ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Kefka Goes Carnival" 3:31

By NoppZ

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Battle Theme", "Kefka"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2003-04-29, evaluated by djpretzel

Now we're talking :) While NoppZ' return after a long hiatus came with a respectable ZAMN ReMix, this is him back in true full force, with a fantastic Kefka mix done carnival-style for quite the wild ride, with the Decisive Battle theme thrown in for good measure, and a heapin' helpin' of latin piano motifs and brass hits. We don't really have too much in this vein here on OCR, and NoppZ pulls off the hybrid latin/techno sound with aplomb. It's hard not to move to this when it gets goin', which is fast - dig the piano solo nearing the third minute mark, the chromatic riffage left and right, and the emphatic ending. This just sounds like something the ReMixer had a blast making, and that energy translates into a positive musical vibe that borders on excess but never becomes chaotic, and has a lot of verve. NoppZ, perhaps a little woozy (or maybe it was just late), writes: "So yes. This is another ff6 remix with two well known and lovely themes :) and A catchy name?. yeah :) i think so. This time kefka is going....?..?..... CARNIVAAAL :) HAHA.. well im getting crazy.. I hope you enjoy this mix. Im submitting it with this mail. its like 4mb Of size!" - indeed. Well, no one ever said lucidity or sobriety via email were directly related to musical knack, and now NoppZ is a living refutation should anyone claim as such. Seriously, though, this is creative genre work in a different style we don't see often, with lovely agogo, deep kick and bass that will shake the very foundation of your living quarters, and great syncopated piano work backed up by quality brass section hits. It's just a lot of fun, without sacrificing musicality, and is pure, 100% NoppZ in every way. Recommended.



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on 2017-08-25 22:30:39

Hey, just wanted to point out that this mix also features the Final Fantasy 6 "Battle Theme". I believe the first time it features is at 1:51. Hopefully it get's added to the song source list.

Nice mix btw. Creative take.

on 2012-02-11 11:43:49

My brain: "Why am I submitting myself to this?"

My toe-tapping foot: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaw!"

My foot and my brain will meet for a musical conference later this year. Until then I'll just keep listening to this song, and worse, inflicting it on others...


on 2011-03-28 22:34:11

I actually liked the execution of this mix better than the idea behind it. Kefka's Theme isn't really a song that I'd look at and think it would sound great in a carnival style. I think the end result is superb, so kudos to NoppZ for a job well done.

on 2010-07-18 02:38:51

Interesting treatment on a pretty heavy theme. I do like how it makes what is a pretty complex piece of music quite simple and effortless to follow. That's worthy of commendation in itself. While the arrangement succeeds in that area, the downside is that the diversity is somewhat off-balance. I wouldn't describe this mix as repetitive, as it's much too short for that. But it's perhaps a little disappointing that the cycles of the melody fail to evolve at all.

I'm not a fan of the overly manufactured sound of the mix, and I thought the hits of percussion and the brass could have had some more punch to them, but in all, this mix does its job and still has a lasting impression. More flawed than I would have wanted, but there's some enjoyable material here regardless.

on 2010-06-07 18:15:30

Some really cool ideas, I love how the melody gets relentless and does a lot of really interesting shifts in order to always be doing something. The samples aren't amazing, but the arrangement holds up really well, and all the enthusiasm for the track in the review thread is pretty well deserved. :-)

on 2009-12-05 22:32:34
the technical term for the emotion this track inspires is as follows:


^ What these people said.

Wow... this feels so much like Mardi Gras. And knowing Kefka.... lol. Picture that in your minds for a moment as you listen to it.

This mix just makes a lot of sense cosmically, don't it?

This is just a pure fun and amazing to listen to mix. Loud and proud and not to fancy. One can't listen to this mix and be in a bad mood. Go check it out.

*dances along to the mix*

Shining Mirage
on 2007-06-09 18:18:50

A highly interesting piece. A friendly reminder of how annoying it was to actually fight Kefka, along with a playfully complex theme that is... Kefka. Noppz, you did one hell of a job on this one.

on 2007-06-09 13:06:21

Yeah! Montuno piano always gets me going... teamed with the Kefka theme... awesome! It's fun, playful, still got a little bit of darkness from the Kefka theme - but that's what the original theme is, you know? I really dig this, you've captured such a great spirit in this work! Amazing job!

on 2006-08-02 03:03:58

I had to create an account just now, specifically for the purpose of addressing this remix. I believe I can do so with but two words; bloody hysterical!

Like most of you, I was a little thrown by the title. Naturally I expected Kefka ~ Painted like a clown ~ Clowns = Circus ~ "Circus Carnival". Typical.

The results proved to be considerably more amusing than anticipated.

Kefka himself has always been comic relief for me. It's nigh impossible to take him seriously, and it becomes evident (particularly due to the fact that this is not NoppZ's ONLY Kefka title-) that the remixer agrees.

Noppz has an excellent sense of humor in his remix, and it rarely fails to crack me up.

I've noticed comments pertaining to it's repetition. It IS, to a degree, but no more so than it needs to be. I feel that not only does it work in this case, but it's absolutely necessary. (Consider how repetative many 'techno remixes' tend to be.)

Hold onto the humor, NoppZ.


on 2005-10-08 09:38:07

I´m a little tired after dancing around my chair, but I´ll try review anyway.

Great remix, Kefka is one of FF´s baddest guys I know, this remix prooves that he after all just was a bully that actually has a funny side of himself. It sounds like it´s from Rio da janeiro, a touch of brazil that gets this remix moving all over the place, even inside my leg. It won´t stop moving! 8O

Some complaints over the samples and quality in this song. I don´t care. Why?

1)Whatever the quality is or what stuff it´s made from, it still sounds great, it´s another happy remix that gives you something to smile about.

2)IT´S CARNEVAL!!! :tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::D

Nine Ten Doh
on 2005-09-27 21:44:07

Awesome remix. Along with Kefka Goes West, this is a mix I regularly listen to if I need an energy boost. I start out with West, then move onto Carnival, and soon I'm bouncing off the walls.

Oh, and that picture somehow reminds me of those Project A-Ko movies...

on 2005-07-24 10:11:33


The perfect definition of this song. Reminds me of old Megaman/X songs.

Red Light District
on 2005-05-05 21:21:26

I love this remix! Although it's hard to tell it's kefka's theme for a while, This is incredibly catchy and all of my girlfriends love it. You could pick up chicks with this.

on 2005-03-21 21:28:34

FUFUFUFUFU....this is totally fun!!!! The motif is excellent. Motif, that's right.

Stalwart Jester
on 2005-02-23 23:23:40
the technical term for the emotion this track inspires is as follows:


...What he said. :lol: I wanted to dance to this, seriously, but the first time I heard it I was wasting some free time while in Webmastering class...

...Dancing randomly in class might embarass you, you know. :roll:

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Battle Theme"

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