ReMix:Lemmings "Let's Go Dance" 3:03

By Nines

Arranging the music of one song...

"Tim 1"

Primary Game: Lemmings (Psygnosis , 1991, DOS), music by Brian Johnston, Tim Wright, Tony Williams

Posted 2002-03-15, evaluated by djpretzel

Wow - only our second ReMix from newcomer AYREZ, but already he's brandishing some mean skills. This technodance ReMix of Lemmings used some GREAT synth patches I need to get my hands on - the lead is a really great filtered and seemingly phased oscillator-sync type timbre that basically makes the entire track. That one sound alone wouldn't have been enough, obviously - AYREZ uses it to great effect, on top of pumping, elastic offbeat / onbeat bass and a simple but tried and true and high quality dance drum track. There's also the more sedate countermelody synth, the delicate, echoed arpeggios, and as a nice touch the classic 'Let's Go!' sample. It's all here, friends. Worth mentioning also is the percussive synth slightly to the right that's used throughout as part of the drum track but does have a constant, independent pitch - it's an unusual and flavorful touch, something you might not expect. Fastidiously constructed, euphoric dance fun as only the Lemmings and AYREZ can bring you - very listenable, highly recommended.



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on 2009-12-25 21:38:53

Despite the production issues, this is a kinda fun track, if somewhat repetitive - I know a few bars of the main loop could be cut off because it doesn't really add to the song, and add some more to the song, but it's a good foundation.

on 2009-09-04 05:49:50

I LOVE the way the airy pads and bellish, fluttery synths start off the mix - I get a glowing sensation of floating/gently falling backwards. It's very calming even after the wildly modulating lead and kickin' kick sample enter. After plenty of rest, the decisive (but seamless) turn at 1:37 pumps me up like a Lemming assigned Dancer status. Then the silky lead playing another part of the source at 2:04 is like a sympathetic travel companion, staying by my side until the end.

Let's Go Dance = Wonderland.

Vann the Turk
on 2009-05-29 15:35:27

This song is so freaking addictive! It has like a 300+ count in my iTunes. lmfao. Love it, love it, love it.

(This is like my theme song for Six Flags) :-D:

on 2008-12-06 20:03:38

Really awesome, catchy mix that I catch myself dancing to every time I listen to it. Great job.

on 2008-11-16 11:11:22

There's something to be said for how often we tend to overcomplicate things. This provides a wonderful contrast; simple, bouncy, and fun. Very enjoyable.

on 2007-02-22 11:44:53

Straightforward but enjoyable, I would like it a lot more if there wasn't the dissonance right after the modulation. Whatever it is, it is far in the background and is in a different (maybe the original) key.

Overall a very cheerful remix; my favorite kind.

The melody near the end is great. :)

on 2005-11-04 13:42:51

An another happy lemming remix? Alrighty then! Let´s dance!

Nice choices of synths, the beats are cool, and same goes for the rhytm. I don´t know much else to say than it was a nice idea to add those muppety lemming voices into this.

on 2005-07-28 20:30:30

Fantastic! I played Lemmings all the time and you have done it more than justice, you've glorified it! An absolutely stunning piece. The "let's go!" at :55 is a perfect transition into the broken trance synth. Really, You did an awesome job on this. I only post for the ones I absloutley love, and you got it! Keep it up, I want more!

on 2005-06-17 09:46:23

I never got into lemmings too much, but i got this song a while ago, the freakin tune is always in my head. Thanx :)

on 2003-06-16 02:43:15

i like this alot :)

on 2002-12-08 01:19:05

Ya know, in general I don't care too much for the simple straightforward rave-techo beat that goes on here...... yet for some reason I dig this remix quite a bit. I dunno, maybe it's cause I loved the game, but there's just something about this that's happy and bouncy. I listen too closely, and I see that the synths are out of tune and the beat barely changes, but in the background... it's quite smileyable. Yep. Nice.


FLy HiGh
on 2002-07-13 01:16:01

I have to totally agree with evilhead in everyway :D

This remix has to be my fav in this site and this re-mix is great ... i recommend this to all :P

on 2002-06-17 23:24:08

Sorry dude, but I'm going to have to totally disagree with you there... This track is *WONDERFUL*! In fact, its my favorite remix on this whole site! The production is perfect; it sounds great on a good car stereo! The upbeat nature of this song is very listenable... in fact, I've listened to it a million times and I've yet to tire of it! I really love the unique chord changes in this one, and the variation at 2'04" is all that is good about the 80's. AYREZ uses effects very well in this song, and I couldn't see any improvements to be made at all! And the true test: I made my friend who isn't really even into electronic music, let alone game remixes, and he loved it, made HIS friend download it! A masterpiece that all should download and burn!!

on 2002-05-31 21:22:35

Lemmings 'Let's Go Dance'

Nines covers possibly the most recognizable/memorable theme from Lemmings. Can't say I cared much for the cover, though... possibly because it's pretty basic as techno goes. it's technically not bad, just not anything special. I would say the highlight is the well-used lemming sample, which should serve as an example of how to use the same sample in a single song... namely, *sparingly*. Overall, not bad, but probably not worth a download unless you're desperate for Lemmings tunage.

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Primary Game:
Lemmings (Psygnosis , 1991, DOS)
Music by Brian Johnston,Tim Wright,Tony Williams
"Tim 1"

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