ReMix:Plok "Title Jam" 3:13

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Plok (Tradewest , 1993, SNES), music by Geoff Follin, Tim Follin

Posted 2002-09-20, evaluated by djpretzel

Plok virtually defines the term "sleeper hit" - at a time when many were more excited with SMW & Bubsy in terms of SNES platformin' action, quiet little Plok offered a huge universe filled with some varied + innovative gameplay. I can remember looking at the box on the rental shelf and thinking "Yeah right . . . like I'm gonna rent a game called 'Plok' that I've never heard of". Fortunately, out of curiosity, I did eventually decide to check it out, and was pleasantly suprised. A little on the difficult side, but bright, colorful graphics and the ability to throw your limbs were neat, and the music - which I didn't know until now was by c64 veteran Tim Follin - was peppy + jazzy. Mazedude capitalizes upon all that was good and right with the original in this all-out jam that features some tres impressivo soloing - including Chris himself wailing away on a mean trombone, straight off a streetside corner in New Orleans - WOW. The main brass sound used pales in comparison, which is a bit of an issue, but there's piano jammage and just fine-tuned, honed, polished sequencing throughout. At around two minutes, when the boneman makes his grand entrance, it certainly raised my already high level of appreciation for this ReMix. Chris has apparently recently become "Pro-Tools Enabled" and used the package for post-production here (the source was from Impulse Tracker and Mr. Getman's embouchure) - he promises more impressive sonic happenings with his new skillz in the future, but in the meantime, jazz lovers especially can rejoice and dig the massive Plok jammin'. Recommended.



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on 2010-07-13 11:38:46

I registered just to say that I absolutely loved this! It put a big wide smile on my face, it really took me back. Just wonderful, thank you!

on 2010-01-06 04:27:34

*Toothy grin*

This just might be the happiest remix on this site.

I love every second. I know the source, so this was no less than a treat. The added accompanyment, the true-to-the-source yet refined sounds, and, of course, the trombone... well done, sir. The keyboard and trombone sections were highlights (love the breakdown before the trombone!), and everything was brought together to an innovative, adroit climax.

This was made in 2002? Ha! Just as fresh today as it ever was. That should speak for itself.

on 2009-12-17 03:31:01

Very weird title for a game, never played it either.

Samples are a little rough and a little dated, but it doesn't really take away from the track a lot. The piano and the trombone are the true stars of this piece, and really give the feeling of a party happenin' on the streets of New Orleans.

It's Mazedude, and it's fun. :nicework:

on 2009-11-16 02:36:04

Mazedude once again exels at spinning a rainbow of instruments and curiosities our way, all culminating into one hyperactive bundle of win. Flawless in design and execution. The samples are pretty crappy most of the way through, but I kinda like that about this. Mazedude almost seemed prepared for that, making this extra candy-coated and hard-edged to transcend any dated sounds.

Of course, the trombone and piano must be mentioned, as they are as excellent as I'd ever ask anything to be. I love the hell out of this, so much so that its flaws become points of praise. Pure, uncensored fun all for the sake of kickass music. Long live Mazedude.

on 2009-04-24 12:01:08

For me, these elements make the mix:

Dual electric guitars (start) - Simultaneously mellow and upbeat.

Clapping drums (0:06) - Seriously, these drums sound like claps. Weird but cool.

Cross-panned drum quotes (every so often) - Gotta admire how they fuel the mix's momentum.

Bass (0:12) - A vibrant, balancing heart.

Golden synth (0:36, 2:16) - It sounds like it came from an electric guitar touched by King Midas.

Crashing Boom Bang attack (1:17, 2:59) - a.k.a. drum+cymbal clash, it's a welcoming bomb to drop out of nowhere.

Piano (1:25) - Such icicle-cool improv.

And these are the things I can't get into:

Unharmonica (0:11) - Something about the way it warbles loosely makes me feel icky.

