ReMix: Final Fantasy IV "Rydia's Chocobo" 4:56

By NoppZ

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Chocobo Chocobo", "Rydia"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy IV (Square, 1991, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-02-27, evaluated by djpretzel

Nice reggae offbeat chords and a deadly ethnic flute with great flutter vibrato highlight NoppZ's recent FF4 Chocobo mix, which takes the relatively simple theme to new heights, opening with a minor key variation against a funkdafied bassline, intro'd by a great little drum break at 0'29". Later, the Rydia theme joins in the fun, and the transition is seamless - very good coupling of these themes, as the style segues from upbeat reggae to more orchestral, moving emotional stuff, but retains the same core elements. Clear reverb and mixing, with no muddiness and a very shimmering tone quality. As a fan of the Police, the bassline reminded me of something Sting would have played, which is cool, too. On extended notes, the vibrato on the flute became a little problematic, as it's tempo doesn't fluctuate like you migth expect it to, but this is 100% an issue with the sample used; the mix on the whole is a great, high-quality combination of two themes that - it turns out - fit well together, with good production as well. Recommended.



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on 2009-12-15 01:18:45

Heh, nice start out here with the reggae feel. Listening, and knowing what the source was, I was worried how the chocobo theme was gonna work in this context. So when the flute lead came in, I think it was a mixed result. The sample doesn't sound bad, but the back-and-forth panning kind've gets annoying on headphones after a while. He obviously had to modify the melody quite a bit to get it to work. Rydia's theme works better out of the two in general. With a stronger lead that fits the context of the song better, I think this could've been quite a bit better, but it's not a bad song either in its own right.

on 2009-09-23 21:35:54

I've never been crazy about this one. The flute is pretty shrill to me, and the vibrato isn't really helping the situation. I'm also just not big on the two themes together. I think it's a bigger situation of personal taste than the song itself, although age is showing a bit.

on 2007-04-25 11:01:03

The bassline and production is really nice, and the minor key chocobo theme is sweet, with a smooth shift to major. The flute on Rydia annoys me not because of the sound of the flute, but there are some sour notes, and the transition to it from the chocobo theme is way too abrupt. As for the feel of this, the sounds are pristine, and if it got rid of the sour notes and awkward transition, It'd be a classic.

on 2006-02-05 23:44:40

A nice working together of the Rydia and Chocobo theme, with a reggae feel no less, mon. It's got a lot of character, and I always liked that in a piece. The transitions are well done, too. Unfortunately, it's a little too straight forward, so by the end you're a little bored with it.

on 2006-02-03 14:25:21

nicely done i give it a 8 tho try to do better next time... o who am i kiddin!9 1/2!!!!!!!!!! :!::!::!:

on 2005-10-04 04:06:35

Dude, you can´t OWN a chocobo, it´s one of God´s creatures man! I mean, man, that´s like wacko, fella.

Seriously, good song. I liked the flute in Rydia´s theme, but not the one in the chocobo theme, that one was slightly annoying. A very funky mix overall, that can the dude himself say.

Nice work Noppz.

on 2003-11-26 20:47:34

i havent listened to this song in a little wile due to the fact that i have highschool, but DUDE!!! this song is AWESOME! in fact this cool, reggae yet beautiful song is on my mp3 player (RioRiot) this in my opinion is, in fact, the BEST remix on this site! (passes Pepsi to all the ppl that like this song)

on 2003-07-24 23:32:14

This song is absolutely great. Contrary to the others, I love the Rydia's theme part. The flute was great and was very catchy. I saw nothing wrong with the transitions, the two themes seemed to compliment each other quite nicely. All in all I loved the upbeat style of this song. Nice work!

Deryck Khusial
on 2003-06-04 04:32:04

madd phat riddims. arrangement itself is tight. i love how the first minute is dedicated to that reggae bassline (it ownz Badly), transitions into a sweet despairing melody, and ends the last minutes on the bassline again. there’s a few songs that claim to be reggae on OC but this is the only one i’ve come across so far that has commercial appeal. now to get Hot 97 to pick this up.. ;)

on 2003-03-04 14:17:34

I like all the Rydia's Theme that the remixer do. I enjoy all of them. I would like more song of Rydia's Theme. :wink:

on 2002-08-12 16:30:16

I have always enjoyed the chocobo music, and with this mix I found I love it even more. Great job!

on 2002-06-22 16:52:50

My good god in heaven above, I love this song, but I am supremely dissapointed with the flute in Rydia's theme, which ruins the effect completely. The vibrato was WAY too overdone, and is a nice effect except I'm sure that a non-vibrato flute would have soared a lot easier, and sounded much nicer, as it is it ends up sounding rather off and annoying, which is a dissapointment.

Now on the other hand, the vibrato works perfectly in the Chocobo theme, which I guess is just the way the song goes, but the Rydia one would have fared much better with a non-vibrato.

on 2002-05-26 19:48:13

Final Fantasy IV 'Rydia's Chocobo'

The first thing that hits me is NoppZ's usual and always appreciated reggae, then the original minor key version of the chocobo theme, which I found to be very creative. Though that was probably the highlight of the mix, the rest of it is good, save for the questionable transitions between the Choco theme and Rydia's theme, the fact that I really don't care for the flute sound used, and the fact that it's maybe a tad long. Still, I would definitely recommend this.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square, 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Chocobo Chocobo"

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