ReMix: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest "Mechanical Swamp" 5:15

By Protricity

Arranging the music of one song...

"Bayou Boogie (Barrel Bayou)"

Primary Game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Nintendo, 1995, SNES), music by David Wise

Posted 2002-04-15, evaluated by djpretzel

I love Protricity's stuff because he always places a heavy emphasis on melody - that sounds like a no-brainer, how could anyone not, right? Well, to me it's a question of which bits stand out, how the arrangement is mixed, what's been added, interaction between parts. His latest mix displays this beautifully and with some very gritty sonic textures at play as well. From DKC2, this mix adds distortion, both on the drums and the lead guitar (which is processed several times over by different effects, it sounds), over ambient, swirling synth pads and meandering piano patterns. Later on, the drums go synth-beatbox style in a highly funky fashion. The lead guitar here is amazing - tortured, wailing in the upper register with various amounts of reverb, and hitting a beautiful, screaming high at the very end of the track. Fantastic amount of variety - the beginning actually sounded a little like "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins overtop swamp sounds, until the melody came in (largely due to the CR78-ish drums in that particular segment). To me, the best music blends an understanding of melody and harmony with an understanding of audio, mixing, and has enough variety in both arenas to make things interesting. This soulful, bluesy, rock/techno hybrid achieves that duality with style. Probably my favorite Protricity mix yet, a technical knockout, and a must-download. Highly recommended - and then some.



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on 2016-07-13 18:55:48

I think most of this is pretty good, but the beginning kinda ruins it for me. I don't think the transition from the nature sounds to the main song is handled that well.

on 2011-05-13 12:39:00

Always loved me some Pro'tage, I wonder whether he's still doing mixes these days?

SubNormal J3
on 2011-03-20 16:32:40

If I recall correctly, this is the first DKC2 mix I downloaded way back in '02. Dang, it's been a while :D Anyways, this mix is pretty much what anyone who's played the DKC games could hope for (especially in 2002). It adds just enough grit to the source to make it stand better on its own. Love the strings that play on each beat. 3:00, however, is the real treat of this arrangement; it's a nice breakdown that leads the way for the climax at 5:00.

on 2010-02-05 22:01:58

Protricity has always been one of my favorite remixers since I've been coming to the site, and remixes like this one is why. I'll agree with some others by saying that this is probably his best mix. Starting out so smoothly with the SFX of crickets and bayou life to great piano/guitar sections. A very well done piece by Prot.

on 2009-04-06 02:17:02

Hands down one of my favorite OC Remixes of all time. Now, the original melody is no slouch, and it definitely stands proud in this mix. I can't decide what I love the most here. The track has some amazing ethereal quality in its meandering nature that I love so much. Hearing the song come through distorted or piano... just all around awesome. This track could go on forever and I always find myself getting lost in it.

If there is a DKC2 album being made, I love you guys even more. Kong in Concert was effing awesome. (I loved Mine Cart Misadventure and Rare Reminiscene too, mad props)

on 2009-03-24 10:42:10

Nice melodic flow, the synth guitar is decent and well performed, but the sample is starting to show it's age a little. Good velocity and mod usage though, as well as delay, so it definitely holds up better than it could have.

Nice and ambient flow, but still with forward momentum. The loop starts to get a little old after awhile, but there is enough harmonic content to carry things otherwise. Nice and relaxing. ^__________^

on 2008-02-05 12:44:29

I have most of Protricity's mixes and I have to say, this is definitely my favorite one. It seems to be perfectly balanced in all aspects - not too long or too short, just chill enough, adds just the right amount of creative ideas to the original tune without going too far out into left field, and it oozes style. Was my favorite DKC remix until Disco Dan's Riptide came along, but once I get tired of Riptide this may very well unseat it again.

Definitely in the topmost echelon of VG Remixes.

on 2007-06-08 02:39:48

I dont like the original song too much but I really like this remix 8-) It is much better than the original :grin:

The piano sounds are great! I cant forget the music in 3:21.... You should hear it on the phone instead of speakers :)

Protricity did a great job :mrgreen:

on 2006-04-26 17:10:51

Awesome mix. I'm stil listening to it right now. Heh funny thing whenever I do homework assignments I turn on my SNES in DKC2, go to soundtest and listen to the swamp music while i'm working. Now I can listening to this sexilly modified version ;). 10/10

on 2005-09-16 03:07:21

Very nice remix. The piano is perfect, and the

guitar puts a different atmosphere to it.

Feels like I´m in a dark swamp right now.

on 2005-06-20 21:23:58

I've yet to find a bad remix of DK2 music. It remains one of my favorite SNES games, and remixes such as this will forever remain my favorites. This track is beautiful. Great job.


on 2005-06-20 18:49:26

I actually dig a lot of Prot's DKC2 contributions, which were some of the first mixes that I ended up downloading here being a big fan of the Donkey Kong series during my youth. He's been able to take the source material and transform them into works of musical art that have adapted to the feel of the stage, so that can be of a reflective interest.

