ReMix:F-Zero "Blue Vacation" 2:42

By Tansunn

Arranging the music of one song...

"Big Blue"

Primary Game: F-Zero (Nintendo , 1990, SNES), music by Naoto Ishida, Yumiko Kanki

Posted 2002-04-15, evaluated by djpretzel

Gotta love LousySpy's style. In the true spirit of OverClocked ReMix, this piece takes a well-known theme, Big Blue from F-Zero, and turns it on its head completely (with panache, as well). Yeah, it's a carribean, guitar-strumming, island-percussion, steel-drum laden, flute soloin' arrangement . . . and a half. You can just picture LousySpy making this, hovering maniacally over his keyboard, waiting to unleash his surprise. Sure, we've had our share of unexpected genre conversions . . . I don't think too many people would have listened to Bubble Bobble and thought 'Hillbilly', for one, but it's always nice to see more of this, and F-Zero just seemed like an unlikely candidate in particular. Also good to hear rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming of this ilk, which is believable enough and which we don't get too often. Bitchin' flute solo included for the same low price, but to me it's the percussion that LousySpy especially nailed well. Triplets are yum (and you can quote me on that). Memorable, unexpected, and certainly welcome. Recommended.



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champ the hippie
on 2011-09-19 16:25:13

the rough quality, in my opinion, simply adds to the charm. this was the very first remix i heard on ocremix, and i fell in love with it and the site there and then. well done lousyspy/tansunn!

on 2010-12-14 23:20:36

While this feels dated, its still a really cool piece. This is, so far, the only Caribbean-esque mix that I've found so far on this site. And it really is amazing how well the Big Blue theme lends itself to a island instrumentation.

It's got a good, airy, carefree grove to it like it rightfully should. This is definitely worth listening to; it's just pure fun.

on 2010-03-07 03:04:56

Wow! Sounds so relaxing! Awesome :D Thx

Jack Polo
on 2009-12-08 18:52:15

This was one of the first ReMixes I heard on the site, and also the first one that made me think "weh! this is effing SWEET!" Tansunn (the artist formerly known as LousySpy) takes the Big Blue theme in such an unexpected direction, but pulls it off with bona fide pro-ness. Despite the arguably sub-par samples, it still comes across as really chill-sounding and awesomely vacation-esque. sweeeeeet.

ella guro
on 2009-12-01 05:52:50

LousySpy, why did you change your name? You might have been a bad spy but you were a good remixer! And why aren't you submitting mixes anymore?

This was on my first OCR mix cd back when I heard it in 2002. Those simple samples make me so happy each time I hear them. This is really what OCR and videogame music is all about. You're just some person sitting at your computer who doesn't have all the great tools at your disposal, you're just working with what you got. You can't try to ascend to the heavens and solve the mysteries of the universe with your sounds, but you want to inject as much feeling as you can with the limited tools that you have available, and maybe that's better in the end.

There's not the extra super mastered super reverby dressing that would be on a mix like this these days, it's just a simple little concept that he takes and expands upon and puts some emotion into his simple little steel drum and flue and trumpet samples. The mix goes where it feels like it should go and then finishes when it feels like it should finish.

A good-tasting, good-for-you mix.

on 2009-02-22 08:15:11

Haha, this is one of those things you can show someone familiar with the original, and he'll probably laugh once he recognzies it. An unexpected but well fitting style for the song, gets you smiling. A favorite of many, no doubt.

OCR needs more steel drums.

on 2008-11-03 20:38:32
I must admit, the first time I heard this, I thought "Chocobo" from the ever-popular Final Fantasy series, but I was quickly made a fool of!

Lions and tigers and... chocobos? Oh, my!

I definitely hear Ukulele de Chocobo (FF9) in this mix. Whether this is due to an intentional combination of two vastly dissimilar tracks or simply a coincidence of cosmic proportions, I agree that this remix is very clever... and very fun! Steelpans make me happy.

on 2008-06-11 16:48:17

An awesome and unexpected style-shift here, and it works very well. Improve some of the samples and it'd be a pretty definitive and classic OC remix.

As is, though the lead brass instrument is pretty weak, and it drags down.

Percussion is incredible though, the rhythms are perfect and they are nicely layered.

The structure is very similar to the original, but the complete style overhaul actually makes the similarities welcome. The second iteration of the melody has the lead instruments vary up the melody a bit, with the steel drums especially adding some nice spice (maybe some jerk seasoning? ;-) )

He may be a LousySpy, but he's an excellent arranger.

on 2007-12-14 17:03:53

A very enjoyable remix in the classic sense of the term. Overall, the sound is ok, even if one might find it an inch to midi-ish for closer listening: the instruments could use just a hint less precision to appear more natural (since this is a lifely mix by intent). But really, this is no problem. The song is fun to listen to, relaxing, adherent to norms well and rightfully established, and as a result fine background music for better or for worse.

on 2006-12-19 12:41:54

One of the first remixes I've ever downloaded from OCR (more than 4 years ago...), and I always liked it. As well as my other favorites, this has been burnt on several CDs and my friends like this as well.

Shows really well how an OC ReMix should be. The reinterpretation here is awesome, I always appreciate when a ReMixEr is creative enough to pick a fast hard rock song and turn it in something unexpected... hawaiian music??? Then the second section of this song is completely rearranged, raising my love for this song even more. Good sound quality + change of genre + wise use of OST + interesting rearrangement = MASTERPIECE


on 2005-10-22 15:39:19

I think it's familliar enough to know where it's from but the steel drums and the rhythm pattern give it such a neat feel that it really feels like something fresh.

on 2005-09-21 15:08:25

I have to say I absolutely love the style. If I hadn't played F-Zero since the 4th grade, oh, 13 years ago, I might guess that the tune was originally written this way. Right on target with the percussion and guitar, creates a great stylistically accurate feel. Here's something that's totally backwards: usually electronic steel drum sounds sound completely fake, while wind instruments are usually almost tolerable. However, in this mix, the steel pan sounds almost authentic, while the trumpet and flute have a very harsh General MIDI edge. I think if this mix were revamped with professional quality sounds for the trumpet and flute, it would be good enough that I might actually consider putting it on a CD and listening to it on the way to work.

A bit of trivia: Steel drums (Steel pan) are not from Jamaica. They originate on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and are the national instrument of that country.

on 2004-09-20 02:00:33

very relaxing and mellow track. great work

Vash the Stampede
on 2004-05-08 14:23:52

SO KICKASS!!!!! Dude I never would have expected to hear F-Zero music so laid back and gentle, but this is awesome. One of the greats, excelent tune!!

on 2003-11-17 15:41:51

Seriously one of the most fun and tropical sounding mix in the entire OCR site 8)

I've been listening this track for atleast a year and it never really got old. That must mean the track has enough twist and turns for it to not sound repetitive.


Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
F-Zero (Nintendo , 1990, SNES)
Music by Naoto Ishida,Yumiko Kanki
"Big Blue"

Tags (11)

Acoustic Guitar,Flute,Hand Drums,Steel Drum,Trumpet
Arrangement > Extended Soloing
Regional > Carribean
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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