ReMix:Doom "Synthetic Demon" 4:52

By Scott Peeples

Arranging the music of one song...

"Suspense (E1M5)"

Primary Game: Doom (id Software , 1993, DOS), music by Bobby Prince

Posted 2002-08-18, evaluated by djpretzel

Oh yeah - don't listen to me, just download it. Peeples' latest is a powerhouse DOOM ReMix with the trademark heavy-hitting, well-programmed, crunchy but nuanced sound Scott has all but perfected over the years. S.P. writes:

I present my next mix, Entitled "Synthetic Demon (E1M5)" it's from the original Doom, Episode 1, Mission 5. The original was a rather boring atmospheric peice, and i changed it into an upbeat techno mix with a little orchestra and distortion tossed in for good effect :)

. . . and I'd say he sums it up nicely. Not just bread-and-butter effects here, but excellent compression and intelligent mixing+matching of reverb and delay. The drums at first sound like they might stay fairly static, and the thing of it is, even if they did this would have worked, but Scott doesn't do anything halfway, and there's quite a bit of variance and layering. Strings and orchestral elements may be panned a little too far left, but they're excellent as well, mixing seamlessly with Scott's ever-growing smorgasbord of electro-FX mayhem. Love that sonar ping too :) Not much else to say - highly recommended.



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on 2020-05-10 11:43:44

Stumbled upon this one while checking out some older stuff once again, and, wow, this is actually sweet! It defenitely aged really well, I think. Pretty catchy groove and the mix of strings and electronica is nice. This is going into my playlist for sure!

on 2015-12-30 19:40:22

Ah, some nice industrial stuff. I like how it mixes with the strings, but I would really like a purely electronic mix. Then again, I was crazy enough to listen to all of CotMM in one sitting, so take it with a grain of salt. Good mix anyways.

on 2015-12-30 19:15:08

A more industrial-techno sounding take on the source. Honestly, while playing I'd listen to this over the, rather subdued and quiet, source.

on 2009-03-19 12:21:53

This mix takes awhile to get to the meat of things, but once it did, it was pretty good. Doom music tends to be way groove heavy and not too into the melody, and this was no exception, but there were enough components to keep things interesting for a decent amount of time. I especially love the distorted sonar ping.

Things do grow stale after awhile though, and it isn't really repeat friendly, but it was fun while it lasted.

on 2009-01-07 03:03:12

I like

Yeah it does sound like (slightly less house/aggressive/crunchy) UT

on 2006-04-13 17:48:49

The synth actually reminds me more of Deus Ex than of UT, but I hear what you mean.

on 2005-09-14 15:45:16

Good blast from the past :P.

Honestly, I like it. Keeps the original tune but the drums and the distortion give it a new feel.

The synth that comes in at 2:20 or whatever really make it (techno) but also a more of a UT feel :P. Weird for doom :P

on 2004-12-13 11:17:28

This is an excellent remix of my all-time favorite piece of VG music: Doom E1M5. I was very happy to find it and it was very quickly ripped to CD so that I could listen to it in my car. It's quite appropriate as I arrive for work on a quiet city street before sunrise.

As others have mentioned it is indeed quite cinematic in nature and it inspires scenes of a movie. Too bad it looks like Hollywood is going to screw up the one they are making.

on 2004-12-07 05:22:35

Its my second review of this remix i believe.

I just realized that the mix sounds a lot like it could open up an exciting action film, or perhaps end it. I was listening to this on my way home and i swear it makes you go faster, it gets your blood pumping. The sounds are really exciting...

on 2004-08-19 15:24:08








on 2003-09-01 08:55:34

i get alot of distortion from some of the bass/beats which detracts from this remix, i expected other posters would mention the distortions... so perhaps it's just me. :?

Anyway, if it wasn't for the scratchy sound i hear, nice work. :)

on 2003-08-27 16:47:29


$ pmidi -p 65:0 doom05.mid I remember. :)

I don't know why people here seem to dislike the original - it just happens to be the only Doom track that still remember. I really liked it, a minimalistic yet creepy track. Sort of like "What if Jarre turned evil". :)

As for the remix, this is pretty good. Nice work. New variations to the theme are always good, especially if they manage to be even more epic than the original.

The Coop
on 2003-04-06 04:05:26

I know this tune :D .

I can still hear the original hiding in there, and I like the way this remix uses and disards the original in one fell swoop. I enjoyed the combo of orchestral overtones weaving in and out of the electronica beat. This is nice stuff.

I hope Doom III is gonna sound like this :mrgreen:


on 2003-03-10 16:41:07

Peeples does a wonderful thing by the Doom soundtrack with Synthetic Demon. He took a mediocre atmospheric piece totaling six chords and turned it into a masterpiece. Simply put, if Doom ever gets put into the movies (hey... it could happen...) the film soundtrack would not be complete without this remix. To peeples: well done.

The Snee
on 2003-03-08 11:02:14

This was absolutly excellent.

The origional was a quite boring loop which had plimky bits and onle long droning bass that just went up and down. a bit like the start of this except worse. Peeples has transformed it into an excellent tune that I would gladly buy if I had to. The origional was probably the worst piece of music in doom, but this is one of my favorite doom remixes, and i hope the music in doom three is half as good as this.

Good work, Scott, You have just improved the quality of my life.

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Primary Game:
Doom (id Software , 1993, DOS)
Music by Bobby Prince
"Suspense (E1M5)"

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