ReMix:Vortex "Groove-Mecha" 3:35

By MkVaff

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Primary Game: Vortex (Electro-Brain , 1994, SNES), music by Justin Scharvona

Posted 2002-01-12, evaluated by djpretzel

Here's a game I woudn't have guessed would get ANY coverage. Though Argonaught Software's 'Vortex' stands as what I believe was the only 3rd-party SuperFX chip SNES game, or at least one of few, it didn't exactly prove that the technology was beneficial in hands other than Nintendo's. The graphics were OK, the sound pretty good actually, but the gameplay and slowdown buried it for most people. Just the type of game soundtrack that needed some attention but would never have gotten it, were it not for (this time around) Mr. McVaffe (still ReMixin' away after all this time). Techno with a bit of a soundtrack feel, with strings carrying the bulk of the melody, a straight saw-wave synth panned hard right, a nice dance groove, a bell-type synth that pans all over da place, bouncy synth bass, and filtered comping synth chords as well. McVaffe never really rips loose, which I was waiting for - some sort of solo or section that would break out and get a little reckless - but the track as a whole moves along nicely, with no section that stands out as below average either. It's a good piece with an epic feel that capitalizes on the main melody well. Recommended.



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on 2009-10-09 21:11:01

This is pretty cool - wish there were better samples though, as that high frequency sample grated on my ears somewhat when combined with that excessive deep bass. The fadeout ending is a cop-out though - there really could've been more to it IMO.

on 2009-01-21 00:53:50

I think a lot of people must mistake this as filler music or background stuffing just because it doesn't grab your throat and kick your ass, which is a real shame. There is a lot more than just a placid groove mix here, and come on, it's McVaffe: an OCR forefather.

Quality from start to finish; easy and laid back approach to melody, while all the McVaffe mastery happens behind the curtains. Try not to zone out with this and listen to everything that is going on. It's wonderfully varied and thought out, and a very underrated piece.

AND obscure games FTW!

on 2009-01-13 20:38:11

very fun mix. everything fit together very nicely, and I was tapping my toes along the entire time!

on 2008-10-27 21:35:13

Needs more attention, this mix does.

Honestly, a sweet grooving mix. McVaffe really does a nice job on this, and I suggest more people give it a listen.

DJP is right, however, a solo would have been a nice contrast the mellow feel of the rest of the piece. Then again, it might break the mood a little too much. Guess we may never know...

Stop reading reviews and download this. Or start reading more reviews and download more mixes.

on 2008-06-09 14:51:11


Only seven coments?! Outrageous!!

Here's number eight: this mix deserves a lot more atention. I know I'm gonna listen it many times.

on 2007-05-07 11:39:15

Something this subtle is easy to overlook, but it really shouldn't be. Awesome panning and atmosphere throughout, and very tasteful synths, my favorite being the panning bells and the soaring strings. You won't often hear me say this, but I think the fadeout ending for this works well, though the fade was a bit abrupt, and should have been drawn out a bit longer.

The groove is strong with this one. Check it out.

on 2006-05-11 21:21:46

Freaking word.

One of McVaffe's better. Don't neglect it if you don't like some of his earlier works! The beats easily get drawn out of focus, leaving atmosphere behind the blending more-foreground tunage (squishy/squeaky low synth thing mainly in the right ear, among quite a decent amount of other parts, like strings, definitely). Then you have the real foreground, being the melody. It's rather simple, yet kind of pretty. The piano that comes to its aid even has its own variety. Honestly I can't find anything wrong with this, and I'm usually bound to find something wrong in an OCR. Even the length is good. On top of this, it's become one of my personal favorites. It has lots of variation, despite what you might think at first, given the beat. Give this shit a chance, definitely.

on 2005-09-01 02:08:18

Damn, this classic mix is completely groove-biasing me. If you like chill material with some great beats, energy and atmosphere, this is it! Nice work, Mike. Hate it when the more obscure games get neglected.

on 2003-12-11 05:30:03

Great gawdamighty. The Vortex soundtrack is some seriously sweet tuneage, chip tuneish or not. I've been listening to it lately and I sometimes have remind myself that I'm listening to the original SPC and not a remix. I have my favorite few tunes from the game and while Cryston isn't at the top, it's definitely one of them.

Crystony goodness. Except this one is a little more thematic with less bounce than the original - not wonderful, but not a crime. All in all, enjoyable. Definitely more of a smooth relaxing update and beat, but one you can still move a little to.

[Tries out the new, improved Iguana vs. Panda dance-o-metric scaling system]: Not a dancing iguana song, but possibly a dancing panda song.

Now, time for someone to make a great mix of Voltair.

The Coop
on 2003-04-09 03:00:26

A nice, mellow tune with a pleasant beat that punctuates the song without turning it into a typical dance club rhythm. I can hear the song "Lightning War" from the game Raiden in this tune... at times it's so close that this song could be a remix of it and not the one from Vortex. Not having heard the original song from Vortex, I don't know if that's how it sounds or if McVaffe did a blending of the two songs. Not a complaint, just an observation :D

Anyway, nice song. Rhythmic, calming and smooth.

on 2002-08-28 15:09:01

when i played vortex, it offered some of the best video game music of it's day. this remix plays on that fact and brings the tune to life.

to be honest, i would like to hear more remixes of some of the other levels of this game, too.

hook us up, micky V!

on 2002-05-26 14:54:55

Vortex 'Groove-Mecha'

What a Groove indeed. McVaffe just never stops pumping out these awesome ear massaging vibrations. They make me cry for large cini-bun head phones that would do these songs much more justice. There just isn't much more that I can say without repeating myself. This is excellence, McVaffe, sheer excellence.

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Primary Game:
Vortex (Electro-Brain , 1994, SNES)
Music by Justin Scharvona

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