ReMix:Space Harrier "BIT Live Arcade" 3:08

By Slow Poison

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Space Harrier (Sega , 1986, SMS), music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Posted 2002-01-18, evaluated by djpretzel

Words cannot describe my love for Sega's first-person 'dude running real fast' shooter, the one, the only, Space Harrier. Its main theme was one of the very first I ReMixed on this site, and certainly deserved a revisit. In this case, Slow Poison, with Chris Abbott (the man), have done the track techno justice extraordinaire, with pseudo filtered synths doing insane wakka-chikka patterns, gated pads, great vocal samples, fantastic use of the intro 'welcome to the fantasy zone' sample (how could I have forgotten it? shame.), and just a feelin' good vibe with all parts interacting how they should. Chris is a major player in the c64 arrangement scene, so do check out his sites, you'll find more where this came from. If the build part at 1'50" and the release that comes after doesn't get your head doing that chicken-thing lookin' all goofy, something's broken. Thanks to Chris for submitting and covering an old classic that I'm particularly partial to in a major way. Highly recommended.



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on 2011-12-10 07:13:22

This to me sounds stylistically similar to d0d0's work that I reviewed earlier this week, though this time the opening soundclip is SO MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE and to some extent probably more nostalgic. :razz: While I felt more of a chippy Katamari-esque vibe in d0d0's in regards to feel, what I felt here was more of a sweet early dream trance vibe to it, carrying a very positive image throughout. It's a shame you couldn't fit in the B-theme somewhere, or even thought of a proper ending for what sounded like a firm track, but it's decent enough for what it is.

The major concerns that I have with this though namely come down towards your placement of fills; sometimes they ended up coming off a little off-time, like the random pair placed in the two go-throughs of the theme. We have this nice setting, but to see it kind of break apart by mistiming does make things a little awkward.

But for a 2001 work it's not too bad, albeit really showing its age by now. Fans of the game/source should get a good kick out of it at least :)

on 2009-12-02 08:31:39

The first time I ever heard this was as a song on a Stepmania (think DDR) songpack I downloaded. I wasn't familiar with the game or the source tune at all, but after going through the various songs that particular pack had, I found myself repeating the 'stage' with this music again and again and again... Then later I found the proper source. Yay!

This whole song is just so *upbeat*. Right from the get go! I don't really dig any of the voice parts, but the beat is just awesome. I can't help but move or sway in some way whenever I listen to this. At some parts it *kinda* has a feel of repetitiveness, but not so much that it drags down the song as a whole. As energetic as this song is, the fadeout ending is kind of disappointing. I would have liked to have heard it wrap up in a more effective manner than that.

It's not the best techno this site has to offer, but it's not at all shabby and one of the most upbeat songs, for sure. XD

on 2009-09-14 11:56:07
Un-tss un-tss un-tss un-tss!

Energetic and happy. Would do well on Japanese dancefloors ;)

I'm not too keen on the synths, they're a bit muddy. Still, this is solid fun

Hay guys, this is the perfect example of mix OCR only has!

Kidding aside, I'm personally not familiar with the source. I'm definitely not a fan of how the song ends, with the voice saying something and the subsequent fadeout - I feel like there was room to take the song onto another level at the end. The production is of course rough too.

on 2008-12-30 19:07:24

A lot of times I can forgive repetition in tracks when I put them in the context of something other than a standalone song. The problem here is I just can't figure out what mood I'd want to be in to listen to this. I just don't find this particular style and set of sounds to be very enjoyable. Not my cup of tea, so I can understand why there aren't many reviews here since I don't think it's a very mainstream or accessible song.

Still though, it's a good take on the source, I'll give it that.

on 2008-12-12 13:08:26

I criticized "Spaced" for lack of energy, here's the same material done in a very energetic and uplifting way. Unnts unnts yeah, and I don't particularly like unnts unnts, but I can't help enjoying this one.


on 2008-12-11 03:58:13

the sounds seem to bleed together a little bit. pretty standard techno in my book. i'm not familiar with the source but im reallllly hearing something sonic-y from 2:10-2:30ish, which I enjoy quite a bit. enjoyable, but it doesn't stand out among other techno-trance stuff.

on 2007-12-13 10:38:48

Don't know the original, but this rocks.

Everything's a bit top-heavy, would have liked a bit more bass, but I can deal with it.

on 2007-12-06 06:55:21

Un-tss un-tss un-tss un-tss!

Energetic and happy. Would do well on Japanese dancefloors ;)

I'm not too keen on the synths, they're a bit muddy. Still, this is solid fun

on 2007-06-29 12:55:06

Man, i love this theme. If it hadn't been remixed a million times already, i'd take a crack at it.

This one is pretty basic, but has a few nice flourishes. Like Larry mentioned above, the synth counterpoint is what really drives this one along.

I don't really like the bass drum sample used, I think something a little more hardcore sounding would have fit a bit better, but thems the breaks.

Great source, btw. :P

on 2007-02-08 15:59:09

Overly straightforward but effective genre adaptation for the day. Good job with the original synthwork on counterpoint, though I would have liked it to be louder. Would have loved more creative twists and turns here so-to-speak, but them's the old days.

on 2005-11-20 10:10:43

attn n00bs: no more favorite threads.

starting after I finish my review. that wouldn't be long, I need only 3 or 4 words.





let's fill the streets with crowd of people dancing under the stars and add some neon(s) for your listening/viewing compared pleasure +1


(↑nineko's discoteque seal of approval)

on 2003-06-23 08:28:57

As fun to listen to as Bomberman ChipTrip or Zanac SpaceDance

on 2002-05-26 15:00:41

Space Harrier 'BIT Live Arcade'

I like that very interesting sounding well done voice work in this one. The synths that lead this song take it to an excellent climax. The bassline has an awesome very original sound. Keep doing this great work Slow Poison.

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Primary Game:
Space Harrier (Sega , 1986, SMS)
Music by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

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