ReMix:Mega Man 2 "Project X2 - Metal Man" 1:18

By Project X

Arranging the music of one song...

"Metal Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2002-05-25, evaluated by djpretzel

This is the third and final ReMix that will be added to OC ReMix from the mucho impressive and sonically-wholesome-for-the-whole-family Project X 2 initiative. In case you haven't gotten the message yet, Rok and Rawk have put together a sublime, professional quality collection of Mega Man ReMixes that - if you have even a passing interest in Mega Man or good music - you need to check out. There's much more than what's been posted here available there! That's the third and final warning: ignore at your own peril :) Alright, before I turn into 'ShamelessPlug Man' (who knows - Capcom's getting pretty desperate with these boss names these days ^^), let me focus my attention on the mix at hand. Granted that this is a very brief mix, at just under 1'20", there's lots to like. Rok and Rawk are very adept at blending genres while retaining authenticity - you'll simultaneously hear elements of techno, hip-hop, and rock in many of their tracks. Things begin with a mangled audio intro then bust out with electric guitar starting on the left but moving around the stereo field, synth dead center, and a dynamic, lively beat driving the whole thing. Then the beat becomes less agressive, there's a synth riser, and things go mellow acoustic guitar - sort of an inversion in transition to their initial title screen coverage not so long ago. That about sums it up - nothing wrong with short-but-sweet, as JAXX and others have testified to with excellent but brief mixage. I've been impressed with everything I've heard from Project X 2 - consistency, originality, and quality like that is hard to maintain across an entire soundtrack, but they've done it. The whole body of work that is Project X comes highly recommended :)



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on 2009-12-05 16:00:29

I could essentially quote OA. The mix is short, more like an hors d'ouvre than a main course meal of Megaman goodness. I especially wished that the mellow guitar section at the end had some Metalman theme in it, and expanded out from there. More please.

on 2008-01-11 12:46:20

Glitchy intro and some cool chiptune sound effects intro fill.

I think the melody should have been played up an octave to be more audible, but the added(?) counterpoint is cool,and the drums seem a little lo fi, but let's see where this progresses..

Nice change-up to the acoustic guitar, but the beats are too prominent here and then. it's over? WTF

Way way waaaay too short. It's like a trailer of an actual song. The song itself is a melodic and harmonic gold mine of ideas, and having the mix as short as it is just kindof strikes me as lazy. :-(

What is here is decent, but not near enough to be on the site, IMO.

on 2007-01-27 12:19:11

Where's my lead guitar? GREAT beginning, don't get me wrong, but I was expecting that main melody to be given to a lead guitarist on a high string. Where'd it go? Or can he JUST NOT DO IT???

Dagadat, dattattaaa, dada DAT daaaaa...

on 2005-11-18 08:59:22

What wouldn´t there be a Metalman remix without the presence of good ol´ rock instruments. Project X2 is sure a centre of guitarthrash, unfortunately they´re very short, so they never have the actual time to build up a great climax.


on 2005-06-21 23:52:48

:evil: Wow, Collab, you can be an ass can't you? :evil:


Just awesome.

I heard this on a flash movie called "Samus and MegaMan PT.2"

I heard it when Samus was facing off with MetalMan, and I couldn't stop watching the whole damn 15 minute movie just to hear that song.

I was never particularly into MM music, but you quickly changed that.

:D 32/10 :D

on 2004-08-04 05:13:10

Nice blend of genres and also a change of pace from what you usually do (but what you usually do is still awesome). Also, Metalman's theme is my favorite for MM2.

Zero Hunter
on 2004-05-20 21:46:35


Well, i liked the song a lot. I loked the whole project actually, i think it was amazing.

And I completely disagree with Collaborator, not that it matters.

on 2003-10-26 05:44:56

This song put a smile on my face this evening, because it was the first time I realized that remixing is not about improving upon the original, but rather about fucking it up in whatever way you can.

That's exactly what this song does. It takes one of the best songs of the entire series and slaughters it with some of the worst guitar, effects, and synths that have ever existed. Which is also what all of Project X seems to be about.

Projects are all the rave these days here at OC. And this is still another one of them. The only problem is that none of these projects have been worthy of merit as of yet, and this one is certainly never going to come to fruition.

It makes me feel sad for the Capcom artists who labored to create the original. What if they're patrolling this very board, listening to the remixes of their music, and they happen to come across something like this after listening to Discodan and AF's versions? Or what if they listen to this first? They could be turned away forever, shocked by what the fans (I can't assume the artists of this remix are fans, since they destroyed the fabric of the song) are doing to their music.

In the end, the whole Project X megaman thing is up there with Bad Tuna as far as being some of the best of the worst.


on 2003-10-25 22:04:56

I enjoy most of Project X's mixes. The only negative aspect about their work is the guitars. A little less presence(or top end) and some better amp modeling would be nice.

on 2003-10-25 19:19:46

Project X is my fav!! And this track is great. It keeps the feel of the Metalman level, with awesome sounding synths and guitars. It's not huge on originality as the arrangement is nearly identical, but it just sounds awesome. It's a version of the Metalman theme you can blare in your car speakers :wink:. If they made a new Megaman with old characters (as if they ever will, but still...), this should be the theme for the new Metalman level!

Dark Heart
on 2003-05-18 10:51:28

Seperatly the "X project" is short and would've been better if it all would've been combined. Its good but meh...each seperatly isn't as good oh well keep it up! 8)

on 2002-07-26 09:51:30

I'm not too found of this one just because of its semi-lacking of atmosphere, but then again I never liked the metal man theme that much anyways. But those who do, should download this now.

on 2002-06-09 15:24:29

I give project x 2 2 thumbs up!

on 2002-06-06 00:06:06

Mega Man 2 'Project X2 - Metal Man'

If you're familiar with the other songs in Project X2, then you should know what to expect: a combination of live guitars and wicked synths, with great DSP and a near-perfect arrangement. That also means, unfortunately, that it's too damn short, so I'd just download it and enjoy what's there. Then, of course, collect them all!

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Metal Man Stage"

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