ReMix:Fury of the Furries "Furry in the Forest" 3:53

By Cyborg Jeff

Arranging the music of one song...

"Forest Level"

Primary Game: Fury of the Furries (Kalisto , 1993, DOS), music by Frédéric Motte

Posted 2001-12-31, evaluated by djpretzel

Wow - now this was a game I hand't heard of, but it has a GREAT soundtrack. I went out and hunted down the original in MOD version after listening to newcomer Cyborg Jeff's submission, and all of the tracks were pretty damn good. CJ's take is less a revolution of the original forest theme and more of an evolution. Sound quality is dramatically improved, a couple new elements here and there, solid mixing, and sequencing that largely stays true to (fantastic) original - this was REALLY a track that needed coverage and attention, and that has been done in a way that pays homage to the original composer. This is the type of track that made me love video (and computer game music) way back and when, and the type of thing we need more of these days. Deep bass, square wave lead, appropriate ancillary synth effects, a straightforward drum track that nevertheless alters itself enough to keep things fresh, and excellent attention to modulation, pitch-bending etc. on the lead synths. Props and thanks to CJ, at least from me, for bringing this track to my attention in an excellent way.



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on 2012-05-21 14:22:17

So, you should know i've written that in 2001. I've never heard the Amiga version and not realy try to make a REMIX like the OCRemix Communauty now have made laws on it...

At that time, i just want have fun, making something that enhanced the melody of Frederic Moby Motte have made on this incredible game and send him !

I do it, ... and he love it :)

So why not sharing it to the OC communauty... What i do, trying to use better instrument than amiga samples, a new beat, a CJ touch... a first approach... I'll do realy more job on the second remix Swimming Furries.

For sure, your approach had changed with ages, that also why i didn't come here anymore, cause some remix i've made was always criticated, to close of, not enought remixed, don't suite to law n°34... i finally fed off, cause what i want was having fun and sharing it with fans :)

I'm happy lots of people still like this "remix", i'm happy the author now called El Mobbo also like it.

Have fun with it :)

and let's discover this incredibly oldschool game :)

on 2010-12-25 09:53:14

Audio candy! And it's held up well over the years.

on 2009-07-04 15:20:33

This song really captures the feel of older OCR tracks. The obligatory 4 on the floor, synthy bass, straightforward synth lead. Nice, clear sound on the production.

I like whenever this song appears on my playlist - I can tell exactly what it is from the get-go. Nothing too flashy or surprising here, just solid old-school ocr tunage.

on 2009-05-07 07:14:04

This always been one of THE ReMixes for me. Cream of the crop of the old days.

on 2009-05-07 01:48:50

This mix borrows the source's starting lead + percussion combo and builds off/around it, eventually coming free of the MOD sounds by 1:49 (although that haunting square wave returns at 2:20). First we get some cutely panned cosmic sounds, then a gently playful bass slap, a gummy bass synth, and some oldschool blips (2:52) to play off the beat, among other things. By this point the key change is more than welcome and makes the tone of the track more uplifting. Because the mix is pleasurably groove-based like the source, the fadeout ending feels natural, but a bit too quick.

While not exactly daring as a rearrangement, this mix certainly adds to the original's feel of a meditative/lonely/mysterious trek.

on 2009-01-07 03:35:42

This Is A Masterpiece.

F*** Yeah.

on 2008-01-10 12:03:45

I'm hearing a lot of people say this is basically a rip off of the original, so I grabbed the mod and checked it for myself, though I think I got the DOS version and not the original Amiga..?

I think there is a difference in the tracks, because what I have is a 3/4 waltz that sounds nothing like this, so we'll just not worry about similarities to the original.

This is a decently funky send-up, with clean, modish, textures. The soundfield is pretty well balanced, and there is plenty of counterpoint. It's a good arrangement, but having a more separated B section would really help it be more of a song and less of a BG track. A non-fadeout ending would also help this. Overall pretty good, especially considering the age.

on 2006-07-09 09:24:35

Just cool. It may be simple an repetitive - and on top of that a ripoff - but it's catchy enough to force me to comment on it.

I never heard of the game though.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2005-10-06 15:14:19

I'm very glad this review thread got bumped, cause for me it was completly unheard of. This one stay on my playlist for a looong time. Reminds me of old Amiga shmups :)

on 2005-10-06 01:54:12

Well.. I finally figured it out. I heard the mix, and it sounded remarkably familiar, despite the firm knowledge that I'd never played the game before. I decided to take a look at the game for myself. After viewing a screenshot, I was startled by the likeness it had to another game I had played. I did some research, and found out that Fury of the Furries was remade and released for the PC in the US as Pac-in-Time(which is very different from the SNES version, and differs from Fury of the Furries in story, some graphics, and game physics).

I also tracked down a MOD of the original song this was based on, and I have to agree. It is quite nearly identical to the original. I've listened to the original and the remix back to back, and though I could tell you which was which, I wouldn't be able to tell you until a full minute into the song, and if you asked me in a week, I wouldn't remember the differences, because they are very specific and very small.

As a track, this song rocks. As a remix, it's a very minimalist approach. I don't pretend to be an expert though, and my ear is untrained, so maybe there are more differences than I can detect.

on 2004-10-07 00:06:28

holy crap in a pita....i like it

on 2004-10-06 11:36:22

Yes a good remix of a great track.

Sounds exactly like the Amiga Version.

Well except better... 8)

on 2004-08-01 21:24:06

Rip off or not, this mix kicks ass.

on 2004-08-01 11:38:26

Man, these were always some of my favorite remixes on this site. But then my friend sent me the original mods. I must say, I'm very disappointed in CJ. I've been a long time fan but now I see he hasn't changed a single aspect of this song. This entire song (as well as the other furries remix) is a complete and utter ripoff.


on 2002-11-27 04:48:17

Cyborg Jeff got mad skillz. What more can I say?

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Primary Game:
Fury of the Furries (Kalisto , 1993, DOS)
Music by Frédéric Motte
"Forest Level"

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