ReMix:Mario Paint "bLiNd Is Dah BomB!" 3:57

By Leifo

Arranging the music of one song...

"Gnat Attack - Level 2"

Primary Game: Mario Paint (Nintendo , 1992, SNES), music by Hirokazu Tanaka, Kazumi Totaka, Ryoji Yoshitomi

Posted 2002-06-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Interesting. This is a ReMix where, if you just listened to the first thirty seconds, you wouldn't think much at all . . . not the strongest of intros from newcomer DJ Leifo in this Mario Paint mix, but I'm happy to announce that things get progressively better . . . albeit they also get wierder as well. With a house beat and absolutely lovely organic percussion that sits underneath the normal hi-hats, this mix began at 0'29" for me, with some nice offbeat chords and a sine wave synth riff that fades in, repeats, then pitch bends down. The next element that enters unexpectedly is a very aggresive analog midrange that's louder than the other elements, doing an octave pulse. Then there's some downright frightening samples that are quite trippy and really did freak me out the first time, that segue nicely into a drum drop-out ambient section with fantastic, ethereal pads - wish I had this patch at my disposal, or something like it - which goes on for bit until the beat returns. There's also a cool upwards synth effect, sort of like a one-off alarm, that adds a good, playful flavor. By the time you get to 3'26", the mix has come quite a long distance from its first thirty seconds and is groovin' along quite lovely. Just goes to show, can't judge a ReMix by its intro :) Leifo writes:

Oh! and i also made this song for a veteran of yours.. "xBlindxx" hes absolutely the coolest guy.. much respect to i entitled song...

. . . case you were wondering about the name. Nice stuff.



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on 2011-12-11 08:48:34

Mad props for the funny title. :razz: I'm glad to see he got on bLiNd's good side at the end and even managed to collab with him.

So, I got to have to say it's not the strongest of first halves with the slightly unsnapped synths and awkward levelling (noted especially when the bass came in), but I got to give credit for some good synth manipulation especially with the gates on the highs and some strong sound effect work in the more downbeat 1:40 section. Even then after the beat came back in with the nice varied rhythm synth parts, I felt the track managed to feel a lot more comfortable and well balanced since then, fitting a much stronger foundation of the beat overall.

It's kind of a mixed bag for me in regards to ideas; gets better as it draws on, and handling of the source seems kind of basic at best. But when measuring up to other 2002 tracks it's not bad, and I'm especially happy that he took the experience to heart and focused attention on 2 of OCR's albums since. Hopefully we'll get to see him again in the future, whether alone or with bLiNd in another collab :wink:

on 2009-01-17 19:17:50

It's bizarre (in a good way), but it tries to be too much.

While trying to do too much would be a mix's downfall, this one pull's it off fairly o.k.

Ultimately, it winds up being an average run-of-the-mill mix though.

on 2008-12-03 20:54:31

I actually liked how the beginning started almost exactly like the game, then drifted away from that setting. A little cliche, but it worked for me. I also enjoyed the first half of the mix the most, being able to see what was going on with the original and the upgrades. The 'voice sample' chant from the game made me smile a bit, though it was a bit strange.

Suddenly everything gets very etheral, which was a bit too fast for me, and also kinda weird. I guess, overall, the song is kind of weird. It works, in it's own strange way.

My issue with the mix is that once the 'etheral' trance comes in, I feel like all trace of the source is lost. Maybe it's in the bass line or something, but the song loses it's recognizability (is that a word?) after that.

on 2007-06-21 17:16:37

the intro does manage to score pretty high on the WTF-o-meter, but like pretty much every has said, it gets better around the 30 second point. I like the high synth lines, the percussion is pretty good, though im not diffing the in game chants. It's cool you were able to use something from the game like that, but it sounds a little too lofi; not your fault I guess.

Trance section was nice with the exception of the laser noises. Were those from in game as well?

overall it's ok. Pretty creative considering how much source was availible.

on 2007-01-24 09:18:07

This is what the music would have sounded like if it would have been allowed to keep going in the game.

GREAT job in starting out with the same feeling and continuing with it.

on 2006-06-11 14:38:09

I love this remix because of the, well... everything! Everything in this remix is perfect in my opinion. I love this! This should be a night club song! lol

on 2005-03-01 20:54:04

Oh yes. This one's definitely a keeper. I personally like the intro a lot. At least, until 0:13, where the mixer adds in drums and a new instrument. I think he should have held out on those until the mix "started" circa 0:30. Apart from that, nice work.

As a final note, I want this guy's synths/samples.

[EDIT: I almost forgot my other final remark.. Blind would be proud. He truly is dah bomb.]

Ultimo Hedgehog
on 2003-05-30 15:21:33

Mario Paint! (Ba-ding!) Ooooooooooh! Yes, I love this remix. Doesn't sound like much, maybe a chilly beat for the icebox, but nothing special... until 00:27. Then it begins taking off with the quick tapping sound, then more techno instruments. It just gets better from there on out, including the chanting entrance to the... game. Anyway, nice one. Made it to my CD at least!

on 2002-06-25 23:18:13
The intro to this piece is very odd.

I should have clarified, I didn't mean this in a bad way and not even to say that the intro is just... mediocre. Too be quite honest, I think it's excellent, but when I wrote the initial post I was a tad rushed. Mind you, the general consensus seems to be that the intro is a little strange, not neccessarily out of place, and not really bad. Rather it's very original, and a tad "out there." My personal feeling, as I should have stated in my first post, is the intro is amazing, just lovely. End of story.

on 2002-06-25 22:13:07

Alot of people dislike the beginning, but the beginning in reality is a very true remake of the original track, which Im guessing not many of you liked. Around 0:30, it picks up a little and gets into the second part of the song, this then trails on for a little, then he goes into what I think is an original, trancey composition because i dont remeber it being in that particular song, possible the Ethereal song (if anyone is familiar with the OST). Not bad, not great, but a solid techno mix. Like the other 2 Mario Paint remixes on the website, it stays very true to the original theme, but this takes a more of a leap then the original 2. I give it a 7/10.

(I liked the voice samples :D, would have liked to hear the one from the game title screen tho)

on 2002-06-24 17:20:48

Hey, pretty darn nice!

The intro is pretty good - it's not extremely catchy, but most remixes on this site don't start out much better. Interesting voice samples from the game around 1:10 or so. It's not a bad remix, and certainly worth a download, if only for its originality. :D

on 2002-06-24 08:52:36

technoish feel, which i happen to like. i dont think the beginning is that odd =\ it kinda sets up the tone for a bit. love the instruments as well. nicely done. i like that high note that repeats on and on for a bit (um sry for the non-technical terms =X)

change of pace @ 1:30. i woulda prefered that original tune a little bit more =) its quite catchy. the last 2:30 goes to a trancy feel, which is good

on 2002-06-24 03:03:46

Mario Paint 'bLiNd Is Dah BomB!'

The intro to this piece is very odd. From there its a very cool sounding piece with a Techno beat, and it's got some very experimental sounds to it. Obviously, since I said techno and experimental in the same sentence, twice now, not every one is going to take to this piece, but give it a try, you never know. I do very much love the vocal samples and I wish they were more frequent in this song, but I suppose I can't have everything I want. It's interesting, and catchy, which is why I Love this piece. Good work, DJ Leifo (Ko Miho Leifo), keep it up.

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Primary Game:
Mario Paint (Nintendo , 1992, SNES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka,Kazumi Totaka,Ryoji Yoshitomi
"Gnat Attack - Level 2"

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