ReMix:Final Fantasy "Something Final" 4:31

By Children of the Monkey Machine

Arranging the music of 5 songs from 3 games ( view all )...

"J-E-N-O-V-A", "Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII", "Mako Reactor", "Prelude", "The Red Wings"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-01-30, evaluated by djpretzel

Piercing distortion is the name of the game with Cotmm's latest FF ReMix of the ubiquitous rising and falling eternal FF prelude arpeggio of wonder. Interesting, because this is a 'melody' that is rather delicate and spacious, but it's covered here by a quite interestingly distorted string-type timbre, overtop churning drums and a simple bassline that jumps effectively to a fifth (usually). Cotmm always manages to evoke very unique textures - the shimmering high-pitched ring at the very end of this track is a great case in point. The harmonics involved with such measured distortion, and also amplified here by the bassline, are fun to try to follow and add character and depth. Not everyone's cup of tea, but more accessible than some of Cotmm's other pieces, and a trip worth taking at any rate.



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on 2015-12-08 23:26:04

I really like how the VII theme gets played and then there's a metaphorical question mark. It's also intriguing how the saw clashed with the tense atmosphere, almost like something is being slowly deconstructed. Transition to Jenova is fun, just sraight-up without being disjointed. Solid.

on 2013-03-14 13:43:33

Pretty interesting stuff back in the day. Definitely a liberal take on the Prelude, but I couldn't disagree more with the last comment. I found it very intriguing when I first heard it in '02, and while it lacks some polish in its age, it shows what can be done creatively with a piece of VGM.

on 2012-01-10 23:16:37

I hate to say it but...I liked nothing of this mix. When it started I was confused and lost interest within literally 10 seconds. There just didn't seem to be any rhythm at all. :whatevaa:

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-27 16:15:24

I love that opening pad melody. Very soothing. 0:45 interesting take on the classic Final Fantasy theme. That bass is especially intriguing. At 1:40 we start to get some more industrial and ambient ingredients. Very characteristic of other Cotmm tracks.

on 2009-12-19 22:11:09

CotMM has some awesome music, but I personally find it hard to really appreciate some of his stuff. This one has some accessible parts, but overall the sounds are just rough to my ears, and it's hard to get past that. Overall in this melody there were some pretty cool transition in this, particularly from the Prelude the Mako Reactor theme. The jump to JENOVA and back wasn't as strong, but it still holds its own.

Some good stuff going on, but the sounds are a big detractor to me. Nice FF4 cameo, btw.

on 2009-01-25 23:00:22

This one is too slow to build up, and the primary synth sounds weird to me.


I'm wanting to like this mix, but it doesn't really hold my attention even though it is an interesting take on Final Fantasy.

I'd give it an A for effort and originality.

on 2007-12-11 05:53:44

I like the sounds, and the general feel of this mix, but don't think the transitions in the middle are good enough.. I wish this segued better. The sound is amazing and works great with the source material. Very uniquely, in fact. I'll be keeping this, although I feel it's seriously flawed by that middle part. Or maybe it'll grow on me, we'll see!


on 2007-12-10 12:21:24

Im groovin on the bass, but some of the higher end distortion isn't my fav; I realize that is CotMM's style, but it just seemed too clinical of sounds to be distorting; i really like organic sounds to be distorted, where the natural imperfections are emphasized by the effect. Regardless, for a medly style song, it is really well done, barring a few weak transitions, and I think the flow is pretty good.

on 2005-11-13 03:34:14

I find that these songs don't seem to blend well, there's too much gap in transition....


on 2005-09-30 11:01:16

What IS the songlimit for a remix? I ask ye.

Normally, mixes with ridiculously many songs are usually just stuffed with many annoying noises, instruments and bad walkovers. But I became actually impressed by CotMM here. The songs he picked could easily meld into each other at certain spots, and the instrumentation was not so bad with its bass and strings that played the prelude through the mix at many places. This is pure skills, monkeydude.

on 2005-03-24 02:13:29

Was it just me or did there seem to be music from a bunch of FF games? I swear in the beginning there's a part from FF4 (FF2 America I think) and then the FF7 parts. Anyways, good mix.

on 2005-03-20 19:07:07

I have to say that even though I haven't been a big CotMM fan in the past, I loved this one. GREAT BASS. AMAZING BASS. Being a string bass player I appreciate that. I'm with Jemni on the song classification though--it draws mostly from FF7 it seems...

on 2004-12-02 12:07:00

@_o Ack. Such piercing noise after waking up. I should've waited. Maybe I'dve liked this better. It's definitly CoTMM's style that I've come to know n' at times lurve. This wouldn't be one of those times I fear. I still liked Plastic Goddess better. :D Yeah I know I'm Straaaange.

On a side note, why is this in the FF1 catagory instead of the FF7 one? :wink:

DJ Clikk
on 2004-02-15 09:53:46

i really do enjoy this one. in fact, heh, i think i'm gonna go listen to it again...catching!

on 2003-07-12 14:07:26

I'm not really into this one. All it really seems to be is a slightly distorted rythm backing a medley of weakly synthed melodies. The only spot where the distortion is really that impressive is at about 3:12. Other than that it's not very gripping. I liked COTMM's Ruined World a lot, it was very moody, rich, and textural. I can also atleast see the enjoyment in his Magus remixes which are very dark and distorted, and have a lot of beat. But this, I don't really feel anything from it, much like Vampire Killer Deadcorpse, it doesn't sound so much like a long, dark, crazy exercise in distortion as much as just a over-long track of weak, GM-ish synth that drags on.

Sources Arranged (5 Songs, 3 Games)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"The Red Wings"
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Mako Reactor"

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