Posted 2001-04-21, evaluated by djpretzel

Part of the great Radical Dreamers 'Far Promise' ReMix flood of April 21st, 2001. Pollard gives us a more straightforward rock beat and a very nice music box patch intro and outro for his 'Far Promise' ReMix. you know, no sane human being should be forced to listen to one melody as many times as I have tonight, but at least the ReMixers involved have made it entirely worth my time - and yours. Pollard's mix, like the others, is high-quality stuff. All the elements are there - the music box patch, a great and authentic-sounding kick + snare, and some sort of distorted guitar-like pad. There's only one thing I'm not entirely sure of - the bassline that enters at 0'33" and really makes sense drops entirely out when the melody re-enters at 1'06" and never comes back. I liked that bassline. Without it, the melody takes on a very empty, hollow, lonely feel, which may have been intentional, but it's a very unorthodox measure to remove a bassline like that. I think, in this instance, I would have preferred it stuck around, or re-entered itself on the second reiteration of the melody. But nevertheless, the contruction is solid and all other members are present and accounted for. See if you agree with me, and it's STILL worth getting if you do ^^



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on 2009-09-30 03:39:22

Oh man...the guitars stick out like a sore thumb here, but I know it was on par back then.

My complaint with this mirrors my complaint with most of the other songs from the flood though - way too short and doesn't explore the source much, except to layer the original melody in a particular style.

on 2009-01-07 04:06:24

i can't dislike this song

mp cast a black magic spell on it

on 2008-12-07 06:02:30

The music-box style intro is alright but it doesn't fit very well with the tone of the song in general. At about 1:10 the song picks up and becomes quite good, although I would have liked a more prominent guitar. Around 1:31 the guitar seems to fade a little and song seems to be dragging on, however, the change at 1:40 is great and I think that what follows is the design of a great mix all on its own. Overall I think there are just too many ideas and half started interpretations of the source. The mix is good but more focus would have been better.

on 2008-08-25 19:14:13

Too close to the original. That being said, I still like it. I agree with DJP in the write-up about the bass. When it comes in it's nice, but why doesn't it come back? A shame.

Honestly I can't say there's enough going on here for me to stay interested, but it's short and sweet and still a good melody.

on 2007-12-09 21:14:54

I do really like this mix, but that may be due more to liking the original track than with the arrangement itself.

Since the first 30 seconds are about the same as the source, it doesn't get interesting until the guitar and drums come in at 0:32 and repeat for about 30 more seconds. The rest of the song is too short, so it ends up sounding like not a lot was done with the song.

But despite the simplicity, I still like this song, I just wouldn't rank it that highly in terms of originality perhaps. KF

on 2007-03-21 15:03:04

Sounds a little too much like you too the original and slapped some drums and minor guitar parts on it. There just isn't enough to make it stand out.

on 2005-11-20 08:54:09

Can't say I cared for the intro, as it was near-verbatim with the source, but once Matt picked things up at :32, he was groove-biasing it nicely for the "old days." Wish there was more development here, as there's not much to this, but thems the breaks.

on 2002-11-30 21:42:08

Matt Pollard is one of my favorite remixers. I must say that this song is not as complex and developed as much as his other works, but the simplicity works for him in this case, in my opinion. I really love the original, and I'm glad mp took a stab at it. I find it more enjoyable than the other Radical Dreamers remixes, and the guitar and drum work really matches well with the music box melody. I recommend to any mp listener, and to anyone who enjoyed RD.

on 2002-11-30 02:59:40

first of all i wasnt here for the flood but how is this a part f the flood i mean all the others have numbers around 330 but this one is 600 something...........

anyways this is a great song imo.

sure it is way to short for my liking but if it was longer it would prolly be one of my favorites on the site........

on 2002-11-27 23:49:05

This starts out with a repeat of the main melody that is probably very similar to the original song, but then it leads into a guitar patch with some more original mixing. I don't like it as much as some of the other Far Promise mixes - this one is probably the most clearly underdeveloped of the batch, but it has its good parts. Also, like many of the Far Promise mixes, it's pretty short, but given how little of his talent Pollard used on this one, it's probably for the best. Even so, get it and compare it to the rest of the Far Promise flood!

on 2002-06-05 22:03:12

Radical Dreamers 'Far Promise ~ Drama'

One of the better songs to come out of the Radical Dreamers flood, IMHO. Makes good use of the music box sound that was present in the original. Like many of the remixes in the flood, this one could have been developed a tad more, but I don't think that's a problem given that most of these were made in about 30 minutes. :) A worthy download, even if you've heard all the others and are sick of the Far Promise theme.

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Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki (Square , 1996, SNES)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Far Promise ~ Dream Shore (Part 1)"

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