Posted 2001-07-31, evaluated by djpretzel

Damn - I wanted to be the first to ReMix Blazing Lazers! JHVH-1, you bastard! Oh well, you can't win 'em all, and JHVH-1's industrial take the stage 8 'bubbles' level is rife with VERY creative drums, clangy synth sounds, and a distant, mellow melody. Some excellent DJ scratching too - really, the drum track here is quality and very mechanical, as good industrial should be. A spooky and atmospheric first from JHVH-1, and a worthy addition to our very short list of Turbografx-16 ReMixes. By the way, if you've never played Blazing Lazers, slap yourself silly then go find an emu + rom and get jammin' - it's one of the classic 2d overheads, and not too difficult (yes, even *I* could play it!)



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on 2013-03-16 14:43:21

Very cool. ^_^

Feels like an industrial ghost house or ice cavern. :) There's a terrific sense of tension and awe here. Does end a little abruptly, though, especially in comparison to the great introduction.

on 2011-12-09 11:33:30

Well, this is one strange mix for me; I appreciate the nature of industrial arrangements every now and again, but to see it taken into this kind of minimalist structure without much of a melodic structure does kind of feel slighhtly awkward even when measured up to other mixes for its time.

However, credit where credit is due for the neat percussion work; between the reverse-loop sample work being placed in past 0:30 and some strong interesting subtleties going on as the mix continues, it helps to offer a broader expansion towards the track. And similarly in comparison to other mixes of 2001 it had shown some good equalisation especially with lower and mid frequencies; so in terms of production it managed to stand up firmly.

But good (for 2001) production coupled with a rough and distuned arrangement does make this a struggle to appreciate in the long run, so I can't really see it doing it for me. Albeit, there's some good ideas in there (surprising for a one-hit wonder I admit), and it's a shame you couldn't really follow up on it :(

on 2009-09-21 03:05:51

This song actually has a lot more going on than most of the old mixes from this time period, which surprises me. Unfortunately, it also suffers from the arrangement issue that plagues a lot of older mixes - just when you think there could be more that goes on, it just abruptly stops.

on 2009-01-15 01:18:32

Wow, everything in this mix sounds fantastic! I love the effects you used, especially right at the end. It begins and ends really nicely, and the middle is an atmospheric, sharp trip. Good job!

on 2008-12-11 02:37:08

I like this. It has a good feel to it, it was actually kind of fun to listen to, so I can't imagine how it would not have been fun to make. I have no gripes with it, not even with some of the sounds used. Industrial done right!

on 2008-12-06 16:58:38

I think it's pretty damn cool Blazing Lazers got a remix! While it might not be amongst the better on the site it has a certain charm. I bet this was pretty challenging way back then :nicework:

on 2008-07-19 07:30:35

It's a bit all over the place, isn't it? There's a lot of very cool sounds and combinations, but it doesn't progress too smoothly. I wish it did, I'd probably love it! Not quite a keeper as it is.


on 2007-12-13 10:47:02

I've always appreciated how someone can make an industrial track. I think this track is pretty cool, and I don't really see why the other reviewers have as much of a problem with it.

That being said, it's not my favorite mix, and I agree that from about 2:00 on it turns into a bit too much of a mess, but I think the track's alright.

on 2007-02-22 11:35:26

Somewhat-industrial meets somewhat-80's-new-wave. I have to agree that the sound effect is way too loud in the mix, though the drums cut through pretty well.

Can't say i'm a huge fan of this mix.

on 2005-11-03 07:26:53

The first 8 seconds are insanely good and sorta dark, from :09 to :17 it's okay, that noise that starts at :18 I do not like. From :45 to :53 it's good, but I don't like that noise that starts at :54. From 1:29 to 1:37 it's good, and I don't like the rest of the track.

So basically make an entire song consisting of loops of the first 8 seconds on this track, and you got a nice wicked song.

on 2003-01-03 22:24:36

It may sound like "noise" but the samples are very nice with a very cool beat line and everything that is constantly changing. I don't think the "bow" sound is annoying at all. Of course now that I say that and listen to it again I notice it does have that "bow" voice/sound a lot and would get annoying if you didn't like it, but I do like it. Never played the game but I don't really want to slap myself silly and get a rom, I wanna keep the essence of the mix as a "song" itself.

Any fan of industrial probably already has this mix.

Streets of Rage bum
on 2002-07-30 18:02:45

cool, it's amazing how a game like B.Lazers got a remix, yet T16's flagship guy Bonk's DOESN'T have a mix. but i ain't complaining, Lazers had a very strong soundtrack. I DO remember this level too, especially that guy in the background going: oow, oow, oww... This remix, captures the essence of the cold deadness of space, and also like it's name implies, there's this constant mechanical assembly-line feel to it. Very cool, i like the echoy chimes ringing too! great job.

on 2002-05-26 02:22:03

Blazing Lazers 'Industrial Bubbles'

This starts out sounding like something from the Demon’s Crest soundtrack. Didn't care for the samples that start at 0:18, they remind me of breaking glass or something. The percussion is okay, and the main “bow” sound is annoying, but the background choir sample is nice. The sample that sounds like a turntable is annoying also, but the pinging sound that starts at ~1:10 is as good as the choir sample was. Otherwise the mix just sounds like noise to me. The beat/bass only area at ~1:40 is okay, but soon after it starts that “breaking glass” sample is playing again, and I just find that annoying. Overall, I can’t say I liked listening to this mix. 1/5

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Blazing Lazers (Hudson Soft , 1989, TG16)
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