ReMix: Streets of Rage "Trippin' on the Bridge" 3:28

By lazygecko

Arranging the music of one song...

"Keep the groovin'"

Primary Game: Streets of Rage (Sega, 1991, GEN), music by Yuzo Koshiro

Posted 2003-06-05, evaluated by djpretzel

Fear not, hearty OCR-goers - while it's been slow the past two weeks and posting will probably remain slowish for the next couple weeks, we're definitely still here, alive, and kickin'. We recently experienced a server upgrade to the latest version of PHP from a few versions back, which went smoothly, and the future holds some interesting possibilities. But enough of that - the core of the site has always been and will always be the music, and Gecko Yamori's been waiting for something of his to be posted for awhile now. This Streets of Rage ReMix features a late 70's / early 80's disco electrogroove with a robotic drum-machine beat, overpowering and deep synth bass, some tasty brass hits, an initially static-laden, atmospheric electric piano, some wah-guitar hits, and about halfway through a very slick, reverbed violin motif and moving synth pattern. If there's a downside, it's that the last third doesn't really introduce any new musical constructs but instead sorta summarizes the first two thirds by switching off a bit, then ending on a delayed synth bit. This is a good meat-and-potatoes mix that doesn't try for anything too fancy but gets what it is trying to do right - the sound is sort of between eras, with elements of 70's and 80's genres, and works well with Yuzo's style. Good, solid stuff from Gecko, very enjoyable to listen to and not abrasive or boring. Kudos.



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on 2009-03-21 17:42:15

Mostly a sound upgrade with a few flourishes and some additional personalization, I really loved the warm piano with the record crackle effect, and throughout, the soundscape keeps changing, but always sounds cohesive, due to that bass and drums. Even the solo violin sounded decent.

A pretty groovin track, even though the drums are pretty mechanical.

This mix has held up pretty well, and is a good listen.

on 2007-05-14 01:29:49

Conservative arrangement, too conservative in the big scheme of things in terms of being a slave to the original's structure, but definitely well personalized for the time. I was always a big fan of the original, and Dan did a nice job spicing it up.

Axe Canabrava
on 2004-02-19 03:48:21

Another one of my Big Time Favorites!

It's... like, WUZZAH!

Streets of Rage ReMixes doesn't get any better.

the warlock
on 2003-11-03 12:38:35

Ahhh my favourite theme from SoR enhanced by the ever reliable G.Yamori. Gecko this is yet another fine piece of ReMixing. Love the bass, the beat, the groovy 80's style intro but the piano leading up to the beautiful violin has my full compliments. Solid, sound work from Gecko.

on 2003-08-13 01:56:30

Groooove. ^_^ The violin is most certainly my favorite part, but the too-bright piano is nice and I adore the crunchy static background. Of course, love the bass and the wah, the drums so go with it. Good stuffs.

on 2003-06-25 02:32:22

OHHHH MY... this is a pieeeece of cake! very well arranged and near the original and love the original one, the piano, violin, backgrounds, special effects is very perfect and I can say after the first minute things started!! and all the others seems too good for me. thanx for your perfect new remix. :D

but there is one thing I didn't like the piano was too loud, seems like middle frequencies, I don't know maybe Gecko Yamori wanted it like that to deliver a special feel, anyway Gecko Yamori you did a great job I waiting for you next Remix :D

on 2003-06-15 03:15:23

Yeah, great tune man. The groove is there, the vibe is swingin', and the bass is kicking.

on 2003-06-12 21:43:56

Great sounds and stuff, not much else i can say... Nicely done, recommended, wish i had more cd's to put these songs on.. *sigh*

on 2003-06-11 12:29:31

I love this. I don't know why, but especially at 1:47. The synth rocks there.

on 2003-06-11 02:24:30

Great work. I honestly thought about passing this one up. I'm glad I didnt because I really enjoy the different style applied to this peice. It really touched down on familiar roots but yet kept a certain new-ness to it thats hard to explain. Definately give this one a listen to :)!!

on 2003-06-10 09:33:20

This is really cool :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro, with the piano and the trumpets (? my musical knowlege is below par). Cant describe that feeling but it just feels so right. So retro, so 70/80ies, so SOR, so perfect. I would so love to play SOR with the entire soundtrack remixed in the same vein i.e very very loud retro style.

The ending however feels very rushed. Like you couldnt be bothered doing anything else so you just slapped it on. An extended version would be nice or a better ending.

Gecko Yamori you do good! :)

on 2003-06-09 22:12:22

I wasn't too impressed by this mix until I hit the ultra-delicious electric piano (is it a wurlitzer?) sound around 0:50. Everything was uphill from there too :) But my thoughts return to the EP... it just sounds so warm and gorgeous. The record/tape noise is a really nice, creative addition to it too.

I thought the violin sounded really good actually. It's got a little cheez to the sound, but that's appropriate for this kind of style... Besides, it's hard to get violins to sound good.

Anyway, this is really wonderful. I thought SoR and SoR 2 were some of the best games of the genre, and musically some of the best games ever. I guess it's just a matter of taste.

Anyway, this is really great. Thanks Gecko.


on 2003-06-09 00:29:06

Gecko Yamori + Streets of Rage = A good day for Acheron.

This and his other SoR mixes have convinced me that if 3D Ages can't get Yuzo Koshiro to redo the soundtrack for their rerelease/update, they should get Gecko Yamori.

on 2003-06-08 23:18:21

I loved the remix. Brings back old memories :cry:

My only gripe would be that there isn't an EXTENDED version of the remix 8)

on 2003-06-07 04:37:25

I'm not a fan of Streets of Rage music. And I've never found a previous SoR remix listenable in any way but a diversion, or something to torture myself with when I'm bored.

This, however, pwnz me. Thanks for makin' an otherwise cool night a little bit cooler. :)

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Primary Game:
Streets of Rage (Sega, 1991, GEN)
Music by Yuzo Koshiro
"Keep the groovin'"

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