ReMix:Soul Blazer "Tears for a Moonlit Knight" 5:26

By Israfel

Arranging the music of one song...

"A Night Without a Lover"

Primary Game: Soul Blazer (Enix , 1992, SNES), music by Yukihide Takekawa

Posted 2002-04-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Download this! Israfel's first submission to OC ReMix is a stunning take (and our first) of some of the BGM off of Enix's Soul Blazer, which was sorta like another Actraiser game, only not :) Starting off with beautiful harp that's soon joined by bass pizzicato and does some nifty syncopations, the mix takes on a darker feel with Ghost-in-the-Shell-esque Japanese percussion at 0'46", but it's when the DJ Shadow drum loop comes in that you begin to get an idea what the mix is about and just how well it's been constructed to phase in and out styles. Cello and harpsichord join in the fray at1'51", flute comes in later on, everything's articulated beautifully, and the mix really does an ace job of genre-switching - you get the best of both worlds, to be sure. Then, around 3'30", just in case you weren't already diggin Israfel's scene, things pick up and go Jungle, with a much faster breakbeat, moving pizzicato, delayed synth, and a great filtered mini-moog lead. And yes, the drum loop ain't just on auto-pilot but trips and triggers very stylistically. Ranking not only amongst the best first submissions we've ever received but amongst the best mixes period, you need this track. Highly recommended.



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on 2015-12-30 20:46:39

I like the somber intro a lot and the next section is mystical. Actually the whole mix has this astmosphere of mystery and magic. It makes me imagine the sunrise being viewed from a mountain in some far-off land with no human activity. Great and unique remix.

on 2015-12-30 19:31:54

This is one of those pieces I search for every now and then. It seems a piece perfect for contemplation.

I feel it would have fit great in the Unsung Heroes album if it was made later.

on 2009-05-14 06:07:16

The seamless flow of this mix is a godsend. Pure-sounding instruments like the maiden-touched harp, ingenuous flute, and somber cello play what they have to play, unhurried and with no qualms. Meanwhile, the cool breeze-like bell sweeps, easeful strings, and holy choir foster smooth transitions. And the drumwork is either thunderous, campfire-festive, or snackalicious depending on what the soundscape is asking for.

Then there's the arrangement. After studying where parts of the source pop up, I appreciate how they're ordered and how the original (but stylistically similar) writing connects them. Here's where I hear the source in the mix:

0:06-0:22 (source) -- 0:11-0:22 + 2:14-2:26 + 4:49-5:02 (mix)

0:39-1:10 (source) -- 2:45-3:20 + 3:50-4:38 (mix)

There are no jarring moments, though it sounds like a beat is skipped at 0:30 and some whispering goes on around 4:43. They don't hinder the flow or detract from the overall quality; they're simply quirks that I give a nod to every listen.

A masterfully crafted work.

on 2008-02-25 16:50:45

Very atmospheric. For some reason the first few listens I had some preconceived ideas of where I thought the song should go (I think specifically I was just in the mood to rock), but once I got past that, I was able to appreciate this track on it's own.

Mixing equal parts chamber music with soundtrack atmosphere, and then adding teh beatz, it really creates a unique sound. I think it'd be further improved for a more prominent bass to join the beat sections, but as is, it's pretty lush and has great sample-usage. When the filtered synths come in and then the busy drums come in, I am expecting to really step up, but it doesn't quite; with the lead remaining subdued. I really think it should of kicked itself to the next level, but as is, it is still a very good piece of work.

I enjoy the Soul Blazer soundtrack, and the source is a song I vaguely remember, and the mix more than does it justice. Nice work.

on 2006-04-07 13:08:23
I always wanted more of the original music with this track. I felt like it deviated from the original track too much, and I disliked the metalic synth drums. Best part by far is the Lisa remix.

You know, I was listening to this piece today, and suddenly I loved it. I don't know what happened, but I've listened to it like five times in a row. That happenes occasionally with some songs I don't like at first. I'll be listening and suddenly I see the genius in them.

on 2006-03-10 19:36:06

I always wanted more of the original music with this track. I felt like it deviated from the original track too much, and I disliked the metalic synth drums. Best part by far is the Lisa remix.

on 2006-03-09 18:04:46

I didn't like it the first few times I heard it. But I heard it a couple of times coming by on my playlist... and then it hit me. This song is really good. The only reason I decided to check out this song was because a cousin of mine played the game from start to finish. Anyway... i'm glad he did.

The song gets only better and better as it progresses too. First I didn't like it that the best is saved 'til last. But well... I tried playing just the best parts, and didn't enjoy it as much. It's like chocolate cookies. They taste so well because there's only a bit of chocolate in it. If you eat only the chocolate from it, they don't taste nearly as good.

on 2005-06-28 23:32:51

Wow. I downloaded this a very long time ago, and quite enjoyed it, but just now I rushed back here to comment on it.

