, wait til´ you reach 4:43 where the real melody comes in, clearly my favorite part with both the original and this remix.

Interesting work, Monkeydudes.

on 2005-07-29 07:43:28

This song doesn't deserve a 10/10, it deserves 20/10! Now usually I'd go with the 10/10, but Magus is threatening me with his Dark Matter spell right now, I want to keep my HP high. You know what I mean!

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