ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Cid Sends a Dream to the Undersea Palace" 6:16

By Star Salzman

Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Cid's Theme", "Ocean Palace"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2003-03-22, evaluated by djpretzel

Two for one for one low price - our third and final RPG mix for the evening comes from Star Salzman and is an epic, multi-genre arrangement from FF7 I think many will enjoy. I'm running a bit short on time so I can't really give this one the written justice it deserves :( Best effort: right from the outset, you know that at the very least the samples will be high-quality, as a nice, rolling, military orchestral snare pattern starts us off, with ominous low strings joining in, leading to a clarinet solo around the first half-minute, augmented by subtle pizzicato strings and eventually more strings, leading to a nice build with a harp run and then the main melody with french horns on primary. Piano then comes in as drums drop out. Thus far, you're thinking: nifty, a high-quality orchestral FF7 mix! However, halfway through, warm analog pads filter in, some techno-industrial percussion rears its slightly-distorted and very cool head, and a filter-modulated synth pattern comes in as well. Things really pick up around 4'40" as there's an accelerando into straight techno with some cool arpeggios and gating effects. Things end back on an orchestral note, finishing at the very end with a single, sustained french horn. Thus, you basically get two great mixes with a seamless transition, in one. Score another winner for SS - recommended.



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on 2010-05-07 11:27:16

A nicely unexpected rhythmic change ups in the snare got my attention immediately, and the cool syncopated cello helped draw me in as well for the intro. A hard pullback into a full force melody worked really well, and then a more subdued repeat had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

The counter melody writing was really nice, and for the most part the track was really solid. I'm not totally sold on the shift to 'Ocean Palace'; the modal shift made the song less hopeful and more tragic sounding, and I think it would have been better to have inverted the themes, or had it finish off with a final bombastic coda of Cid's theme to make it a dramatic and uplifting ending.

Either way, the execution on this track is very high, and is a good indicator of why Star's reputation as a premier remixer is so widespread.


on 2009-03-17 18:57:16

okay this is just simply words can describe how well this piece was put together

the production and arrangement is just incredible. this mix is just epic, the piano with the compliment of the viola fitted so well for this mix. The transition to schala's theme was just flawless, very well done. 9.5/10

on 2008-12-22 22:22:58

The transition between the two themes here is orgasmic. Well maybe not that sexual, but pretty damn impressive nonetheless. Transitions are make or break in a musical environment, with a stronger tendency to break. Thankfully, the transition was trained to make, and does so swimmingly.

I really love the orchestral workout at the beginning, moreso than the further two thirds simply because there's more melodic territory to explore with Cid's theme and with the great string and percussion work. Techno and the Ocean Palace theme just don't have that strong backbone to keep it from meandering. Still, I loved the entirety; everything makes sense musically and none of it becomes redundant. A stellar mix, overall.

lady zelda
on 2006-08-23 00:41:25

The transition in the middle section is amazing. At first you have your rendition of Cid's theme and then slowly it builds to something so much more, and then before you know it, you're riding along with the current before you find yourself swept into the final section, that is not only catchy but so full of energy. There is such a huge difference between the beginning of the mix and the end, and it still fit so well together. To sum it up in one word: mileage. Awesome job, Star Salzman!

DJ Skratch 'n' Sniff
on 2006-01-02 03:49:31

This ReMix truley is awesome. I love how the song ventures through multiple genres. It even gets trancey! Salzman gets mad props for that alone.

on 2006-01-01 21:04:19

hey dude nice remix man, the change from cid to undersea palace took me by surprise even though I read what songs you put in there lol. It's good dude. I can tell you worked on this for quite some time man. Good gravy! :D

And the orchestral part at the end was a very nice touch, very berry nice touch indeed! :D

on 2005-10-11 10:13:04

Starduuude, you´ve done it again. Nice techno remix with some adds of other instruments, the two songs just melds together and makes somethin´ real cool. Great piece.

I must check up those other longer works.

on 2005-06-11 22:05:51

This is my #3 fav song in OC_Remix website! Golly, I've been loving Cid's theme and hope some1 would do a great remix on it. My hope came true with this one, I love it! I usually heard this remix b4 I go to bed, it made me sleep well for some reason's like u can hear the music song afar in your ears. Gotta love this song people!! My brother is has a very strict taste with music, and he even liked this one :lol:.

on 2005-03-21 19:21:58

OH,Star, how you tease me so. First you impress me with your courage and then you seduce me with your wilder side... Um...yeah. I get a little carried away sometimes... But this truely is a very AWESOME remix. I love Cid's theme, and I wish someone else would do as a great an opus as you did for the first part, (maybe you can write more of it? please??), and the trancey techno under sea palace rules. You don't get much better than this. Actually...I don't think there IS a better...

on 2004-02-22 20:41:58

When I first heard this tune on ormgas, I heard something that sounded like Chrono Trigger's Ocean Palace, but when I checked the website, it said Final Fantasy VII. I didn't expect to find a remix of two great rpg songs in one. Great remix, changing from soft instrumental to a trance-like beat.

on 2004-02-08 18:31:33

this song is awesome...great work! it's like one of my fav FFVII songs!

on 2003-12-20 03:50:03

I just started playing FFVII today, and twas this song that encouraged me to make such an impulse buy.

on 2003-11-16 20:57:02

This seriously takes the remix-cake in my opinion! I absolutely LOVE the smooth transition between songs,... Great work! Keep it up!

on 2003-06-05 22:08:24

My gf Katie says she knows you.

Anyways, she sent me Light At The End Of The Tunnel a couple of months ago and I loved it;)

As for Cid, very very nice indeed:)

btw, if anyone's interested in more of Star's work, you can find it here:

on 2003-04-06 17:32:17

as always: quite sexellent. please keep it up.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Cid's Theme"
Additional Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Ocean Palace"

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