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With a name like "blood bath" how could we not post Mazedude's latest, from Doom 2, on Halloween? Twould be a crime, indeed. This is one seriously evil mix - it starts off innocently enough with a charmingly delicate bell and piano motif, but don't take that as any sort of indicator of things to come, as Chris builds from there, layer by layer, piece by piece, bringing in rock drums, awesome synth effects, a mean+ugly synth bass with some serious attitude, choir, menacing organ that would make Castlevania proud, and ever-increasing volume. This is intense, jugular-grabbin' stuff that doesn't let up or let you go for a second, so be prepared for a sonic journey into one ReMixer's vision of the underworld, id style. The processed guitar and flammed drum bits later on are just some of the juicy details that - importantly - you can hear amidst the chaos. Also, dig the chromatic rise just before the ending, which is softer but still resolves with menace hanging in the air. This has some of the better elements of Mazedude's own legendary River City Ransom ReMix, combined with some more gothic, demonic flavorings. Perfect Halloween bonfire music, but just as applicable for a private, headphone-enabled, lights-off, eyes-closed voyage to that place you get brief glimpses of in movies like Hellraiser and Event Horizon. Recommended.



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The Orichalcon
on 2013-10-23 21:42:04

1:57 - 2:11 the support bit is from E1M5 in Doom 1, as well as the chord progression from 1:34 - 1:41. That's the only extra little bit that I could hear. I guess it is 6 pieces all up.

on 2013-10-06 01:09:16

Strong weaving of the themes. Here's all I could make out:

Adrian's Asleep (Map25) - :00-1:11 lead; 1:11-1:48 support; 1:48-2:10, 2:29-2:31, 2:33-2:35, 2:40.5-2:48, 2:50-2:53 lead

Shawn's Got the Shotgun (Map07) - 1:11-1:48 lead, 2:57-3:11 lead, 3:11-3:59 support

Running from Evil (Map01) - 2:11-2:27 lead, 2:27-2:42 supporting

Bye Bye American Pie (Map23) - 2:35-2:42.75, 4:00-4:06 lead

Into Sandy's City (Map09) - 3:11-3:15.5, 3:21-3:59 lead

Any other insights are appreciated. Other people's attempts at a breakdown aren't entirely clear or accurate. :-)

on 2009-12-12 01:20:41

This isn't really that scary, but it's an awesome track. The bells and the piano at the start gave the feeling that something good was about to drop, and it did. It it came it all at once, I suppose it would've been added to the shock factor, but then we wouldn't have such an awesome build-up.

A solid track, and definitely worth the download.

on 2009-12-10 15:03:51

Excellent panning and overall coolness, with some great and catchy ideas added to the source. i wouldn't specifically call this spooky, but it's still a bad assed way to go about it, and the panning is a superb way of retaining interest with 2 bells that play off each other.

I wish the drums were a bit punchier, but otherwise this one is pretty much perfect.

on 2009-01-20 19:24:07


sort of.

At least not untill 0:39.

It comes in layers which is "meh" to me, and too much of the mix is more atmospheric than horrific. and when it does, the mix gets too muddled.

. I just talked myself out of liking this one.

darn it.

on 2006-04-30 07:43:33

that was awesome! I haven't played doom two, I don't think. Maybe I did? I remember playing one on my old i386 running Windows 3.1! And I know I played wolfenstein on that too. I was just a little kid and those games scared the crap outta me but I never did get nightmares from them.

Oh wait, back on topic. That song was a great remix. I loved the way you put everything together. The piano part was especially great!

on 2006-04-05 07:30:10

Listened to this closely on the way to uni today, and struck I was, by how similar it is to Gothic Sandy. Or maybe just the bit that uses the same theme as Gothic Sandy stood out to me. Either way .... if F.E.A.R. were made into a film, I could very easily picture this track being used for the creepy scenes with the little girl and the blood corridors and so on. It's got that sort of an evil feel to it, a feeling of trepidition. It leaves me with an uneasy feeling, especially the intro.