Naturally, this mix is no different. I hope to drop in my opinions relating to this one :)



There are a lot of links to the original in terms of tone, ambiance and melodic input, so that should do well to make the DKC gamer feel right at home. Its execution can be seen to be very fluent for something as laid back as this, so there's nothing too much wrong there. The theme's been played around a lot as well as involving a lot of innovative and creative melody aspects being sent down the line too. Generally the structuring of what he has integrated was very well done in terms of what has been held. Although if there's something that has ended up making me feel a little bit uneasy it would relate to the lack of a climax aside from the distorted guitars at the end, although for me that can be seen as more of a nitpick. But heck, given the strong amount of potential and structuring qualities through this I can say that its linking towards the feel of the stage and the intended atmosphere when shown have easily made this a track that has stood alone from the source material. Even today it's difficult to find a mix that can rival against it.


I managed to see he has helped to give in a lot of life to the song with broadening out on much of the original melodies showcased here; it may fit well if you're a fan of the genre but they may not grasp you with strong essences of nostalgia if you've been into more of this user's material. The sections generally link well; given the ambient and laid-back nature everything blends into one another that easily the casual listener will almost fail to notice. While not too repetitive in its own right some of the moods can become tiresome, and with some of the earlier chord progressions that could have been a hindrance here, but those that can be able to look beyond the quirk that lied here they should be in for a reflective basis to help ease in his creative approach here. Mind you, I appreciate a wide amount of what came around in this and I expect no less from what Prot has layered down; can't say it's his most expansive work to date but it's still very good stuff should you want to see into some of his material.


As is often expected from Protricity his sound font bank here is of a very powerful quality even for a mix of its time; I can't say I'm not really much of a fan of synth guitars, but the programming behind them have been able to link them very close towards the energy driven towards the real thing. The EQ and sound processing is what I think sells it more than anything - here it's well balanced with a good combination of ambience, strong EQ applications and mechanical distortion to easily showcase his visions throughout the track. The recorded swamp sounds are well thought out in terms of looking into it, although if you have the sound right up at the beginning you'd hear that some of the sound seems to fade out a bit too quickly instead of ringing on like ambience usually might. For me that should be nothing more than a nitpick, although it could be worth taking note of. I can say that the leveling out of those sounds as well as much of the dynamic work granted throughout - no matter how subtle - have been well realized in providing a professional quality towards his target audience. The panning is also generally thought out in terms of adding atmosphere; would have wanted to hear a bit more going on to the left hand side of the stereo field early on to balance both sides up, but this is still nothing much to panic about after prolonged listens. Therefore, for a piece of its age it came forth as a strong effort, and for that I feel rather satisfied over what has managed to come around here; well done.


For an elder track I actually feel it’s aged really well, and it’s more than the nature of the source material that has come around. I appreciate much of the mood-based tendencies as well as a lot of the creative garbs as shown upon the general arrangement. I feel they have helped in maintaining the feel of the mix while at the same time adding a more expansive quality to it. I can’t say that much of the compositional quantities and technical aspects aren’t quite as up there as some of his more epic materials that he has showcased across the web, but it was still a well thought out listen for what it was.

Prot may call me a fag for writing this, but I don’t care – the bottom line is that I enjoyed it and I hope he’ll come back with fresh mixes soon :)

on 2005-02-18 01:11:35

k brb

DJ Skratch 'n' Sniff
on 2005-02-18 00:38:14

How can Protricity create such freaking great music?

And on a consistant basis, no less!


on 2005-02-15 15:36:35
This song gave me the idea to remix the whole DKC2 soundtrack, so this will be song 3 of DKC2 Redux.

Yes, Prot made a great work with the DKC2 songs. I really enjoyed your works. The reasons are clear in the good production and high quality. You can consider the power of the materials too. The used resources in the sonorous process. And the beats, instruments, elaboration and ability in the creation of the melody, of course. Also to observe the music style, the transformations and what it modified in the song. That is very healthful for the auditory capacity. You can appreciate the guitar. You can appreciate the piano, the strings and the beats. Because you have capacity for it. If you enjoyed the mix, you have capacity. But if you really can´t appreciate the mix, have you capacity? Yes, of course. Because you have capacity to listen what's really good for you. Therefore I say "nice work, Prot", it´s really good for me and my ears. Wow, I did not forget the original sounds of the insects from Swamp Theme that you put in your song! ^ ^

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Primary Game:
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Nintendo, 1995, SNES)
Music by David Wise
"Bayou Boogie (Barrel Bayou)"

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