ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "The Engineer, Cid (Factory Mix)" 3:49

By mp

Arranging the music of 4 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Devil's Lab", "Hey Cid!", "Save Them!", "Terra"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-11-22, evaluated by djpretzel

Mr.Pollard had fun on this ReMix. It's almost like an electro-polka combo of FF6 & FF4 tracks ("Hey, Cid!" from Final Fantasy IV and "Devil's Lab," "Save Them," and "Terra" from Final Fantasy VI.), with funny brass, very groovy industrial and mixed drums, octave bass, and some amusingly questionable transitions that the ReMixer must have been smiling as he composed (notably, the changeover into terra). Pollard writes "It's kinda a chiptune--used the FF6 synth to make a medley sort of thing with an FFIV theme and "related" FFVI themes. The character Cid had no theme in VI... so I made him one :D enjoy!"



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on 2020-05-27 13:43:56

This is certainly an interesting piece of music. Not sure if I could listen to it every day, but it still deserves a listen once in a while. The arrangement itself is super cool, and I didn't even notice the transitions at first. The brass sample gets a little annoying, but the rest of samples work just fine. Very nice overall!

on 2011-06-11 10:08:11

This is a really fun ReMix that makes my ears happy. I can get the feeling of a parade with the grand sounds and upbeat marching of Cid's theme. I guess that would be my favorite part of the mix, it keeping up with the upbeatness of the original Cid's FFIV theme. It's pretty cool to hear it with the FFVI bits added in as well. Well done.

on 2011-01-02 14:12:02

I still like this remix, and listen to it intently, whenever the need arises!

But I must point out that it's redundant to list Terra's theme as part of this arrangement. This is because "Save Them" already has Terra's theme in it, and is even arranged in a very similar fashion that this remix has!

on 2009-02-18 16:43:55

My brother DL'd the torrent for this site about a week ago, so I thought I'd meander around the tracks for a bit... then I stumbled on this gem.

Strange, but the only thing I can say right now is that it's far greater than the sum of it's parts! I just got done teaching a math class, so go figure :P

It's a shame that OC doesn't accept chiptune pieces anymore - we're probably missing out on quite a few gems like this!

on 2009-01-08 01:47:37

Anyone mixing two or more source melodies into the same track NEEDS to listen to this mix first. Seamlessness is what this mix is all about. Like a film like Battleship Potemkin, which will be forever studied for its flawless use of montage, this mix should inform all future transitions. mp has done a fantastic job in making it seem like Nobuo composed each tune with the hidden intention of them all fitting together like they do here. Get a real brass section to hammer this out and it would be utterly perfect.

on 2009-01-07 03:18:28

yay-uh! :nicework:

artfully done

on 2007-07-09 11:45:52

This feels to me like one of those long lost tracks that was never included on the OST, but was later uncovered by rom hackers and the like.

While the sample quality isn't going to win over anyone except those who played and loved the game, the arrangement is hot as in hot pockets. What that actually means, I have no idea, but the rhythm is sweet, and the mixing is really good.

When Terra's theme comes out from around the sides, it's a great effect, and I'm still trying to figure out how it even worked. It sounds like when it comes in, you push the soundfield even wider. Something i have to look into.

Anyways, if you don't mind in-game synths (and I don't think you'd be at OCR in the first place if you did), then pick this one up. Very creative and cool.

on 2006-12-23 10:03:33

Absolutely love the mix you got here. It kinda reminds me of being at the circus...or maybe at a carnival. In any case, it makes me feel happy inside :lol:

Excellent work!

on 2006-06-30 13:17:31

Its bangin' baby, keep on pluggin!

on 2005-10-08 03:59:46

Can´t decide if I like the synth or not, it´s sounds like he took it from the game. Oh wait. He DID took it from the game.

I can agree with everyone else that this was a funny remix, with nice glide-ins with Terra theme. I always thought that Cid was boring in FF6, the one in FF4 was way cooler, but if Pollard want to make him cool, that´s how it is, cause he needed it.

Imagine Yuffie, Selphie, and Rikku, all leading a moogle procession.

- While on Prozac.

Thanks alot, that picture is gonna haunt me the rest of the week.

Nice work, mpdude.

SamuraiFoochs #Reload
on 2005-02-05 20:13:48

This is awesome. It left me bobbing my head and marvelling at the seamless transitions. And it's hilarious hearing Cid's theme with the FFVI sounds. ^_^

Xerol Oplan
on 2003-12-25 22:10:41
You actually have FUN listening to it.

My thoughts exactly. It's so good that I can only describe it in other people's words.

on 2003-07-09 21:20:04

This is THE perkiest song ever.

The happiness quotient is beyond what mere words can desribe.

You actually have FUN listening to it.

Imagine Yuffie, Selphie, and Rikku, all leading a moogle procession.

- While on Prozac.

Its also a welcome, and upbeat mix of Devil's lab. The thing with that track is, I really havn't heard anyone really improve upon it like Ailsean's Terra in Black for the Terra them.

Be forewarned though, this song, is only HALF Devil's lab, even less, actually. He uses Terra, Hey Cid! (From FF4), Devils lab, and Save them!, and creates a memorable pick-me-up.

I myself broke into a grin listening to this song for the first time.

One of my favourites, though not really for frequent listenings, it spoils the originality...

The Protricity
on 2003-06-25 14:57:43

This is a great mix of different songs with all of them kind of blending together. I especially like it when Terra's theme can be heard in the background of some of the shifts. Good job!

on 2003-03-27 17:52:22

I didn't like the theme when I very first heard it, then it grew on me. Then today I download the Chocobo Racing PSF at Zophar and it happens to have an arrangement of Hey Cid! or whatever. I'm automatically reminded of this and all the sudden I really like the melody. Maybe it's just at its peak right now because of nostalgia's sake, as I probably won't feel as "psyched" about it tomorrow.

Another thing I didn't like about it when I VERY FIRST heard it was the game sounding samples. Back then I thought those were bad or some crap and my mind was splashing against my ears at the time. Now it's all about hearing the really nice transitions and the great old school melodies. No one is joking when they emphasize on the transitions and how great they are. I can't think of anything bad to say about it, and you know what that means! It's time to play that game of "Do You Like the Genre/Style of this Mix or Not?" that everyone knows and loves.

Sources Arranged (4 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Devil's Lab"
"Save Them!"
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Hey Cid!"

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