Posted 2002-06-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Finale user and arranger extraordinaire Trptcox writes in:

This arrangement came out of the blue when I started humming 'Schala's Theme' from Chrono Trigger while listening to 'Fields of Time' from Chrono Cross. To round it off I ended it on the beginning song from Chrono Trigger.

Pretty cool composite composition here, beginning simply with bass pizzicato after which a piano, flute, and a violin section join in to lead up to a full-on orchestration with lovely Joe Hisaishi-style swells (think Princess Mononoke) - very dramatic work. At 1'44" the bass pizzicato actually has a sort of cadenza, then bells and piano enter back in, followed by a rapid roll and accelerando into a very moving section with the snare pushing things forward and some exceedingly lush arranging. Trptcox spoils us with several great, fully-realized, orchestrated themes in one mix. The style of the arrangement and the transitions in particular definitely reminded me of Hisaishi's work, which is a big and well-deserved compliment. Highly recommended.



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on 2023-11-22 00:25:04

Hey, this was a nice gem to hear. It sounds like something beyond 2010. Sometimes the cymbals get too loud/upfront, but for the most part this is surprisingly good.

on 2016-01-23 19:08:34

DAMN this is good stuff. 3'05" gives me goosebumps.

Definitely one of my favourite OC remixes of all-time, and its of such quality that it honestly is timeless.

on 2010-12-19 15:01:58

Still beautiful. Glad many early Mixes were not purged. Who can listen to this and not be stirred?

Sari Uchiha
on 2010-11-16 11:43:17

I love this song!!! Great work!

on 2010-01-19 10:43:46

The origonal was just a bit more captivating then this mix was. I still like it over all.

Its just a bit too mellow for me considering im one of those that likes the techno-ish, metal and electronic hype type of remixes :P the occasional slow track is nice...but the twist on this track is the fact its slow with alot of different catches, hypes, and change-ups. Like from 2:00-2:30 aprx it mellows out then kicks back up. not a bad touch, but I still like the origonal better.

7 out of 10

on 2009-12-08 23:19:41

Ahh, this ReMix is another one of my favorites. Starts out nice and mellow, piano and the plucked beat. Flute/strings slowly come in, and up until 1:12 or so is just quintessentially delicate.

Then it starts building until around 1:43, and double takes you into Schala's theme, which when I first heard it, was a totally unexpected direction. The transition into it though, is perfect. I wish I could remix with 5% of this skill.

The switch back to Chrono's theme at 2:30 ups the pace of the remix, and adds some fire to it. Deftly done.

The wrapup starting at 3:02 brings it home and finishes with a chorus of hope, or so I feel it to be.

It's a feel good, happy, goin places remix that has to be one of my favorites. :nicework:

on 2009-03-18 07:27:38

This is one of the nealry 100 Chrono Cross/Trigger remixes on this site ant actually it´s one of the best in my opinion. Whenever i become a millionaire, i will gather a great orchestra and let them play this song for me! Although normally i would favour something faster, more electronic, but this one is just great!

Cya, DJMadMax

on 2007-08-23 11:13:26

A pretty well done medley of some excellent songs, with a lot of good arrangement ideas.

The samples are well used, though The piano with Crono's theme has an irritating tap to it, and the cymbals are far too bright.

The brass near the end has an issue with it's attack, but for when this remix came out, it stands pretty tall.

The transitions were all very smooth with the exception of Crono's theme; that seemed a bit too abrupt.

Overall though, super awesome work. The strings are woodwinds are great, and I love the Chrono music. A few issues here and there aren't near enough to make this mix any less than great.

on 2005-01-02 11:31:31

The songs fade into each other very nicely, and each one is beautiful also. This is definitely one of the most beautiful songs on the site.

on 2004-08-26 22:19:13

I love all the nostalgia by fusing CC and CT songs together, It really ties the games together.

on 2003-12-23 13:45:05

A special ochestrated piece that holds a certain place in the mind. I agree with DJP's comments at 1:44. It's a good arrangement. Nice stuff! Russell is one of my favs!

on 2003-12-13 12:23:35

This ReMix is great to listen. Great piece. Recommend. 10/10

on 2003-10-06 09:37:03

One of the most replayed remixes in my's just incredible. I liked the transition around 1:40 but had no idea it was Schala's theme...nice to see it's yet another layer from CT/CC. Exceptional work.

on 2003-10-04 06:49:17

This is a pretty nice mix, but it isn't anywhere near your best. Most of the samples are pretty good but I have a major problem with the cymbal used (Bleh!) and the transitions are a bit jarring. But other than that a pretty enjoyable piece, but I'd prefer to listen to most of your other works, like Dragon Warrior Journey of Solitude, any day.

on 2003-08-08 12:53:23

Another kickass song for chrono trigger chrono cross , this is the best remix...

So sweet , high quality samples , cannot be better :P

Thx Russell Cox for that song..

Sources Arranged (4 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Chrono Trigger"
"Schala's Theme"
Additional Game:
Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Field of Time: Home World"
"Life ~A Distant Promise~"

Tags (20)

Brass,Cello,Flute,French Horn,Harp,Orchestral,Piano,Strings,Trumpet,Viola,Violin,Woodwinds,Xylophone
Arrangement > Medley
Time > Tempo: Variable
Usage > Wedding

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