ReMix:Magical Drop III "Drum 'n J-pop" 3:10

By Zeratul

Arranging the music of one song...

"Explanation vol.2 (Operation Explanation)"

Primary Game: Magical Drop III (Data East , 1997, NG), music by Gamadelic, Hiroaki Yoshida, Masaaki Iwasaki, SIN, Tatsuya Kiuchi

Posted 2003-01-13, evaluated by djpretzel

Zeratul submits after a lengthy hiatus from OCR with a Magical Drop 3 ReMix (hurrah for Neo-Geo!) he did a while back. As the title suggests, this is sugary, saccharin-filled happiness mixed with some crunchy, perky beats and doused with buckets of firm, squelchy analogue synth bass and burps. There's some great synth fx and percussion that lend this arrangement a very organic, percolating vibe, and the bassline is sheer deadly. It's all synth, no hybridization, with a bell taking on backing arpeggio patterns, filtered+modulated chords and phatulent lower synth doing the melody thing, with a good sans-drums break that gives you a clear picture of what's going on. Everything fits into place so dern nicely here, it's amazing - the percussion, the various synths and bass, and the icing on the cake - the fx - all lock in to a coherent groove that's both sweet and funky. The Neo needed some lovin' and it's better late than never from el Zeratulo aka Benedikt Terhechte. Recommended.



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on 2017-01-30 11:08:56

The sweeeeeeeeeetest ear candy. Like a magical gumball for your eardrums. Makes my brain feel pleasantly plasticine.

on 2009-12-05 18:38:11

Too many people are using the word saccharine here, but that's because it is an appropriate word to use. This mix uses plenty of good effects along with some nice synths and great percussion to make a pretty sweet mix. It doesn't have the greatest harmonic lead, and I feel like the bell synth loses some clarity in the mix, but it's a fun mix that is an enjoyable listen.

on 2008-01-15 16:26:35

Super super clean sounds, and some nice breaks; this is a great track for happily doing your thing to, whatever said thing might be.

The synth right before the DnB kicks in is excellent, I love that sound.

Light and fresh, this is a fun remix. I'd prefer a stronger hook in there somewhere, but as is, I think it gets it's point across.

on 2007-05-14 10:27:49

During Lockdown 2, I gotta say, I was hardpressed to make all the connections to the source material here. Sounded pretty liberal to me. AFAIK, I was satisfied enough with what I heard to let it go.

As for the track itself, it's got a positive vibe without seeming saccharine sweet or syrupy, which I really enjoyed. Really excellent composition sounds, as well as very tight production. Benedikt is a consumate musician.

Uberwulf X
on 2005-09-11 17:41:14

ah, i'm feeling this. smooth and upbeat, electronic hype. playing it loud... i'm not dissapointed at all. i'm a fan of the md3 tunes, so i'm glad to see another mixed up. i only wish i knew which one this was.

on 2003-09-16 12:05:33

WHOA. Zeratulo's posting.

I check sarbatka regularly for new music. la chatte formidable is one of my favourite songs ever, easily.

Hope to hear more of your great music soon!

el Zeratulo
on 2003-09-16 11:46:03

The only problem *I'd* have with it is the ending, and the distorted thing didn't work out so well for me, but I think cheery happy things like these are sometimes hard to finish. oO; Most I know would chicken out and go with a fade-away. ^^;

yeah :) and fade-away endings are a big NONO anyway :) i'd rather simply suddenly end in the middle of a melody instead of doing the fade-away :)

on 2003-01-29 00:41:15

Waahh~ simple, straightforward, catchy and very nod-inducing. ^^;

I think it's always nice to hear music that's just very fun to listen to, and not all dark and serious, especially ones that're done with drum with strong kicks. oO;

Okay, I figure that didn't make much sense... but that's because I wrote it while nodding my head and listening to the tune. ^^;

The only problem *I'd* have with it is the ending, and the distorted thing didn't work out so well for me, but I think cheery happy things like these are sometimes hard to finish. oO; Most I know would chicken out and go with a fade-away. ^^;

on 2003-01-18 08:45:04

Very catchy melody and I find myself listening to it over and over again. Just my 2 cents :)

on 2003-01-17 13:04:44


OMFG Zeratul! YOU ARE DA MAN! That was one of the best remixes I ever heard, this could be a huge dance hit man!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

I VERY HIGHLY reccomend this and KakarikoRaveParty to anyone looking for a awesome techno mix, thanks Zeratul!

on 2003-01-16 18:18:09

Drum N Bass just the way I like it.

on 2003-01-16 12:48:05

This is the best!!!! Really, really catchy !!

Starts off with a simple melody to hook you in.. then the fade break and WHOPPA!!!! there you go with fresh DnB, your unconsciousness makes you knobb your head without noticing it .. love the flow .. your breaks are just too good .. really like the poing effect in the bass, the bass line is rock steady .. mid part gives ya some time to chill .. after that it's building climax again for the beat to kick in ... love this track .. great work zera !!!

on 2003-01-15 11:37:58

Definitely something to play real loud. It's heavy in itself but as smooth as a milkshake, so turning the volume full blast won't make your ears hurt. I like how the melody flows with all the drums used.

Above average OC material.

on 2003-01-13 02:26:43

DJP said it all real well. This song fits together nicely. It's catchy, upbeat, and enjoyable. No strings or "real" samples, just straight up juicy electronic sounds. Coolness. Nice job, Zeratul.

on 2003-01-13 01:07:11

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Primary Game:
Magical Drop III (Data East , 1997, NG)
Music by Gamadelic,Hiroaki Yoshida,Masaaki Iwasaki,SIN,Tatsuya Kiuchi
"Explanation vol.2 (Operation Explanation)"

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