ReMix:Rygar "On Rhodopa Mountain" 3:05

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Sueru Mountain ~ Gran Mountain ~ Rolsa"

Primary Game: Rygar (Tecmo , 1987, NES), music by Michiharu Hasuya

Posted 2001-10-18, evaluated by djpretzel

Now THIS is different. Using a very interesting ethnic lead instrument that I care not to guess at but that nevertheless is quality and features several variations, Mazedude has built an epic, victorious track from Rygar. Tympani and cymbals make up the percussion, with mucho running lines in the mid to lower range (reminds me of some of the clarinet runs back when I was in high school marching band), and choral patches acting up in the background. It's a very odd melody to me, to begin with, as it sounds like a cross between an Alpine folk song and a German march of some nature (just read MD's email again - he says "Bulgarian and Orchestral" ^^). It's definitely effective, wild, ambitious, and like I said . . . different. Highly recommended for an interesting listen. And the whole track sort of melts in a fun way at the end :)



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on 2010-05-29 18:18:29

There are a few bagpipe remixes I'll listen to without cringing. While this is one of them, it's not much my preference. I did chuckle a bit at the end.

on 2010-04-08 21:45:24

I've become a real fan of Mazedude's latley, and I can honestly say this is pretty different from what I normally hear. I mean that in a good way. The mix is very interesting. I'm just glad I didn't have this cranked wearing headphones, or my ears would really hurt, lol. In all seriousness; great job, Mr. Getman.

on 2009-12-17 04:12:37

Ow...... this mix hurts my ears. Not in a bad way though :

'Tis a rather interesting mix to say the least, the mix of Bulgarian bagpipes and German march make for something of a rousing piece. The ending was pretty funny too.

on 2009-12-09 11:24:48

Very interesting idea. The instruments and style fit the song pretty well, and it's creatively done with good balance. However, I have to say this just isn't a pleasant listen. Partly because of how shrill the song is overall, and partly because I just hate the source. Nothing against Mazedude, I like most of his stuff, but this one is not for me.

Cute ending though, did the bagpipe player get shot?

on 2009-06-11 13:27:16

Having both Scottish and German in my ancestry, I was born with a predilection for both bagpipes of any nature and German marches.

Therefore, this mix is officially the best thing in the world.

Absolutely love it.

And the end is just hilarious.

on 2007-12-10 11:59:57

Killer bagpipes, in all senses of the word. :-D

The arrangement idea is pretty awesome, as a rousing mountain call, but I do gotta say those bagpipes are shrill. I'd have liked things to get a little more complicated for the second half, but it's all good.

on 2006-05-01 15:45:59

Ha! Yeah, those Bulgarian bagpipes are pretty shrill, so I can see why it would turn off most people. Hard to digest, and kind of on the lower end as far as the arrangement, since it basically says its piece in a minute then goes for another loop. The very ending made me laugh and cringe at the same time. Props to Chris for taking a creative risk.

on 2003-03-12 12:10:20

I'm surprised to find this remix wasn't to some people's liking. It's one of the first I downloaded from OCR (since I'd always remembered the original tune from my NES days), and I just love it.

I do think the lead instrument can make clear inadequacies in your sound reproduction equipment. Luckily, music in my home exhales through Infinity Kappa 4.1s. Great stuff, Mazedude.

I had to look up Bulgarian bagpipes after reading this thread...

HighWave Impulse
on 2003-03-11 11:25:29

Against almost everyone else, I think this ReMix is excellent. The lead instrument doesn't hurt my ears at all, for whatever reason, and the other sounds are really cool too. Especially the synths/pads playing the chords are really warm and really cool at the same time. The percussion is also very well arranged, and everything is crowned by the funny, great ending. An excellent (and different!) job, Mazedude! Keep it up!

on 2002-12-12 03:46:35

Arranged well, but the bag-pipes are just way too high (giving me a headache here :/)

Anyway, I didn't like the lead instrument choice, but the arrangement of the piece itself is really good work. Especially liked the ending, how everything just dies, implying something happened when on the mountain (perhaps falling, although there are better ways to do falling). Lets just say something happened at the end, and its no longer meant to be happy. Outlived its purpose :P

Deryck Khusial
on 2002-12-12 03:23:55

very scenic; i'm scaling the mountain. the way the drums are placed emotivates the feeling, and the bagpipe lead blends in well. the abrupt ending's comical, but with a hint of irony, almost as if implying a person falling to their doom after they’ve reached the peak

on 2002-07-11 01:30:36

Despite what others have said, I think this is a fantastic remix! It is indeed a bit different, but it maintains the original sound while being able to introduce a wonderfully appropriate epic feel. The Bulgarian bagpipe was surely an excellent choice for the lead.

Painful? Nah. Peculiarly pleasant? You're damned right it is! =]

Great job, mazedude!

on 2002-07-05 14:06:38

Very painful indeed...nevertheless, it totally reminds me of this classic game. Hehe, while painful, very nice job! :lol:;)

on 2002-07-04 22:54:43

For your information, that lead instrument is a Bulgarian bagpipe. Made from a different method than the more conventional Scottish bagpipe, the sound does tend to be a bit sharper.

And dammit, but that was a really hard sample to use, so gimme a break. How many remixes on this site even try to use a bagpipe, huh? Huh?! Yeah. :)

on 2002-07-04 20:07:31

This has got to be the most painful remix on the site.

I love it!!

I use this as a secret weapon to scare off the neighbors.

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Primary Game:
Rygar (Tecmo , 1987, NES)
Music by Michiharu Hasuya
"Sueru Mountain ~ Gran Mountain ~ Rolsa"

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Time > Tempo: Slow

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