7 (85%)

on 2005-08-23 21:46:14

The remix from this artist starts innocently enough, a few innocent chimes from glockenspiels and pianos setting the scene, giving the listener, a faintest clue of what is to come, the cymbal and synth swooshes offering a more serious idea of what is in the way, with increasingly strong synths emphasising the point that this remix is nothing normal.

The creepy synths take their cue from the drum samples, sounding decidedly "fifth element", in only the best fashion possible, in only the way that cheap artificial life can exist, in only the way that such life is reflected... The local synths take over the track and tear through the music, swearing priority over all except a persistant bassline, while the synths dance their way.

.....the synths and drums pick up at this point, while the accomponiment helps set the urgency for the scene, going through bar after bar, each instrument added confirming that nothing is as it seems, the intensity builds and builds...

The pace picks up, further and further, faster and faster, various synths taking over, overriding the track, each adding their own distinct pattern to the mix, each remeniscent of the very esscence of DOOM, until a moment of total silence in which the listener barely has time to think before the pure evil of the piece takes over - the listener is subjected to the last few chords and melodies of the piece, the last few loose ends, before being treated to a terminal piano piece that assures the listener that the affairs of Hell are far from concluded.

on 2005-03-01 23:10:40

Hm, s'pose I didn't comment on this one yet after all...

Love it.

The Orichalcon
on 2005-01-10 08:42:46

Beautiful piece. I count elements of ten doom pieces in here. Great medley. Just another MD mix to love. :)

on 2005-01-07 23:50:49


This is one of Mazedude's best.

Excellent synth work! What kind of controller will he use today ladies and gentlemen? Excellent arrangement - exceedingly interesting. Love the syncopated beats as well; daring and quite original.

I don't remember Doom ][ being half as cool as this track. Great work.


on 2004-10-26 19:55:48

nice intro then builds into some hardcore melody, very well done, i love all of mazedudes doom songs

1:10 it'd be sweet if there was a time signature change there

on 2004-07-03 12:33:28

Mazedude, all I can say is you have done an absolutely wonderful job on this remix.

I love how you are very subtle in building things up.

The piano, in my opinion, is the most subtle instrument, and almost has a subliminal "feel" to it (but maybe that's just me).

This is definately a keeper.

on 2004-06-09 19:21:43

I've been a huge doom fan for a loooong time, and this is probably one of my favorite doom remixes, along with Barels 'o Fun. I probably missed a ton of the songs, but of what I recognized, and what I didn't I still love this mix.

I love the organ and really aggressive piano among the most out of this song, but all of is teh awesomes evar!

10/10, awesome work Mazedude.

Yakolev Noct
on 2004-03-02 22:11:43

This mix captures the feel of Doom perfectly. Doom is the only FPS that has ever managed to make me sympathize with the main chara, because he never gets a break, and you see that. No other game capured the "You. Are. F**ked" feeling as perfectly as Doom and Doom II, but especially Doom II, as this mix shows.

At the peak of this song, once can't but help imagine the Doom guy frantically shoving shells into his twin-barreled shotgun as fast as he can fire them as Demon after demon steps forth.

Even the ending captures the feel very well, as this song never winds to a close, but merely insinuates a pause in the action, a pause that always ends right before it can become a much-needed break.

While I consider Mazedude's other doom works to be superior as stand-alone songs, Bloodbath is his masterpiece as he has managed to transform one stimulus seemlessly into another.

Highly reccomended, but especially to anyone who's ever played though Doom.

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Doom II: Hell on Earth (GT Interactive , 1994, DOS)
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"Adrian's Asleep (Map25)"
"Bye Bye American Pie (Map23)"
"Into Sandy's City (Map09)"
"Running from Evil (Map01)"
"Shawn's Got the Shotgun (Map07)"

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