ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Terra Tripmachine" 5:27

By djbrilliant, JV

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-08-08, evaluated by djpretzel

What's a poor webmaster of a game ReMix site to do? I keep getting ReMixes of the FF6 Terra track, they keep kicking ass, and I keep posting them. We've got quite a few now, and JV throws his respectable hat into the ring with a straight-techno version that, in addition to simply being well-produced, with slick drums and requisite filtered vintage synthage, actually does some cool things with the background chord pattern, including some nice organ work. Begins with a simple, music-boxish rendition on a plucked synth instrument and ends with the same (becoming a bit cliched, but still works). A very enjoyable track that doesn't just fly on autopilot like it could, but varies and innovates enough to satisfy more demanding listeners like moi. Groovy ^^



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on 2021-02-22 04:20:09

This is one of the first OCRs I listened to. And still one of my absolute favourites. Many thanks to the creator!

on 2015-12-20 22:56:25

Interesting. Wasn't too much of a fan of the music box-like intro since the rhythm was sloppy, but what came after showed promise as to how it could sound today. I like the rhythmic change-ups. The partwriting during the non-dance rhythm (e.g. 1:56, 2:09, etc) was the highlight of this for me. Nice work!

on 2012-01-02 18:30:46

Man, talk about a blast from the past. I love my Terra, and this mix provides a unique take on the source material, if dated. This mix really makes me wonder how it would sound if updated though. The arrangement itself isn't bad. It still has its enjoyability even now due to its unique nature and bounciness with the synth usage.

on 2009-07-11 15:46:14

Wow, this is the first time I've visited since about the time I submitted this ages ago..

Anyways, although it's obviously too late for this, I'd still like to greatly apologize for any misunderstanding!

I certainly did use Trip_Machine's remix, and thought I had mentioned that this was simply a remix of his own remix in my submission.. (and in the original mp3 ID3 tags as well) In fact, I wanted to make sure of the attribution by keeping the same remix title. I don't recall any contact info in the midi file either but I could be wrong. Whatever the case, I should've made sure the page had proper credits and I messed up :tomatoface:

I'm glad that OCremix was able to rectify the situation though.

And to be honest when I listen to the song now, I feel :oops: and am not sure if I did Trip_Machine a service or a disservice. Certainly then I thought, hmm.. good enough, I'm satisfied, submit, lol. But I think DJpretzel was just too much of a Mr Nice Guy at the time, before the rest of the crew came onboard if I recall (with the yellow/orange web page). Definitely would not past muster now with so much talent here.

Heck, I'm asking to remove my Turok submission here.. gah.. not even a real 'remix'.

on 2008-04-22 11:25:18

Not really digging the weirdly sequenced intro and outro, it just strikes me as sloppy rather than something artistic. Once it gets going, it seems kindof basic to me. The rhythm changeups on the melody keep it slightly interesting, and the drums are pretty well done. The half time sections are nice.

There are some additional counterpoint elements that take the forefront in a few sections to give the track a bit more longevity, and though structurally it doesn't really deviate at all, enough new bits are piled on to give it personality.

Decent; check it out if you really love the Terra theme and need to hear all the mixes of it.

on 2006-04-09 19:19:41
I remember there was somebody who submitted a song here, and in the judges' decision thread he mentioned that this was actually a MIDI rip of one of his own songs, and he wanted to report it... any word as to the result of the investigation?

Lockdown 2. We've already looked at it.

on 2006-04-09 17:31:59

I remember there was somebody who submitted a song here, and in the judges' decision thread he mentioned that this was actually a MIDI rip of one of his own songs, and he wanted to report it... any word as to the result of the investigation?

on 2006-04-09 02:16:17

This could quite possibly be my favorite remix in OC, it's defenetly up there with the best.

Something about this song makes me so happy when I hear it. :D

I rate it a 9.8/10

on 2006-01-10 16:31:58

this remix is very good and I have had it forever but just listened to it for the first time. I don't know about anyone else but this remix reminds me of Startropics, it just has this feel to it...

on 2005-11-12 04:11:36

Very nice remix. I didn't like the opening, but other than that, Its a really nice TECHNO remix of Terra.


on 2005-10-31 01:07:59

There will NEVER be a Terra mix half the quality of "Toki no Hourousha" from the Pray soundtrack, but this is about as close as you can get...

Love the way it starts, and how it maintains that melody the whole way and adds the extra beats...the pulsing rhythm keeps it going nicely.

on 2005-09-20 04:08:57

I don´t know how many terra remixes there are here, but this one got something a little more. I like the beginning when it starts out carefully, it builds up by new added instruments and in organ, thingie?

I don´t really know, but it sounds very good among the other instruments and the cool beats.

The whole mix is just jumping between the notes, not flowing like many others, therefore the name of the song I guess.

Great stuff, JV

on 2005-06-11 21:39:53

This is my #1 fav song in OC_Remix website, so mesmerizing and sounds funky which is never boring. This is the song that I turn on to hear the most in my life 8O. Yes, I told my friends this tune is the best of remixes for the FFIII_VI Terra theme, which I have a collection :D.

The Damned
on 2004-12-21 01:47:56

You know, I've been listening to this song for about two and a half years now. I first heard it when I found out about OCRemix, and that was only because of a friend that had been downloading the songs since the sites inception.

Anyways... Despite the fact that I've grown tired with most of the music I have now, I still enjoy JV's song as much as I did when I first heard it. Something about it keeps me interested in it time and again. Even though there are other versions of the same song, I can't help but smile a little bit when it pops up on Winamp every so often. It's one of the few remaining songs I still get excited about when I hear it starting.

So, for making something that has managed to still hold my interest after all this time, and considering I get bored with songs after only a few weeks and I am constantly searching for more and more new music, I say, to you JV, kudos and thanks.

on 2004-09-28 18:02:37

Awesome. All elements were very clear and fit together perfectly. Top tier.

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Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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