Brief story why: Four years ago, I tried to translate the Japanese lyrics to the vocal version of this song's original ("Koibito no Inaiyoru"), with little success due to my ignorance of the Japanese language. I had a rare MP3 of the vocal bonus track from the Soul Blazer OST, though... which is now lost to me.

Despite the absolutely abysmal vocal abilities of the singer, I missed having that song around to cheer me up... so I was sitting around wondering where I could possibly find it again. And my friend, a Soul Blazer fan, mentioned this ReMix, saying he couldn't figure out which song it was a remix of (as it wasn't listed in the ReMix's details on the OCR page). He still couldn't ID it after going through his Soul Blazer SPCs...

Then it struck me like lightning - the melodic flute at 2:14 was none other than the melody to Koibito no Inaiyoru.

Holy yowza.

Now that I know what the original was, I must say I love Israfel's interpretation of it. Completely blew me away, with the sweeping pads and those killer drums, as well as the surprisingly rich instruments (I normally don't expect to find such a clean-sounding harpsichord, and it's one of my favourite instruments). I especially love the Japanese-sounding (or, at the very least, of-ethnic-origin) percussion, which evokes a sense of swordfights and mystical journeys. (Or maybe that is because I associate this kind of lush, electronica-baroque sound with the Brave Fencer Musashi OST. Heh.)

Lovin' it, Israfel. Also loved the Ogre Battle "Zenobia's Grave (A Champion Has Risen)" ReMix. Please keep it up.

on 2004-11-17 20:30:49

I love it! This really is great! Go dl!

It's got psycho drums!

on 2004-09-07 02:43:30

I was listening to this one again and remembered when I first heard this around two years ago. Still amazing. Timeless.

on 2004-05-31 13:43:27

Wow, this is amazing. I can definately hear the baroque influence, especially with the harpsichord coming in later in the song. The first half is sort of mystical and haunting. 1:15-The wonderful drums overlap the melancholy background. Gives it a unique feel. The harpsichord is very realistic as well as the other instruments, and makes the song sound medieval. I cant help but say that this remix reminds me of AfroCelt Sound System

Especially at :46-1:40 and somewhere in the second half. Anyway, a true masterpiece. Now I need to go download the rest of Israfel's remixes :P


on 2004-04-25 17:34:44

stellar work.

I heard it for the first time today. Damn. good stuff indeed.

on 2003-08-20 17:35:35

I *love* reniassance music, and this remix is almost beyond words for me. This piece alone makes every second I've ever spent at ocremix worth it.

on 2002-10-26 13:58:36

I've had this mix for a while now, as well as several of Dover's new mixes from the now defunct vgmix. Tears for a Moonlit Knight still stands as his best work, in my opinion anyway. It's a strange fusion of so many genres as others have noted. I was blown away when I first heard this, and still am these many months after. Others have already chimed in on why this is such a great mix, so I won't be repeating what others have said. I'll only say, this is a truly breathtaking mix, worthy of the acclaim it has gotten.

One of the best game mixes of all time. Download it now, if you already haven't. If you haven't, you're out of the loop. ^_^

on 2002-10-23 13:58:21

For those of you familiar with Israfel's work at, you probably already know that this is an artist who is fusing together Renaissance/classical/baroque music and electronica in new and exciting ways that maintain the best elemens of each. You won't find synth leads emulating authentic instruments here, you will find extremely good samples of the authentic instruments. You won't find yourself floating into complacency or boredom as once interesting Renaissance works lose their impact through repetition. No, what you will find is a dynamic and varied structure that moves from one genre focus to another, gripping the listeners' ears and intriguing the more classically among them with well structured musical elements that you nonetheless don't need to be an elitist to enjoy. Tear for a Moonlit Night is arguably Israfel's best work, though many seem to prefer his remix Deep Velvet Scherzo on This reviewer still prefers Tears for A Moonlit Night.

The first time the reviwer heard this mix, it was occupying a spot near the end of a 2 hour playlist of new OCR material. When this mix came on, it prompted the reviwer to literally run up to the computer and check to make sure some mistake hadn't been made, that this wasn't a commercial piece... it was incriedible. The mix moved from the intimacy of the chamber music, small ensemble setting through a majestic transition into the realm of the epic before settling into a relatively smooth groove before dynamicly moving into a DnB influenced high energy section mildly reminisicent of McVaffe's skillful work on MakatoJungleJazz. Israfel's mix stands as a shining example of the powers and pleasures of trans-enre work. It finds it's way without question into the rather short (but growing list) of Per Lichtman's must listen picks.

5 Stars

Per's OCR Star System:

5-One of my favorites.

4- I'll listen to it a fair amount but it lacks that extra "something" to be great.

3- Above average but not enough so to get much playtime in my list.

2- Average

1- Lacking

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Primary Game:
Soul Blazer (Enix , 1992, SNES)
Music by Yukihide Takekawa
"A Night Without a Lover"

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