Posted 2001-10-18, evaluated by djpretzel

I try to remain unbiased towards the positive or negative when listening to a new ReMix from a ReMixer I am familiar with, but from the first several notes you can kinda tell this is a winner. A very lush, articulate instrumental off of the SoM soundtrack from Mr. Mustin. The intro piano that starts things off is brilliant, really sets the mood, and is extraordinarily high-quality (little background hiss but nothing major). Joining eventually are a string section, cello, and an electric-piano type sound that sounds like an actual SNES tone rather than an emulation of a rhodes or wurlitzer. The arrangement and playing are what shine the most though - very human, non-quantized, appropriately melodramatic. Mustin and I share an appreciation for film composition and this work definitely illustrates that point well. Addendum: whoops! Forgot to mention this was a collab with Kassie! - Mustin explained that she "did all the piano work, flute work, and some of the strings, and we both worked out the arrangement." Coo - equal props to both of them, then.



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on 2020-11-08 19:25:09

Such a precious classic. I still enjoy an emotional shift whenever this song comes up on shuffle.

on 2016-01-31 18:29:35

Very relaxed presentation with several themes getting a shout-out. There's only some slight spots where the timing feels a bit tight with the piano performance and the string sequencing, but it's not much, and this holds up well for its age. Wonderful team-up by Mustin and Kassi.

on 2011-03-15 00:35:18

This is excellent. The hint of Time's New Scar from Chrono Cross at the climax really grabbed me.

on 2010-03-13 08:57:04

Nicely toned down, emotive work with a truly beautiful arrangement. It's both heart-rending and peaceful at the same time; a great dual role piece.

Being an early mix however, there are technical shortcomings that pop out when listening microscopically through headphones. Some of the samples seem stark and it's not the tidiest of songs, but frankly that's stuff I couldn't care less about.

As far as achieving beauty through simplicity, this one knocks it out of the park. And it has, quite possibly, one of my favourite climaxes of any mix. Stunning example of OCR: The early years.

on 2009-12-22 04:28:53

Reminds me I should finish my SoM game I started this summer.

Short but sweet. Great use of two great sources, really evocative, beautiful music. Feels grounded in real emotion and not just playing on the source.

on 2009-01-08 23:23:33
I suppose it's the blending of so many little elements into a cohesive whole.

well said. I really like how there's almost distinct segments and how the way the mix travels and weaves them together in such a way that it reminds the listener that there are no segments, only a contiguous melody. This mix is the musical embodiment of simultaneous awareness of the parts and the whole.

I also love the casual, not-forced-but-relaxed, almost classical presentation of this mix.

on 2008-12-06 19:08:25

I can't really put my finger on why I like this one...I suppose it's the blending of so many little elements into a cohesive whole.

on 2008-03-07 14:05:05

I admit I couldn't really get into this one. It's a good theme, but it seemed like the timing on the various instruments never got into a good groove, and there were were dropped half beats and stuff in the transitions, as well as some weird recording noises and a lot of hiss. :-(

The theme is beautiful, but the execution is a bit lacking. :-(

on 2007-10-22 15:23:31

Wat so little reviews! This is def a mix that expands and keeps true to the originals. One of the first OCR mixes I listened to and one of the ones I continue to listen to. Great stuff dudes!

on 2006-03-31 19:11:00

The second part literally made me stop driving (I had made a mix cd without listening beforehand). The fucking synthy piano made remember playing this with my friend while it was raining outside. The fireplace was on and my mom was making dinner. It was a beautifully orange memory.

on 2006-03-01 11:00:08

I can't believe I somehow managed to miss this masterpiece among the other remixes. It's soft as a silk pillow filled with dune feathers and moogle fur. The piano is very reflecting, it doesn't play much keys, but what it plays is what counts. The whole arrangement is mellow, calm like a summer night and sweet like honey. The strings adds some more beauty to it, the flute adds spirit, and the violin adds sorrow. The synth itself sounds suspiciously like if it's taken from the game, but it fits so perfectly in this remix. It's very sad, no wonder this remix brought tears to some, I can almost feel some coming my way too.

Beautiful remix, both of you. :cry:

on 2005-04-27 15:41:49

That´s not a bad song. The piano sounds have to be excellent, with accurate samples of notes. And these ReMixers reached this concept! The bad thing is because it is very short. But is a very good piece indeed.

on 2005-04-25 00:45:55

Oh I just love this song, I just can't appreciate Mustin anymore than I already do

This song feels so romantic and thoughtful and reminds me of all those depressing RPGs I used to play

What a beautiful song! Awesome job on this one Mustin and Kassie! Oh how this song makes me want to cry

Angelus Laminarum
on 2005-03-30 16:33:38

Excellent work, Kassie! and Mustin. This song is very... I can't even describe it. It tears at the heart and soul, and yet... eases the mind.

Wow... simply wow...

Keep it up!

on 2004-10-26 04:31:07

After listening to this remix for several years...I still love it. It is simple, beautiful, and evocative. Sound quality is excellent and it's timing perfect. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Secret of Mana (Square , 1993, SNES)
Music by Hiroki Kikuta
"A Wish..."
"Spirit of the Night"
Additional Game:
Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"CHRONO CROSS ~Scars Left By Time~"

Tags (17)

Cello,Electric Piano,Flute,Orchestral,Piano,Strings
Origin > Collaboration
Production > Live Instruments
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Duration: Short
Time > Tempo: Slow
Usage > Meditation

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