ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Lost Woods South Central" 2:45

By BenCousins

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2002-07-21, evaluated by djpretzel

I'm really likin' this mix. It is, as the kids say today, "ill", which from my understanding is not meant to reflect upon its physical health but its superb quality and "flava" :) Yeah. This is our first submission from BenCousins, but it's dripping with street r'n'b authenticity, a great ear for mixing, and a hi-hat pattern that wants to eat your children. Zelda 3 Lost Woods ReMix with South Central style, hence an appropriate name. Complete with vinyl static, this mix is essentially bass, drums, and a warm electric piano, though some pads and most notably a great trumpet that's panned hard right (doubled lower hard left) are thrown is as well, and there's some tres tasty hip-hop FX in effect to boot. The whole thing comes together as a concise, compact package that's devoid of any single detail or addition that would seem superflous, and at the same time feels complete and well-realized. I've looped it over a dozen times now, and - largely due to the meticulous hi-hat work that plays oh so nicely off everything else - still find it saucy and slick (in a good way, not a "post-Taco Bell" way) Unique sound and a knack for making the most of a relatively sparse set of ingredients make this initial submission from BenCousins highly recommended in my book.



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on 2010-02-28 16:01:15

Who knew Link was a South Central gangsta? This mix is really good and I love the trumpet thrown in there. The hip-hopish breakbeats are just so cool and I'm really surprised. This ReMix has made this song enjoyable for sure.

on 2009-12-01 14:26:57

loving those beats right out of the gate, there's great sound to them. Just when things seemed to be stuck in a groove, the whole track drops out and some trumpet comes in. Way creative and cool, I really like it. THe backing track builds a little bit at the end, which is nice, but I think an additional B section or something would have been good to keep the track even fresher, or a varied drumbeat.

Pretty good overall though. :-)

on 2009-01-06 21:58:38

Your organization of style is key. All instruments seem to fit with what you want to remix. This is partly why some songs are hard to remix due to the combination of original style to new ones. You've done well on this and is why I like it so much!

on 2008-10-03 16:26:01

It's good, I just think i have an issue with the drum quality, but other than that its a nice take on the theme

on 2007-02-11 07:57:14

I love this. ^_^ The vocal sample used as emphasis sounds a lot like Mike Doughty. I do agree with the guy above that it doesn't expand too much from where it starts, but I'm diggin' it nonetheless.

on 2007-02-01 16:59:39

Fricky Fricky Fricky!

Except for, no. Sounds like any other rap-background track; long and repetative...

It was creative for the first minute or so... then I'm all like... is this it?

lady zelda
on 2006-02-22 23:12:37

Whoa. This is a very interesting combination: a back-alley type beat like R and B mixed with some upbeat trumpet underlining it. Don't get me wrong, though, it's amazing. Now that's a stroke of true creativity. It's like mixing two foods you wouldn't normally put together and then realizing that it tastes really good! Thanks for this innovative mix!

on 2005-09-14 14:42:16

Yeah, i like this mix!! It has sorta has a undergroundy-shady feeling for me, i really dont know why... hehe.

It doesnt stick to the original much which is a good thing and the trumpets are really great. My only problem with it is that once it get into that main part where it plays the Lost Woods tune from Lttp over and over again with the trumpets it feels like it pretty much the same for the rest of the remix, which is good because the instrumental and rythmic part is VERY well done, it really gives that R n' B feeling to it, but its bad at the same time because it get a bit too repetitive there.

Anyway it's an overall great remix and truly Zelda worthy! I really like the voice choir that is heard lightly on the background for the first time at 1´53´´ and really enhances that Zelda feeling because it evokes the Temple of Time/Master Sword get! background choir.

Nicely done, get to be in my iPod! Along with DJpretzel with his Bubble Bobble mix and this weeks VGDJ and also sever McVaffe tunes! Yay!

Thórel Eladan
on 2005-09-13 12:00:48

Hi! I'm pretty new here.. ( well. new being registred) and listening to some mixes I stopped on this one.. Great! I like the original one.. and I was pretty curious about this mix.. Maybe i'm not a pro, and cannot say.. about the drums, the bass... and stuff. (well.. the trumpets. sweet!) but I really like the style! good work Ben!

on 2005-05-28 04:45:03

Love this one (yeah, this one to.)

Nice lil' arrangement wich gives a real dub-hiphop-street-ish sound mixed with the loveable theme from Link to the past.

And man, the drums get me going!

I sat in like an hour trying to play the whole loop at my drumset at home (It was hard but I could do the most things except the cool-ish hi-hat-abusing)

Anyways, I love the drums and it really gives a wonderful character to the song and gives you something to relate to even though the mix get a little bit to repetitive.

Still, good mix!

keep it up Ben

on 2005-05-09 14:52:42

This remix goes perfectly with hyrulecastledarkworld. They seem to have a similar sound, and both are very good. Both are some of the very first I listened to, and they're still a couple of the best in my opinion. Download these now, and you won't regret it.

on 2005-01-13 22:52:52

Hey, good thing i brought my GPS thing. I think I'm somewhere in the south central part of the Lost Woods. Wait maybe that's why i'm lost! I'm in the Lost Woods! Anyway, you can really lose yourself bobbing your head back and forth along with the rythym.

on 2004-08-21 05:29:40

*On a Nostalgic high* Its got a really lax cool feel to it

Graeme Shaw
on 2004-08-19 15:48:50

So as soon as this song started, I was like "Man, I hope the rest of this song lives up to its intro...". One thing I've found about listening to songs of this ilk (not the OCR kind, but the actual original-music genre of...hip-hop I guess. There're just too many divisions of Hiphop and...ugh. Anyways.) Is that they quite often will have a backbeat that's a really good one, but will end up fouling it up by doing something that sounds totally opposite the sound of the music. This mix is seriously sweet. There's enough consistancy and enough variation in the drums making it a song I could listen to even without the melody. But then, I'm a percussive kind of guy. All in all, a REALLY well put together mix, and something I wouldn't be surprised to hear sampled in a single at some point in time. This shizzle is izzle mah nizzle. Now on loop 14, and still lovin' it. Good times.

on 2004-03-05 10:34:40

As of lately this has been my favorite song for quite some time. I know the first few posts were years ago but I don't know what some of those people are thinking...

Anyhow, I downloaded this song a while ago. When I first listened to it, it didn't appeal to me much even though I am very familiar with the lost woods melody in Zelda; I don't know why but a month later when I played thru the entire song I have just been lovin it. Being that I am a 7year trumpet player, the trumpet melody is very aspiring. The drums is very hip and makes you wanna bop your head sometimes. I do bump this song from time to time in my car while I'm cruising. Great work, would love to hear more if you're still around Ben.

and to the person who compared this song with city skyscrapers, that's a really good analogy.

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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo

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