Posted 2001-09-02, evaluated by djpretzel

Wow - this one'll blow you away. Pollard, Beatdrop, and some heavy cameo guitar work from Ailsean combine for technometal wholesomeness, complete with announcement from the now ubiquitous computer voice. This is fantastic because everyone's strengths are capitalized on - there's some fantastic 303-ish lines from beatdrop, a good overall structure and feel from Pollard, and killer guitar licks from Ailsean. Almost every two measures there's a new trick up their collective sleeve - I can't cover all of them here, but check 1'25" for hardcore guitar chugs that play brilliantly off one hell of a drum track. This is undeniably fine stuff, I don't have a single thing even slightly negative to say. I will note that it sounds much better to my ears on headphones, but either way you're gonna love this one. Cherish it, take it home, name it George, and love it forever. Coo.



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on 2010-12-17 11:30:01

Still this is freaking rocking out. Very tense and darkly determined.

My thoughts exactly. This is the kind of mood setting dark beats I enjoy. It has a good background beat, while the foreground sets the dark atmosphere of danger and determined action. It's a really good combo I'd like to see more of. Enjoyed the ending credits that sounded like it came from those Window's voices.

on 2009-12-17 13:25:47

Dang, around the two minute mark reminds me of something, and I can't think of what, some old NES game probably.

Still this is freaking rocking out. Very tense and darkly determined. In the end, it doesn't feel to complicated but it's still a cool mix worth checking out.

Question: Why is Ailsean not credited for this song on the site?

Good question :?

on 2009-11-20 17:16:43

decent guitar tone, but powerchords in the beginning really need to be supported by a bass guitar. They sound empty and sad. :-(

Once the guitar takes the forefront, and starts playing the melodic lines, things are balanced a little better.

I found the beats to be a little too plain to be interesting, but there was enough going on to keep me from stopping the track. The synths are well chosen and treated, and the guitar playing is nice. Extra care went into the various panning tricks, and so this mix is way more fun on headphones.

Not an amazing mix, but certainly not a failure either.

on 2009-05-18 11:10:53

Kicking it hard:-P

on 2009-04-17 16:30:37

Question: Why is Ailsean not credited for this song on the site?

on 2007-05-10 04:15:49

You talk about oldschool OCR, and this defies that bar by far.

on 2006-01-07 07:27:51

When it says Beatdrop, mp AND Ailsean, you simply just know how good this is gonna bee. (Get it, bee?, forget it.) The clever idea to begin the remix with the sound of a flying wasp must've came naturally, but the rest of the mix was more serious. The heavy guitars in the back was sure to give this bug some attitude, and most of the beats and other gadgets gave it a very....what do ya call it,...industrial sound, like if you were in a factory and all the workers began to dance and hit wrenches on garbage can caps. Bad parable, I know, but it have small bells, saws and I don't know what, so hey have clearly been creative making this remix.

You don't wanna mess with this Hornet, it'll do more than just sting you. Great remix guys!

on 2005-02-14 07:35:43

Hmmm...this stuff is famous, right? I remember this remix! He was one of the first ones that I listened in the OCR. Maybe in 2002 or in 2003...

Wow! That´s really good! The introduction is very creative, buzzed of a fly (or a bee, or a "hornet"??). The beats are simple, but powerful. The guitar is excellent and realistic. I remember the original song vacant in my mind. Of course, is just to remember it completely. Yeah! Nice work, guys!

I did not forget the computer voice, "BLAST...HORNET!"

on 2004-08-04 23:07:14

holy crap this song was awesome! brings a whole new perspective to the blast hornet BGM

on 2004-08-04 05:10:07

Weeeee this song is great. I think it is a great treatment for that stage remix (I forget the bosses name) and its very cool with all the buzz effects and guitars.

on 2004-06-17 16:20:49

Killer sweet song. Best MMX-series remix out there.

Slime Master
on 2004-06-03 19:46:42

I've always loved Blast Hornet's theme in MMX3 and this remix as some people have already said, makes good boss music in an RPG.

By the wayI'm new here to these boards but a long time listener of OC Remix related music. Keep up the good work guys and gals.

on 2004-05-16 21:03:08

I loved it. It is rare that I hear a remix that does not butcher a song, especially when it comes to songs so tone-specific as the megaman songs, but this really was an enjoyable remix. Keep up the good work.

on 2004-04-21 12:12:41

I swear this sounds like it belongs in UT2K4... AWESOME work!

on 2004-03-29 20:52:54

*dances crazilly* WHEE!!! Fun song. I'm keeping this and putting it on a CD with all of my top 15 favs. on this site. Great song.

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Mega Man X3 (Capcom , 1995, SNES)
Music by Kinuyo Yamashita
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