ReMix:Final Fantasy IV "Gold Chocobo's Casino" 1:16

By Juverna

Arranging the music of one song...

"Chocobo Chocobo"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-02-23, evaluated by djpretzel

A VERY long time ago, Juverna submitted a Dragonseeds mix that was a little borderline, but was posted. Since then, she has improved dramatically, and now offers us an FF2 mix of the infamous Chocobo theme, done lounge jazz style, befitting it's Vegas-style name. Though a little more reverb and attention to mixing might be in order, the jazz voicings that Juverna layers beneath the melody (on vibes) are what really shine - very creative arrangement on the piano here, it's what I would listen closest to. Drums are standard non-intrusive ride cymbal with some very cool and well-panned bongos (garoovy), and of course also the obligatory - for the genre - walking upright bass line makes its presence felt. The rolls on the vibes are a little robotic, perhaps quantized too heavily, but the rest of the mix is very organic and human, and flows believably. Pretty good stuff, shows progress, as mentioned, and real arranging knack on the piano part.



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on 2024-07-05 00:22:37

MIDI-riffic, but we stan Chocobo here. :-) When’s someone else going to hit this theme???

on 2010-07-04 03:51:43

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this one. As others have said, it's mechanical and hardly incorporates any new ideas to the arrangement. I do like the flourishes of piano, and if the mix weren't a little over a minute, I'd say that would have been a perfect angle to flesh the music out with.

Nothing really took spark here, I'm afraid. If it weren't for that piano, the lead xylophone would have led me to believe the Chocobo theme was ripped from Banjo Kazooie.

on 2009-12-15 02:06:34

Hmm, piano feeling really rigid to start things off. Arrangement is pretty minimal and is basically coverish, with some extra piano notes. Sorry, couldn't really get into this one... there's just nothing interesting going on for me.

on 2009-09-11 10:30:46

This sounds like a lounge jazz backing track with the chocobo theme pasted onto it...bleh.

on 2008-12-15 22:02:07

This reminds me of those bands that play background music for those restaurants in hotels, which , judging by the title, is what the remixer was aiming for anyway. :nicework:

I don't really care for the lead xylophone, but that's really the only thing I have against it.

Overall it's a nice track.

on 2008-10-03 19:55:04

Little too mechanical for me. The xylophone (doesn't sound like a vibe to me) is much to dry in terms of interpretation and humanization that I almost immediately lost interest. The jazz style is a nice idea, but the relaxed feel with the harsh lead is too much contrast.

on 2007-07-03 12:29:14

Not really diggin this one honestly. The chocobo theme in itself has been so remixed by the creator that just giving a new style to the theme isn't going to cut it. Combine that with a jackhammer approach to the melody on the xylephone or whatever percussive lead it is, and the cut before the fade at the ending, and it's not going to be something i like. The backing piano playing is very nice, as are the bass and drums, but the source combined with a horribly distracting melody sequencing just kills it for me.

Sorry. :-(

on 2007-04-07 16:41:14

Hmm, well, I can definately see the appeal if you're the mood for simple lyrics, that for sure, but I personally wish that it had more to it.

on 2006-01-12 19:49:09


man i'd wanna gamble there for hours just to listen to it....o wait...i can listen to it for hours..:lol:

on 2005-10-04 02:51:08

Come to the Golden Chocobo, the casino with the best foyermusic! Only 1,2 MB, but packed with the spirit of the good old casinodays, filled with piano, bass and adorable bells! What are ya waiting, come and get a piece of the Golden Chocobo! :mrgreen:

on 2003-08-14 01:55:28

A fun little relaxing lounge piece. I find it nice to listen to at night. The vibe lead sounds less human than the awesome piano or the upright bass, but overall a very beleivable, well done mix.

on 2002-07-07 12:45:59

hehe, I love the little 3 second intro, very jazz like, and enjoyable! I think this is a fun little piece, and very well done. I'm a big fan of the piano in this one, I think the little soloing in the background is perfect! :)

on 2002-05-23 19:18:02

Final Fantasy IV 'Gold Chocobo's Casino'

Cute lounge take on the Chocobo theme - don't think we've heard anything like this in the many remixes in various FF games, though this would fit right in. Anyway, it's a nice remix, but kinda repetitive and the sound quality sounds a bit muddy to me. Still, if you like the Chocobo theme, go ahead and add one more interpretation to your collection, cause this is definitely worth at least one listen.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Chocobo Chocobo"

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