ReMix:Doom II: Hell on Earth "Oldskool Demon" 5:04

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Demon's Dead (Map10)"

Primary Game: Doom II: Hell on Earth (GT Interactive , 1994, DOS), music by Bobby Prince

Posted 2003-05-20, evaluated by djpretzel

Mazedude is playing to the id crowd of late, with this Doom 2 ReMix hot(ish) on the heels of his previous, Wolfenstein 3D mix. This arrangement forgoes the hybrid orchestral/electro style for a slightly older-fashioned industrial. Not sure if the word 'oldskool' comes to mind, but something close to it perhaps. This ReMix centers around a synthetic, heavy electric guitar patch that is intentionally bent and manipulated in ways that betray its artificial nature, but still sound dern cool. There's more of the same dynamically panned, intricate electro-percussion Chris seems to be favoring more and more, on top of a heavy industrial downbeat. There's a fake ending around the second minute, where things drop out quick, then go into a robotic funk with a screetching synth solo, very cool electric piano chord hits, and a more demonic (hence the name, yo) intensity. Do be warned that some of the soloing gets downright mean, soaring into the upper register with reckless abandon and no mercy. The only element that lacked punch was the fadeout ending - I don't have the same hangup with these that others do, when used in the right context, but in this case something with very punctuated closure would have been more appropriate. Other than that lil aspect, this is some atmospherically evil Doom 2 mixage that lives up to its mix title and delivers an id-sized wallop. Should help tide you over till Doom 3 goes gold :)



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on 2010-03-19 15:23:14

some nice personalization, but it's not as deep as a lot of the mazedude tracks i'm used to. :-)

I thought the intro personalization was great, but i didn't fell that it branched out much further. It was a fun listen, but not a classic.

on 2009-12-12 01:45:23

Oh yeah, this is oldskool all right. And it really does remind of an 80's B Horror movie (I don't know why, it just does), mixed in with the usual Mazedude flavouring. Didn't like the fakeout ending though, nearly stopped listening till I heard the beat come back, but that's my only beef with this great mix. :nicework:

on 2009-03-23 10:33:04

Well I for one love what is done here. To make a mix that is as potentially repetitive as this one so sustained and interesting for five minutes is incredible. The signature Mazedude quirkiness is still thrown in, with some strange chirps, boings and such behind the prominence of the main bass and melody so it doesn't take anything away from the apocalyptic vibe. But it is there, which is what is important.

Bobby Prince's work continues to win my attention and admiration, and Mazedude is a huge part of that. His attention to detail in turning deceptively simple synth-gothic ambience into window rattling power trips is something to cherish.

By the way, that premature fade out fools me every time.

Every. Damn. Time.

Mr Azar
on 2009-01-26 15:05:58

The beginning and parts of the ending are great, but it's mostly just "okay".

on 2009-01-23 20:31:43

It's decidedly techno-industrial, but I'm just not getting a "fear for the safety of my soul" vibe here.

In the end, its an average, o.k mix.

on 2006-12-19 12:00:39

What can I do, I'm biased towards ReMixeRs who use a tracker, and Mazedude is certainly one of the best I've ever seen. How he can manage to achieve such good - I mean, AWESOME - results is a mistery to me.

This song, while not in my favorite genre, is really interesting. And, if you are a Doom fan, you should get this now.

Only weak point of this, the low bitrate of the MP3, that hurts the sound quality a lot, but it was needed to shrink down the filesize. Oh well, still a masterpiece.

on 2004-07-30 14:16:57

Wow. Goddam, pretty mean sounding track! In a sense, it retains the horror inducing sounds of Doom 2, and yet feels slightly campy with the shamelessly 80's techno sounds.

Pretty good. If I never heard of the game's track before, I would have thought it came from the 80's. Nice.

The Orichalcon
on 2004-02-25 08:07:17

Thankyou Mazedude. This might be able to help me understand how you make your music so damn good. ;)


on 2004-02-24 20:46:38

For any trackers who are curious to see how this was constructed, I have posted the original IT file on Considering the samples, it's not as huge as most of my files, and it's kinda a fun one to watch, hehe.


on 2003-10-30 17:34:01

Yet another favorite of mines here.

I specially like the FX percs with the bass pluncks,

and the synth solo @02:30

on 2003-09-10 17:10:52

Great, great stuff!!! Although it doesn't quite have the same feel to it as the original Midi, which seemed to be slower and darker and had a segment which isn't here at all, the rest of the song more than makes up for it. Tons of creativity, awesome instrument choice, etc. I especially like how the song "shuts down" then "restarts" around 2:09

Instruments A

Creativity A

Pacing A

Original song quality A

Remixing quality, soundness A-

Replay value A-

Overall 94% A

on 2003-07-10 01:36:42

I agree. Can we, like, nominate Mazedude for some kind of non-existant prestegious award or something?


J. :twisted:

on 2003-07-09 10:09:23

I love this remix. I love all of Mazedude's id remixes. I love industrial effects/music/drums/everything. Feel the love. Awesome remix. :D

on 2003-06-18 15:12:12

really good remix, i love all doom remix and this is no exception, rock on man =D

on 2003-06-18 10:19:54

LOL! This is REALLY good! From the review I didn't think I'd like it much but it's fantastic! Never heard anything quite like it.

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Primary Game:
Doom II: Hell on Earth (GT Interactive , 1994, DOS)
Music by Bobby Prince
"The Demon's Dead (Map10)"

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