ReMix:Star Fox "Meteorave" 3:45

By bLiNd

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES), music by Hajime Hirasawa

Posted 2002-10-12, evaluated by djpretzel

Alright - we needed a little Starfox something fierce, and bLiNd aka Jordan Aguirre has given us a lot. For those who've long been hankering for some high-quality, danceable Starfox electronica, your ship has come in. I have fond memories of playing this game - it really did revolutionize 3d shooters and though the polygons were quite primitive the environments somehow still felt more believable and "solid" then a lot of 3d shooters that have come since, including its sequel. About the only downside was the way they used a single voice sample at different pitches for each character to emulate "speech", making each of them sound like an inebriated neanderthal. Oh, and then there's the issue of Slippy . . . regardless, this was a landmark game and what I would consider a shining moment for the SNES and Nintendo in general, and Jordan does it true justice with a well-produced, effect-laden techno rave production of the meteor stage music. Thick bass, shimmering pads, tempo delayed analog gurgles, some phasing, lots of reverb, a drum track that while largely four-on-the-floor does have the decency to break into some shuffle snare breakbeat action round 2'27", trance detuning, a decent if unassuming and brief intro and outro, and all-around groovability. In my mind, if you asked me to construct a good trance ReMix of this theme, this is what I'd envision as succeeding in that goal. The chromatic melody comes through, and the high-intensity, repeating BGM nature of the original lends itself to this adaptation. Great stuff from bLiNd, filling a much needed space admirably. Recommended.



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SubNormal J3
on 2011-03-20 22:59:54

Looking back over eight years later, this is still an awesome mix. The fourth bLiNd mix by my count, and like the previous others, this one is another milestone in the development of his style: there are less hi-hats and more distinct arps, basslines, strings, experimental sounds, and overall a killer package that is worth a listen. Of special note, we get a cool build-up early on circa 0:45, and the fade-out towards the end sounds awesome.

on 2008-11-04 17:05:49

This mix is one of those that defines classic OCR to me. One of the earlier mixes I picked up from here that has aged quite well. Clear production throughout and good progressions. I wouldn't have been able to guess that this was 128 CBR. Good stuff.

on 2008-10-08 11:10:42

Very well produced; it's cool to hear even bLiNd's earlier stuff if awesome. The track itself is a bit repetitive, but enough subtle changes go on to keep the track interesting as a whole. Some decent breakdowns and buildups, and though I wish there we a few more unique sections, this is pretty nice stuff overall, with great attention to detail. I really like the section at 2:27 where the melody gets chopped up a bit.

Good stuff.

on 2005-11-23 17:05:30

This piece simply cannot be any better! Of EVERYTHING on this site, this piece is my favorite. I love starfox, but that is certainly not the reason I love this piece. It's simply perfect and I don't think it could be made any better even if anyone tried! I love this remix TO DEATH! Brilliant work, keep it coming.

on 2005-07-04 22:33:42

OMG, this is awesome! For SFA, they should've hired bLiNd... His music is soo much better than the OST for SFA.

Upbeat, nice progression, great mix!

Arek the Absolute
on 2005-07-04 08:26:08

Obviosly it must be popular, considering all the "zomg"s it got :)

Over all it is a pretty good mix. Unexpected, I suppose you can say, for those ravers that dance to the beat. I can imagine someone going mad at the fast bpm, then suddenly having to slow down for that moment where it drops, then having to catch himself when the song speeds up yet again :)

on 2005-07-01 04:35:00

I love this song, its soo crazy 8):lol: I love that melody that comes in around 1:19! What track on the SPC is this a remix of??

Edit: Nevermind I found it. Why it's the track titled Meteor, of course :wink: .

Pip is uh.....
on 2005-03-13 22:01:04

Wow this mix hit me like a ton of bricks. I've got the scars and broken bones to prove it! My injuries aside this mix is really nice. Not only are the range of sounds uber trippy the beat is downright crazy! This is blind at his best! I really enjoy the mix at 2:56 when the audio just starts fadin in and out very very trippy! Excellent shit man!

Kxo Krazoa 6
on 2004-07-08 00:14:21

OMG this song sounds so professional! The original Starfox had my favorite music next to Adventures, and this track is freaken awesome!

on 2003-12-22 17:35:38



on 2003-12-19 22:51:35

Wow, never played this game but i'm a techno addict so i figured id try it out. This song scares me. It sounds so real, you can almost imagine yourself in space space guys do. But still, it's pretty scary to listin to in the dark. One of my favorite types of songs: Scares me and gets me hyped at the same time...Wow. Nice one. :lol:

on 2003-10-01 12:22:52
Here is a clearer louder version of the song, remastered and the mixdown was redone. Check it out!

Starfox - Meteorave (Remaster)


Fuck youre good bLiNd.

on 2003-01-31 00:59:05

Here is a clearer louder version of the song, remastered and the mixdown was redone. Check it out!

on 2002-11-30 21:47:28

Jordan, a.k.a. -blind-, is by far one of the best remixers to post techno remixes here. With this remix, he lives up to his previous submissions. I really don't remember this song too much, mainly cos I didn't play StarFox all that much. This is true raving music. The creepy vibe works well.

on 2002-11-27 15:28:56

this song is very good. Its worth the download.

Which game is winds of eternty from? i want to try and find that also

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Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES)
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