ReMix:EarthBound "Rings of Saturn Valley" 2:51

By Jupiter Crayons

Arranging the music of one song...

"Hi Ho"

Primary Game: EarthBound (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Keiichi Suzuki, Toshiyuki Ueno

Posted 2002-05-29, evaluated by the judges panel

Okay, my net access has been fading in and out tonight so this may be the only mix I post depending on whether it goes away again. Cable modem access is usually pretty consistent, but when it's dodgy, it's definitely dodgy. This VERY quirky Earthbound ReMix is Jupiter Crayons' first submission, and I DIG it. It's weird, eccentric, funky, experimental, and doesn't sound like much else on OCR. Now, most who know me know I'm a melody addict, and this track focuses much more on odd sounds and absolutely outlandish percussive electro-grooves, but there's melody in there too. Judges panel liked it pretty swell, but I think I dig it a bit more after re-listening, if only for the sheer novelty. The main melody, at 0'32" and reprised later on, is just so mechanical and well-suited to this uber-robotic soundfest that things just work, in sort of alien-jamboree-cantina-band way. You may be reading this thinking "wow, djpretzel really digs this mix, it must be great", but do be warned that it is very odd and not accessible the way traditional genre pieces, whether they be techno, jazz, or orchestral, are. But in my opinion this is deceptively intelligent and quality mixage, and a compelling first submission. Not something I'll be forgetting any time soon, that's for sure, and highly recommended to those looking for something off the beaten path.



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on 2009-12-03 19:17:36

The intro caught me off guard but once you got going into the melody I guess it was okay. Everything sounded too tinny for my tastes though... it was fine for the intro but I don't like how that same quality pervaded throughout the lead used for the whole mix. Too distracting to really enjoy much. I like the sine lead though, that was quirky and enjoyable :-)

on 2009-10-31 04:09:18

This song is as quirky as the original - in fact, I'd say that it relies heavily on the quirkiness of the original's construction. It does craft a bit of a unique take still though, which is nice to hear.

on 2008-12-03 21:01:40

Earthbound is on my 'to play' list. That list, by the way, is very long, but this makes me want to play it tomorrow. I love this! It's so quirky!

Certainly not accessable to everyone, but I found it to be very enjoyable, and there is so much that could be done with this mix. Nice work.

on 2006-12-27 16:25:00

A little weird for my taste, there is nevertheless some very interesting detuning occurring here, and it really fits the quirky feeling of the source tune, only magnified and amplified.

The drums are very interesting, and mix things up well, and well, I don't know about the synths, but this is definitely a creative work and I'm certain that if you are a fan of the game, this will appeal to you in some way.

on 2005-02-12 04:44:19

I was playing Earthbound today and as I walked towards Saturn Valley and could hear it starting to play while in the caves, I immediately thought "This needs to be remixed."

So I came here tonight, and it already has been! Although I would love a longer remix that stays to the Saturn Valley tune a little closer, this is awesome in its own right. Definately a keeper. :D

on 2005-01-28 02:03:30


ill have what jupiter crayon's having

as weird as this song is, i cant stop listening to it

on 2004-09-25 16:28:16

This was just... Cool. It definitely epitomized the Staruns in their boing-ding-zoom-you-come-buying-yes-ness. And an awesome name too. Keep it up.

on 2003-11-04 23:33:13

This is awesome! The music's all crazy (Good crazy, I mean :D) I love the way you made this, all techno and zany like the Saturn's themselves! Certainly matches XD. Nothing I could find wrong, but I like all the diffrent kinds of ReMixes.

!!!trats desrever eht dnA

lol, yeah, I love it. If I had to say a bad thing...uh...its not loud...enough??? ;)

on 2003-06-27 22:49:40

Now, don't get me wrong, i like this remix alot. Saturn Valley's music on it's own is very bizarre. Try singing it in a car and the reptitiveness of it will drive people crazy. When I first heard this Remix,my immediate impression was a bunch of Mr. Saturn's on metal bed springs hopping around.It's an awesome electronic style remix that dulls down the annoying loud parts that repeat over and over and makes them alot more..tolerable. this is like the ReMix version of an acid trip. It sums up the bizarreness of Earthbound in a catchy 3 minutes [well,almost]! Rock on!

on 2002-12-05 10:46:45

Not bad stuff..I personally enjoyed Earthbound..It was one of those games that wasnt really that big at the time since it didnt have much press but if you played it you got totally drawed it..And one was because of the games just plainly odd music..You get to ride a bus to the next town..How odd in games is this now and days(Excluding Shenmue)...But anywho I liked this remix..Im not really into this sort of music but hearing this song,I think the fashion suits it.Good job!

Old Omen
on 2002-07-31 21:37:51

My, how peculiar. Earthbound had some odd music, and this certainly celebrates that fact.

on 2002-06-28 15:02:25

this is some funky ass shit! i like it..electronica never sounded so..soo trippy 8)

on 2002-06-05 22:11:17

EarthBound 'Rings of Saturn Valley'

Though not technically the best out there, nor the best arrangement on the site, this is a very quirky and fun remix that I would definitely recommend, at least for one listen. I tell ya, if you can't get your hands on some LSD, listening to this is the next best thing! Not that *I'd* ever know, but... :)

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Primary Game:
EarthBound (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka,Hiroshi Kanazu,Keiichi Suzuki,Toshiyuki Ueno
"Hi Ho"

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