ReMix:Secret of Mana "Dyluck, Come Home" 1:30

By jaxx

Arranging the music of one song...

"Fond Memories"

Primary Game: Secret of Mana (Square , 1993, SNES), music by Hiroki Kikuta

Posted 2001-08-14, evaluated by djpretzel

What's this? Jaxx? Orchestral? Now this is what I like to see - ReMixers branching out, trying new shit, and getting jiggy with their experimental selves. Well, everything but that last part, at least. You know Jaxx's more wild side, now get familiar with the delicate arranger he had locked away in a deep dungeon of his sonic id (fed only Pez and tortured with leather . . . devices). Forgive me - it's late. Jaxx pulls off his first orchestral piece admirably, if not perfectly, as he tackles some SoM material. The piece has a nice 'colonial' snare snap to it, and the arrangement and quality of the instruments are both there, to be sure. If there's one little quibble that I only mention because I want Jaxx to do MORE orchestral stuff, it's that the mixing is a *little* off and the reverb a *little* heavy. The snare track is key, and quite good, and thus could have been louder and more defined, and though the piece should have the 'distant' feel given by heavy reverb, might have been overboard. Just my two cents - it's very worth the download and if it were my first orchestral piece I'd be a slap happy granpappy. Or something.



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on 2010-06-19 18:59:34

I'm currently listening to it right now. To give you my opinion, I think this should have been a longer piece of music. Not trying to knock it as a bad song, it's definitely not, but it feels like as if I'm drifting among the clouds and then all of the sudden, I'm stopped by a brick wall. It could have been made longer.

on 2009-12-15 01:22:07

Nice vibe here and take on a source that's not very represented on a popular game. Good arrangement here by Jaxx, if very short. The production holds this one back quite a bit (sounds like free samples, so I don't blame you), with a pretty mushy, washed out soundfield. Still, for what it is, it's nice.

on 2009-10-29 00:55:03

Waaaay too short. Sounds like a rough WIP where a lot of it is just transplanted wholesale from the original with better instruments.

on 2009-04-29 05:10:22

Haha, FFMQ indeed!

Criminally short, totally lacking in bass department and aged samples. However, I think the samples are used quite well and the combination is interesting. I thought towards the end the string chords started feeling a bit messy - perhaps bleeding into each other with the reverb. The last cello note came up in the mix a bit too much, a bit nasty.

Place this piece carefully in your playlist and you'll have a nice intro to another piece. :)


on 2008-11-24 20:54:49

I've always enjoyed this mix, although it's just way too short. It feels like the opening of something bigger, except the bigger part doesn't come.

I agree with DJP that the snare should have been brought out more, and the samples aren't the greatest, but certainly not the worst either. Overall, would like MORE!

on 2007-06-21 11:20:27

Samples were a little weak in spots, the opening chord reminded me of the final fantasy mystic quest title screen a bit; not the best sound quality to compare it to, but it picked up. The slapback piano was nice, and the percussion was very good. The solo cello sample by itself wouldn't sound that good, but it mixes very well with the rest of the instrumentation and it's strengths are focused on here.

There was way too much reverb at the end chord, and the mix was very underdeveloped, but overall a pretty decent way to spend a minute and a half.

on 2006-12-29 12:11:39

This is one of the first songs from OCR i ever downloaded and kept on my computer.

I'm a huge SoM fanboy and this song def fits the bill. The first time I heard this there was major instant nostalgia and then some. This is short, simple, emotive and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What this track does best is that it friggin delivers. It's an awesome piece of music. The melody and the simple backings are awesome.

on 2006-04-14 10:18:52

I think I got a tear in my eye. :cry:

I can't help it, the beginning is as sweet as sugar mixed with honey and syrup. The strings gives it a more softer consistence, expression the love of......Marle or whatever her name was( I haven't played SoM in a while now). However, the drums and the horn brings some more honor into it when he rides off on his noble horse after promising he will come back. A very emotional and powerful arrangement from orchestra n00b JAXX, I would like to hear more of this.


Why won't the tears stop?! :cry:

on 2005-05-23 20:13:42

Sometimes a song you've never heard before is the exact thing you need to hear at that moment. And that song never comes from a source you'd expect. Even though this is a pretty old mix, I was unaware I'd be opening a comment like that for a JAXX song. But this mix has done it. It's overflowing with just the kind of emotion I'm looking for right now, this kind of melancholy, somewhat drained, somewhat inspired "leaving home for a foreign land" catharsis kind of feeling.

My only caveats have been covered, but really after multiple listens I've just got a slight problem with the length. However, if extending the length meant covering old ground and repeating segments, then I certainly wouldn't want that. As it is, this mix feels a bit short (because it is!), but I think it achieves everything it set out to do. Short, yeah, but man is it sweet.

Angelus Laminarum
on 2005-03-30 16:53:41

My only two complaints about this mix are the repressed presence of the percussion section, as djp remarked, and its length. JAXX, you have excellent talent with the orchestral genre, and I would have really liked to hear this song play out a long while. I did like the stringed sections in the song. There is something about stringed instruments that just appeals to me greatly. I hope you keep reaching out in this genre, JAXX, you definitely could pull off some really good songs.

Keep up the good work!

on 2004-08-23 23:07:02

You can tell this remixer is very talented. There is something that takes away from the mix, I'm not sure what it is, almost like the heavy strings are just mixed too high and take away from the melody. Way too short, but a good little tune anyway. Again, the remixer is obviously talented, and I'm sure he could have taken this much further.

on 2004-01-05 19:26:10

Erm...short. ;_; But also sweet. Samples aren't the best, but the arrangement is decent. Just wish there were more of it. I mean, don't just stop there...go ahead and bring in the horns, man! As it is, it just feels like a WIP...wish you'd finish it. :(

on 2002-07-14 10:16:16

When I saw "remix" I said:

"Bla it certainly is bad remixes made with bad taste!!!"

And I was nicely surprised by this remix wich reminds me that Secret of Mana was my favourite game and one of this reasons was :Music!!

Great remix JAXX!!

Remixing Secret of Mana's music is dangerous and you make it very well!!!

on 2002-05-26 02:29:19

Secret of Mana 'Dyluck, Come Home'

A sweet tune by jaxx. I don’t remember this one off hand, and I liked a lot of Secret of Mana’s music. I nicely orchestrated work, this is jaxx branching into a style that I haven’t seen him do before, but regardless, he does it very well. Very well indeed. Short though. And not good short, but “I wanna hear more” short. Great piece otherwise. 3/5

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Secret of Mana (Square , 1993, SNES)
Music by Hiroki Kikuta
"Fond Memories"

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