ReMix:Breath of Fire II "You Must Dance" 2:50

By Gman

Arranging the music of one song...

"Don't Even Think About Dying"

Primary Game: Breath of Fire II (Capcom , 1995, SNES), music by Yuko Takehara

Posted 2003-02-22, evaluated by djpretzel

Well, these things happen. "Newcomer" Gman actually submitted a version of this so long ago it predates our judges panel and the newer email address for submissions, and thus it's taken over a rotation of the Earth around the Sun to see the light of day here on OCR. Ah, but as the eternal optimist (hopefully) in all of us might say, "better late than never" . . . This is some very upbeat, catchy techno dance that's anchored by a very liquid analog lead synth that's just quality. The arrangement intros with a very respectable orchestral sorta bit, but transforms into the high-energy, thumpin' 'tronica pretty early. Heavy kick, offbeat (mostly) bass, and a variety of convincing, high-quality analog synths (this is key) complete the sound. There's a good variety of breaks, additions, subtractions, builds, etc. that help fill up about three minutes at a pretty quick tempo. It would have been cool to mix it up a bit and through in an acoustic guitar solo or something more organic, for the variety/hybrid appeal, but what's here is solid and definitely works. The strength of the synth timbres used, and the way that strength is capitalized on, exposed, and "shown off", is what makes it a lot of fun. Plus the original lends itself well to the style. Nothing mind-blowing or genius in terms of innovation, just a good, rock-solid dance track done right. A big thanks to Gman for his patience, and for an impressive debut that was literally a year in the making. Recommended.

― djpretzel


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Vesper Vidya
on 2023-03-01 14:45:02

I use this song as the alarm clock on my phone. Great interpretation of the somber original.

on 2014-11-17 12:50:47

Sound design-wise, a lot of cookies were cut. :lol: OA's comments about the treble being relentless were on point, and some more dynamic contrast through more textural changes (particularly variation with lead) would have made this better. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid, so I'll stick with the original on this.

on 2008-10-07 14:51:21

I'm not sure I like remixes telling me explicitly what to do, but i'll let it slide this time. However, I will not "work it" or "move it". I hope we can all agree to this compromise.

I think the mix needs a little more time to breathe a bit; the treble is relentless and really tires my ears out.

Otherwise this is pretty decent; synths are good and the beat is nice.

on 2008-09-24 15:53:33

I don't remember this source from the game much(been a while), but from what I do remember this is a nice style adaption. Definately gives a new feel to the original. I like that it still retains the sad feeling, yet Well done.

Jimstander Drago
on 2006-01-09 16:29:08

Never played the game and it dosen't matter, this remix rocks. Even if your not into techno stuff this totally deserves a listen to. Nice job Gman

on 2005-03-30 19:00:49
which song on Bof is this remixing? Its not even remotely close to any of the ones.

Really good song though!

You Must live

It took me awhile to figure it out too til I replayed the game recently. its kinda vague but when you think about it the conclusion will definitly be drawn

on 2005-03-26 18:40:54

which song on Bof is this remixing? Its not even remotely close to any of the ones.

Really good song though!

Mighty Gazelle
on 2004-11-03 14:59:15

Awesome techno remix of my favorite track from this game. More lively and upbeat then I would have imagined possible for this song.

The one and only BOF 2 mix is definitely a great one.

on 2004-08-25 11:26:19

I love dance tracks, and I love the Breath of Fire series. Ergo, I love this mix. the synth lines are increadible.

Corporal Eschebone
on 2003-11-09 01:17:51

This is T3H PWNZ.

0:00 - Nice.

0:12 - Gettin' started...

0:22 - Excellent tuning there.

0:39 - Sounds like a synth duet. Cool.

1:20 - Perfect! I love this part!

1:48 - A pause??? In a DANCE mix??? What am I supposed to do, just STAND there???? [heh, just kidding! this is nicely placed.]

1:49+ - Climactic, sounds like multiple synths, and not just two.

Excellent mix, finely tuned, perfectly placed transitions. 95%.

on 2003-02-28 08:46:33

I remember i downloaded this remix somewhere LONG ago when i saw in posted in the forums (i might have to check the created date on this comp... heh)

Anyway... if you're refusing to even download it just cause it's call "youmustdance", then don't bother comment on it.

Old Omen
on 2003-02-23 18:44:20

Don't be so close-minded. :x

Not all songs with "Dance" in the title are dance, and therefore "bad". Download Gman's mix, then pass judgement.

Very solid dance... *glares at Emperor* It seems a little top-heavy; I would have liked a stronger bass. Definitely no lack of technical ability. See, when the mid comes in at 2:31, that makes it more balanced. The original seems to have been a very nice melody; never played through BoF2, so I wouldn't know.

Nice work! :nicework:

Discuss what's in the link somewhere else. PM me, if you feel it necessary. I just felt like griping at Emperor...

The Hiryuu
on 2003-02-23 17:05:11

It has the word "dance" in the title, and thus I automatically refuse to listen to it.

on 2003-02-23 14:46:12

This is a great little dance piece; I've not heard the original, but you've got a good dancey groove going.

As I am often inclined to say: SOLIDâ„¢!

The only things I can say are that I would have liked a bit more delay or reverb to give this piece some "depth," and the snare at the very end sounds a bit too acoustic for a dance song.

Otherwise, great job GMan.

on 2003-02-23 10:05:12

Pretty straightforward elecronica- nothing terribly offensive or standout. But it succeeds at what it tries to be, so dance music fans should give it a listen.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Breath of Fire II (Capcom , 1995, SNES)
Music by Yuko Takehara
"Don't Even Think About Dying"

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