Brass (1:00) - Despite its noble intentions, it plays its notes in a plain/tacky manner.

The breakdown into slow silence (1:46 - 1:52) - It saps the mix of energy and drags my mood down with it. :(

Trombone (1:53) - There's a slight breath right before it starts playing, which is obvious in the silence of the false ending it follows; a risky first impression. It also gets overpowering, especially near the end.

The arrangement on the whole - This isn't the ReMixer's fault; I never got into Plok's Main Theme to begin with, and if the ReMixer wants to keep/expand upon the feel of the source, you can't argue with his choice.

Martin Penwald
on 2008-06-14 16:59:59

I never played the game; in fact, back when it was new and I read about it in the video game magazines, I hated it.

However, I have been listening to this particular remix time and again over the last few years. It's a quirky, funny tune, and lifts your mood instantaneously. Mazedude always delivers quality stuff, and this remix is no exception.

Also, this song not only makes me look forward to the upcoming Tim Follin tribute album, but has also made me want to finally play Plok. Good job.

on 2008-06-13 12:45:34

What an unfortunately titled game. :/

The samples in this one haven't really stood the test of time, but the arrangement is still hot out of the oven. Great sequencing; the piano is really nice, and the rotary is super fast, but I like how it is used.

The lead up to the Trombone and chiptune solo section was really well executed, and the whole song gives a great feeling of fun and exuberance.

I think some updated samples for this one, and maybe some live acoustic guitar would really make it be a standout. As is, it's still pretty good.

on 2006-12-17 03:25:23

The pause and trombone restart at 1:54 totally makes this song and is so Mazedude. The solo over the already impressive improvisational music is just so bouncy and fun. One man band style. That's where this mix excels.

Plus, it's a Follin tune, and that can only mean good things.

on 2006-12-16 19:45:10

You can always hear how much fun Mazedude is having when you listen to one of his arrangements. Plus I just love that it always sounds like it's a video game. Mazedude has an uncanny ability to create VGM remixes that sound like they should replace the game's original audio. Kinda like what the companies do when they put out arranged albums. It didn't used to be orchestral arrangements and stuff. There was a lot of simpler stuff like this on those arranged CDs - Chrono Trigger, Nintendo samplers, and so on.

But anyway, if you played Plok! that makes it even better because the game was so damn weird that this music is the only thing that makes sense out of it. I personally wasn't too big of a fan of the game OR the music, but I do love this mix.

on 2005-07-06 03:50:12

This is most definitely one of my favorite mixes. Mazedude has done some incredible stuff here. It stays true to the original, but improves on it a lot. I love it!

on 2004-12-30 21:46:44

This song is pretty cool

I'm not familiar with the music in any way but that didn't stop me from enjoying the song

when that trombone or whatever instrument that is comes in, its un expected but makes the song all the more exciting

on 2004-08-21 00:18:13

I have plok, I love the game, PLOK FOR 3D! MUST HAVE!

(but sadly, never made)

the music was always a favorite! :):D:D:)

on 2004-04-06 18:38:39

This song...ROX MEH SOX!!!

I love this song so much...out of the 100 of ReMixes I have, it ranks a CLOSE 3#. Wonderful job again, Mazedude.

Red Shadow
on 2004-04-05 20:50:40

Well, today actually started out really shitty for me, but i just got this friggin awesome mix and it made everything better to the Nth degree. One of my favorite mixes from both ocr AND Mazedude. I need more. :D

on 2003-11-25 22:25:16

Wow, I thought I was the only one! But to the point, this is a very good mix. It was the second one I downloaded from OC; I've got about 15 more now, and this is still my favorite (really slow [4kbps] internet + 3 weeks = 17 songs.)

It's very upbeat and lively in style, the kind of thing you listen to when you need to be perked up. It moves along nicely, and the trombone part near the end is great, especially with the slowdown/pause before it.

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Plok (Tradewest , 1993, SNES)
Music by Geoff Follin,Tim Follin

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